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DC Comics unveils White Lantern Batman

Brightest Day #13, by David Finch

Brightest Day #13, by David Finch

DC Comics has released the November solicitations for its “Brightest Day” titles, including David Finch’s stunning painted cover for Brightest Day #13, which features White Lantern Batman. See the full cover, and the solicitation text, after the break. The publisher’s full November listings will be released at 2 p.m. Pacific today.

Brightest Day #13, by David Finch

Brightest Day #13, by David Finch

1:10 Variant covers by IVAN REIS

Don’t miss the hottest event in comics as BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the search for a new White Lantern. And Martian Manhunter returns to Mars as we discover the origin of the creature mysteriously stalking him. Plus, the evil within Firestorm now haunts Professor Stein! And Hawkman: betrayed!
Retailers please note: These issues ship with two covers each. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
Issue #13 on sale NOVEMBER 3
Issue #14 on sale NOVEMBER 17
32 pg, FC, $2.99 US



Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying the story, but man it seems like they’re creating both Black Lantern and White Lantern versions of these characters just to make action figures out of them…

Poor Bruce Wayne. Dies and returns with a concave crotch.

Look, look… it’s Moon Knight!

How would he become a White Lantern? Sure, he easily fits several different kinds. Hope, Will, Rage, Love, Greed (he wants ALL the bad guys) and Fear. But he’s never died, or come back to life. Does this mean the White entity can just snatch random people? I doubt it, why else would it need to resurrect those twelve?

I’m sorry, but that is just a HORRIBLE image. Batman wears a costume/uniform. That just looks like a naked Bruce Wayne who’s been body-painted. Ludicrous anatomy from the steroid-pumped arms to the neck as wide as a head. Maybe Grayson has flown the coop – that’s why Bruce is so obviously Dick-less.

I hate all these damn lanterns.

@Jakerrrrrr: Bruce did die in the Obsidian Age.

@ RunnerX13 All of the JLA died during the Obsidian Age except for Aquaman and Plastic Man. I’m surprised that it was never really brought up in Blackest Night. But then again Superman and Wonder Woman had already died once. Flash (Wally West) and Kyle Rayner died for the first time.

I’m surprised nobody has said it already, but can’t they leave this stuff secret and surprise us with it? So few surprises in mainstream comic books anymore….

i agree with ziggy, immediately upon seeing this image i proclaimed MOON KNIGHT!

does this mean people can stop complaining about marvel’s rip-off of dc now that its been made doubly so?

Pretty pictures. Not worth what comics are costing nowadays—

@CagedLeo: if I’m not mistaken, Wally first died in Flash # 99 or 100, written by Mark Waid. He chose to come back to be with Linda… Or something like that.

@ Steven Bergstrom: Well, yeah. Come on, now…DC Entertainment is a BUSINESSS out to make MONEY. Should there be entertaining comic book stories woven in there somewhere, that’s just a bonus for us. JUST GO BUY THE TOYS!!!

@ Paul Taylor: Kind of a cheap-shot. I mean, have you been reading superhero comics long? Finch is just a condensed version of most mainstream comic book artists, which also attract casual fans. The Dick-less joke was tops, though…

The idea is pretty neat, but will probably last a couple panels longer than Wayne’s stint as a Sinestro Corpsman.

Moon Knight and that Batman knock off Nemesis. He’s been a Green Lantern and a Sinestro Corps candidate. That’s enough for me. Leave Bruce alone! Lol!

At this point I believe they just do it so they can sell the Action Figures from DC Direct. It’s kind of like when you get the “Tactical Batman”, the “Snow Comando Batman”, etcétera.
A Couple of panels in GL and we got a Yellow Lantern Batman, they might as wells do a version of Batman with each ring and we can call it “The Rainbow Bat Squad”.

I kinda miss the days when Batman and Detective were the two Batman comics, and they told interesting 2 or 3 part stories with exciting, well-drawn artwork. Admittedly I was of the “golden age” (around 10 to 15 years old) but I greatly prefer that to… this.

It’s like they are throwing Batman thru the blender and mixing him with whatever other crap they have laying around and making a crappy Batman smoothie. I mean, White Lantern Batman? Dick Grayson Batman? Batwoman? Batgirl?

Time for another Crisis on Infinite Earths… or just a hard reboot!

…But he is not dead! How can he return to life!???? (Unless he is one of the Darkseid clones)

Continues to show why Batman is so much cooler than Hal jordan.

Still, is it Bruce, is it Dick, is it a clone? BL Batman was used to bring out emotion for Nekron perhaps a WL Batman will bring out a reaction among the JLA big guns and others for the Life Entity.

Is he doing the Jame Gump tuck thing? Dear God, he better not be putting lipstick on and dancing in the issue.

And I thought it was more bad art from Nemesis when I first saw it.

I bet you it’s some kind of Id monster of Jonn’s own creation stalking him.

A little photoshopping and Mark Millar has a David Finch variant cover for the next issue of Nemesis.

The “Let’s make every character in the DCU a Lantern” thing is getting out of control. It’s just gotten ridiculous.

I have to agree, there are waaaayyyy too many lanterns and now its just getting stupid.

The only thing there’s too much of is Batman, i’ll take all the lanterns they can make but i’m so tired of Batman he’s become the only exeption to me.

@Leroy Hart Have I been reading comics long? Only since the beginning of the Silver Age. Does that give me sufficient perspective to voice my opinion?

Let´s just accept it. The Blackest night/ Brightest day saga has become so ridiculous and pointless that even though it was the main event from DC now it´s reading as something completely secondary and forgetable.

Mark Millar should sue, haha.

Is the tagline for this picture “What if Nemesis was a C*NT”?

So, Moon Knight rips off Batman, and now the favour is being repaid only with a Lantern twist? That seems an unholy conglomeration.


Is Bruce Wayne / Batman considered dead?

Thing we know is that Batman is somehow warped into the past during Final Crisis event. So how come he’s considered as a White Lantern? I don’t know who the Black Lantern Batman’s supposed to be either …

Gotta agree with Paul.

Looks like a white body painted Batman.

Seriously. You really think that those veins would show through his costume? They wouldn’t. I know because I deal with veins on a daily basis…

Frankie Pillows

August 17, 2010 at 12:22 am

Event = CRAP !!

(and as Finchy’s biggest fan, I have to say that Art is ‘Stunningly’ Bad…

Only Reason I Buy DC Is FINCH

August 17, 2010 at 12:40 am

@Chris Hunter
The veins showing through the costume is your biggest problem? What about “superheroes” wielding “rings” that wield “magic powers” and can bring people back from the dead. To read comics you have to suspend your disbelief over certain things, which is why I find it funny that you and other nitpick over such trivial things as veins showing through costumes on 2D art. Keyword is ART buddy. It’s not a photographic representation. It’s a highly stylized (most comic art is) representation of a fictional character.

@Everyone knocking Finch’s artwork
The cover isn’t finished yet as you can tell by the blobs of paint on the right corner of the canvas and that it is clearly a photo and not a scan. Are you guys aware that in order to solicit a comic through Diamond they must have a cover to show, even if it’s finished or not?
If you think his art sucks then post some of your own art so we can see how much better you are.
What’s that? You don’t have to be good at art to know what is good and what is bad? Of course not. But that’s why most people who suck at things keep their negative opinions to themselves.

Lay off Finch, I haven’t read a single issue of Brightest Day, and have only been buying them for the covers.

I’m pretty sure Batman dies way back in an old Brave and the Bold when he got dumped into a well by a child abductor, and then unknowingly made a deal with the devil to come back to life. Pretty sure Sgt. Rock was in it too…

It is so good to have Finch drawing Batman . . .the character he was born to draw. I always wished I could see a Frazetta Batman, and I’ve got the closest thing with Finch painted covers. They man is brilliant.

@jakerrrr batman does have a fear if u remember from the blackest night story arch he feared losing his power….the fear he influenced on others

With the arms (gloves) the way they’re posed and the boots obscured, it kind of looks like Catman.

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