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DeFalco and Frenz to revive Thunderstrike



A press release for the New York Comic Con reveals that the original Thor clone, Thunderstrike, is returning in a new miniseries by co-creators Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.

“I didn’t think that bio would be public until the actual convention in October. Anyway, Ron, Sal, Tom and I have been working on a new Thunderstrike limited series for a few months in what we laughingly refer to as our ‘spare time,'” DeFalco wrote on the One, True Spider-Girl message board. “All I can tell you is that it will be set in the regular Marvel Universe and it’s loaded with twists, turns, action and angst–in other words–our typical fun & games thrill-o-rama!”

I’ve never read a Thunderstrike comic, so my knowledge of the character is limited, but according to Wikipedia it sounds like the last time the character appeared, he died. So I guess he must get better.

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Thunderstrike showed up in DeFalco’s A-Next and Spider-Girl, so I’m guessing this series will explain how he was back alive again 15 years in the future.

I read Thunderstrike #1 back in the day and I thought it was a decent comic. It was released in an environment where the big things were roided-out heroes, Image style (and part of that influence can be seen in Thunderstrike’s leather jacket and, er, ponytail), but the book itself was refreshingly old school. I was never tempted to pick up the follow up issues, though.

It was okay. Unsurprisingly, it had a good deal of 1960s Marvel throwback character to it; realistically I imagine that it will “fit in” as well (or as awkwardly) today as it did in the 90s.

As for the character being dead…

Does that really even merit comment? Really, whenever you hear about someone in the Marvel (or DC, probably) universe being “dead” these days, just mentally substitute “in Europe.”

Heck, while that Icelandic volcano was erupting earlier this year, coming back from the dead in the Marvel universe was probably even -easier- than coming back from Europe. :-)

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t. If his last appearance had him falling into another dimension or buying a yacht to sail around the world or giving up his heroic role to help the homeless or really moving to Europe, I probably would have mentioned that, too.

The MC2 Thunderstrike is this one’s son. And im not positive but I think this one never died in MC2

So I guess THIS will be the last comic that Defalco writes for Marvel.

The Thunderstrike in MC2 that you seen running around was the Eric’s son, and in one adventure, Kevin went to another dimension and met his Eric’s counterpart that was still alive. I always liked Thunderstrike so I would be interested in buying this comic when, and if it comes out.

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