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Check out Jock’s cover for Tron: Betrayal movie prequel

"Tron: Betrayal" cover, by Jock

"Tron: Betrayal" cover, by Jock

Although Marvel’s November solicitations include a listing for the Tron: Betrayal graphic novel, a prequel to Disney’s upcoming movie Tron: Legacy, they don’t include the cover image. Luckily, Jock is quick to point us to his website, where we can see his cover and early sketches.

The graphic novel, written by Jai Nitz from a plot by Starlight Runner Entertainment and illustrated by Andie Tong, is also being released by Marvel as a two-issue miniseries. Tron: Legacy opens on Dec. 17.

"Tron: Betrayal" cover concept, by Jock

"Tron: Betrayal" cover concept, by Jock



Looks great, though I like the cover concept even more than the finished one.

By the way, does anyone know if the Tron movie adaption by Peter David will be collected as a graphic novel, too, like this one here, the Tron: Betrayal GN?

Actually are we sure the Tron: Betrayal mini/GN from Marvel is the same Tron: Betrayal GN that Disney Press is putting out?

The solicit for Disney says its written by Fabian Nicieza.

Looks like I was able to answer my own question. The order number for the GN of the mini is the same one for the Disney GN they solicited in the current issue.

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