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Calvin and Hobbes, meet Joker and Lex

Joker and Lex

Wow. I knew Lee Bermejo could draw some steely-lookin’ bad guys, but I didn’t know he could also channel Bill Watterson so well I’d have a hard time telling the two apart. Behold “Joker and Lex,” Bermejo and writer Brian Azzarello’s Calvin and Hobbes-esque contribution to the Superman/Batman all-star 75th-issue spectacular. I don’t even wanna think about what the rules of Jokerball would be in the alternate universe where this strip is a universally beloved classic — let alone what kind of “Joker peeing” stickers it might have spawned.

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It seems like I’ve seen a number of Calvin & Hobbes parodies, lately, so it kind of feels like this is getting a bit played-out.

Allowing for that, though, very well done.

Charlie Brown took a turn for the worst.

Okay… this is REALLY well done. I especially love how they actually did the “Throwaway two panel gag” at the beginning. A spot perfect recreation.

Yes, if it’s not the first time i’ve ever seen somnething, I also feel the need to point it out as being “played out” as opposed to just enjoying something.

I love how the Joker takes a Kryptonite Ray-gun blast to the FACE, and STILL survives. Even though upon re-reading it, turns out it probably couldn’t kill him, it still fits quite well with his implied immortality. (The theory that he’s immortal and always able to come back to life from every single near-death experience, but is simply unaware of it)

See, if this was in the new WEDNESDAY COMICS then we’d have the kind of complete circle between comicstrip and comicbook mythos that the internet can manage to grow into something new.

Tell me this is in the new WEDNESDAY COMICS line-up?

If you had to sum this up with only one word – that word would be “perfect.”

This is amazing beyond belief. I had no idea Azzarello and Bermejo had it into them.

Charlotte Winroth

October 30, 2010 at 2:32 pm

I’m… stunned. This is… fabulous.
I’ve got to get more people to see this. This I’d Flattr if I could!!

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