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Cathy hangs up her baggy sweats


Cathy Guisewhite is bringing her long-running newspaper comic Cathy to an end; the last strip will run on October 3. I’ll confess I haven’t read the strip in over a decade—my daily paper doesn’t carry it—and on those odd occasions when I do see it, it strikes me as being awfully stale. But back when I was young and single, Cathy was a comforting presence, someone with self-esteem issues, a couple of extra pounds, and hair with a mind of its own—just like me! I could start off each morning with a chuckle and the feeling that I wasn’t some sort of a freak, and particularly when you’re living in New York, that’s a valuable thing. I even tried to line up an interview with Cathy Guisewhite when I worked for a women’s magazine for a stretch, but for some reason it never came through.

Guisewhite has been drawing Cathy for 34 years, and it sounds like she’s tapped out creatively. She also has a teenage daughter which, I can testify from real life, is a strain on one’s time. And maybe, although she doesn’t say as much, she realizes the comic is in a rut and doesn’t want Cathy to become a zombie strip, running on in perpetuity long after the creative spark, and for that matter, the creator, is gone. So good for her for moving on and ending it on her own terms.

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Cue Cathy without Cathy.

figured sooner or later like every thing cathy would come to an end . for better to end it while the creator feels she has said all she wants to say. then have it run long after it should end.

Milk and Cheese Ended this dreck a long time ago!

Good to know it’s leaving, though personally, I felt it was past it’s prime about 15 years in it’s life. It started petering out sometime around the beginning of the 90’s and then my paper dropped it, further negating any future interest.

For the intimidated fan who’d want to jump in, I recommend one of her Anniversary collections or the Cathy/Irving wedding.

A mercy killing thats been too late in the coming.

im so heart broken by the cathy comic gone away for good hey op could you please enlarge that image of cathy that you used and let me have it ?

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