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Two Generals

Two Generals

Scott Chantler, the artist whose Northwest Passage made such a splash a few years ago, wrapped up his work on his latest historical graphic novel, Two Generals, in June. (Here is a nine-page preview he put up for TCAF.)

Two Generals is a non-fiction graphic novel set in World War II and based on several primary sources: the 1943 diary of Chantler’s grandfather, his friend Jack Chrysler’s letters home, and the war diary of the Highland Light Infantry of Canada. The book is due out in October, but Chantler has just set up a research blog to document both his own work on the book and all the research he put into it—along the lines of the notes in the annotated edition of Northwest Passage, he says, but a lot more of it. For those of us who love digging into the past, this looks like a gold mine, and I for one can’t wait until he starts adding content. (Those of us who are kids at heart can while away the time with his delightful children’s graphic novel, Tower of Treasure.)



Wondered why traffic to my website was up so drastically today. Thanks for the plug, Brigid!

Mr. Chantler, let me just take this opportunity to say that “Northwest Passage” is one of the best stories, comics or otherwise, that I have ever read and I am eagerly anticipating “Two Generals”.

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