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‘Doom seeks to grill, not to kill. This night, anyway.’

Dr. Doom

You know him as the Richards-hating, sorcery-wielding, armor-wearing despot who rules Latveria in the Marvel U. … but who knew he liked to cook? The blog Letters to Holly has nine recipes supplied by Victor Von Doom himself, including steak au pauvre (“When the steaks are finished, Doom commands you to remove steaks from skillet. Keep the drippings in the skillet, filthy cur”), chicken tetrazzini (“Doom forbids you from greasing the pan first. Heed Doom always”) and Doom’s Famous Faji-tortill-orittos (“Doom appreciates lime-flavored chips as a side item. Doom will never admit to licking the lime-dusted fingertips of his luxurious armor”). Who couldn’t go for some faji-tortill-orittos?

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Did you ever see the comedian who dresses up as Dr. Doom?
He’s pretty funny

Or how about that rap artist who dresses up as Doom, MF Doom? He’s pretty good.

Let’s face it, Doom gets a bad rep. How can a man who inspires so many be so despised?

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