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Frank Miller directed a Gucci ad

Please just sit back a moment and let that sink in. Frank Miller directed a Gucci ad. Frank “Goddamn Batman” Miller. I’m not sure when the timeline we’re all currently experiencing diverged from the real one, but I’m sure as shootin’ glad it did.

And oh yeah, that’s Chris “Johnny Storm/Captain America” Evans and Evan Rachel “True Blood/Vampire Queen of Louisiana” Wood making out in it, to the tune of Friendly Fires covering “Strangelove” by Depeche Mode. What a wonderful world.

(via John Barber)



Preposterous, what was the budget for this ad?

Worst. Divergent timeline. EVER.

Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. The mildest word to describe most of the fashion house folks is “eccentric”, and Miller has been moving with the glitterati a lot more nowadays, instead of writing goddamm comics.

Alan Moore directing a Hugo Boss commercial featuring Ryan Reynolds… now that would be interesting.

I’m with AT_korvus I wasn’t too shocked to hear about this when I did. Miller seems to be jumping around a lot more these days instead of just staying in the comics world. Getting Co-Director Credits for Sin City certainly helped a lot with this I’m sure.

Also that Hugo Boss commercial would certainly be interesting…

Frank Miller. Evan Rachel Wood. Gucci. It’s like the holy trinity of bad taste.

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