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Diamond announces day-early delivery for comics

Day-early delivery

As expected, Diamond Comic Distributors announced this morning that, beginning in January, all direct-market retailers in North America and the United Kingdom will be able to receive comics on Tuesdays for sale on Wednesdays. Currently only the larger stores have the option of Tuesday delivery; most everyone else receives shipments on Wednesday morning.

Although Tuesday delivery has been bandied about for years, the proposition gained traction in April at the Diamond Retailer Summit at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. The distributor followed a request for a show of hands with a formal survey in which more than 52 percent of responding retailers said they would “benefit significantly” from day-early delivery.

During the presentation at the April summit, retailers were told that those who opt for Tuesday delivery will have to pay a $5-a-week charge to fund a mystery shopper program to help ensure Wednesday street dates aren’t broken. According to Heidi MacDonald, that is still under review.

Day-early delivery will take effect with shipments delivered on Jan. 11 for sale on Jan. 12. Read Diamond’s official announcement after the break:

Effective in January, 2011, Diamond retailers in North America and the UK will have the option of “day-early” delivery of weekly product shipments on Tuesdays for sale on Wednesdays.

Day-early delivery – which was outlined to retailers in the form of a Q&A following Diamond’s Retailer Summit in April — will take effect with shipments delivered on Tuesday, January 11, that have a scheduled on-sale date of Wednesday, January 12.

Please Note: The current industrywide Wednesday new release day will remain unchanged, and retailers who do not wish to use the new option may continue to receive their shipments on Wednesdays.

“Our decision to proceed with day-early, Tuesday-for-Wednesday delivery resulted from positive discussions with leading publishers and vendors, from retailer requests and feedback, and from retailer responses to our recent survey on the topic,” explained Diamond Vice President of Sales & Marketing Roger Fletcher.

In that survey, retailers were asked how they thought the day-early option would affect their business and the Direct Market. “Of more than 1,000 retailers who responded to the survey,” Fletcher said, “75% believe day-early delivery will benefit their business, while 72% believe it will benefit the entire Direct Market.”

The survey also asked retailers: “If given the choice between Monday delivery for Tuesday on-sale, and Tuesday delivery for Wednesday on-sale, what would be your preference?” Retailers could choose between the two options, or for “Either Monday for Tuesday or Tuesday for Wednesday.”

“The number of respondents who selected Tuesday delivery for Wednesday on-sale and the ‘Either’ option totaled 63%,” Fletcher said, “while those selecting the Monday-for-Tuesday alternative and the ‘Either’ option totaled 38%. This encouraging consensus has convinced us that moving forward with day-early delivery for Wednesday on-sale holds considerable advantages for vendors, retailers, and the industry.”

With the implementation of day-early delivery, Diamond will also initiate a “mystery shopper” program to ensure that participating retailers abide by the industrywide Wednesday release date for books received on Tuesday.

Fletcher urged retailers to “stay tuned” to Diamond Daily and Diamond Dateline for more details about registering for the day-early delivery option.

Additionally, Diamond has announced that — working in concert with vendors — Diamond will deliver product on its normal Wednesday schedule in December. The first shipment of 2011 will arrive after the New Year’s holiday on Wednesday, January 5. Day-early shipping will commence the following week.

“During the holidays, our retailers and their customers depend upon Diamond to keep the newest and hottest product flowing into stores, and we’d like to thank our vendors for working with us to maintain our regular schedule,” Fletcher said. “We’d also like to thank our vendors and our customers for working with us to get 2011 off to a great start by making the day-early shipping option a reality. We look forward to a smooth transition to what we feel will be a highly beneficial and profitable service.”



Actually the $5 a week thing is NOT part of the initial announcement. I misunderstood.

I think this is great news! And thanks for the $5 update Heidi!

Hold on… AND THE UK?????
We get new comics Thursdays at the moment because of delivery, is this saying we will gte wednesday comics finally??

Ditto, comics being delivered on Wednesday would be very novel, not that it helps me as such as I’m only near enough to pick up my comics on Tuesdays and Fridays anyway unless I go out my way…

Collectors Edge Comics Operations Manager

August 31, 2010 at 12:39 pm

This is breaking fast on many sites and blogs, but many comic fans are misreading it…
RETAILERS will get delivery on Tuesday, but cannot put out for sale until Wednesday.
(Wednesday 10 a.m. was reported early on, but I have not seen an official time listed from DCD.)

New comic day, in the U.S. remains on Wednesdays.

(Also, this does not start until the 2nd shipment of 2011, it looks like DCD might avoid the “skip” week of last year, maybe.)

Not clarified are U.K, mystery shopper to come later, stores that already get Tuesday delivery, etc.

I’m not so certain that fans excitement can be seen as mis-reading this news. I think the fan excitement comes from us not having to wait until late into the afternoon/evening hours until our respective shops have had enough time to stock the inventory. Now, if the shops receive books on Tuesdays, the shops that have historically not been able to stock until late in the day may finally have their books available on Wednesday mornings.

How long until somebody ruins this by putting books on sale Tuesday?

There has been a version of this system used for book stores, video game stores, music stores for years. So far, no one has screwed it up yet.

Does anyone know if this applies to pick-ups as well? The store that I used to work for would get their deliveries on Wednesdays, but now they’re opting to pick up on the Wednesday. I wonder if they’ll be able to pick up their orders now a day earlier.

Cool! I’m sure my retailer will let me read them before I buy them on Wednesday so I can put all the spoilers up!

Peter Morningstar

September 1, 2010 at 10:32 am

So comics will be on sale possibly a day earlier, so what? Seriously after all the euphoria, will it make the product any more desirable to buy?….somehow i doubt it.
And so what if someone does decide to allow customers to buy on a Tuesday instead of waiting, i mean come on, we’re only talking about comics here, not national secrets, are we expecting the industry to crumble because someone breaks the rules?!?!?!?!
With sales dropping like a stone these days, i’d think any initiative that actually encourages people to buy should be applauded.

I wonder if the books will be up a day early on the torrent sites as well? ;-) wink

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