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In Maps and Legends returns from Zuda limbo

Mike Jasper and Niki Smith won the November 2009 Zuda competition with their comic In Maps and Legends, and the comic started running there in May, but it came to an abrupt end when the site was shut down in July. But it’s coming back! Jasper and Smith will relaunch In Maps and Legends on a variety of different platforms on September 1, and more are coming.

All the details are here, but briefly, the comic will be available as a downloadable PDF from several distributors as well as on Kindle, and a dedicated website will go live on Sept. 1.

They are currently negotiating with ComiXology, Robot Comics (distributors for Droid phones),, and Wowio, which covers a lot of bases. It sounds like a complicated process, but good for them for making their comic available on every possible platform—it will be interesting to see which one works the best for them.



Sort of confused by all the people going through comixology etc. I thought digital methods would mean the end of centralized distribution so that indie creators could keep all the money for themselves?

Shawn — I agree with you wholeheartedly. That’s why we’ve been talking to as many online distributors as we can. Sure, it’s some extra work upfront, but once we get everything set up and running, it’s not that big of a deal.

If it means we can share our story with more people, why not do it?

@Shawn, seems to me that the ex-Zudaites are spreading to the winds, trying to get their stories out on as many platforms as possible. I know the gang from The Hammer (Fuzzy Bunny meets Sin City) are also going up on Comixology, as well as the DC Zuda App as well.

I relaunched my own Zuda entry (we were up last year, but sadly, missed the coveted 1st place slot,) Spy6een ( as a weekly webcomic– When our first issue wraps, I’ll push for digital distribution on every platform available to me–

From my perspective, we aren’t at a point that there is a centralized digital comic distribution hub– lots of startups are vying for the crown (the “Itunes of Comics,” if you will;) and each of them have certainly built a loyal audience with their respective apps– but as of yet, there is no one “App to rule them all.”
What that leaves us with is a bunch of different format/platforms: The VHS/Betamax war on crystal meth, if you will. As a comic author, that leaves you with two choices: Try to drive an audience to where your comic lives– or, go to the place that an audience is. Obviously, it’s much easier to do the latter.

The dust is still kicking on digital distribution– when it settles, I’m sure there will be one platform and a solidly recognized price point (don’t get me started on that…) but in the meantime, comic creators would be wise to recognize that their audience wants content the way THEY choose to get it…which means: Be everywhere.

Aaaand issue 2 is now live! Check out where you can find and read it here:

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