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Iron Man pounds the crap out of Red Hulk in Hulk #25

Hulk #25

Hulk #25

As Marvel finally confirmed in San Diego, Hulk #25 is the first issue by the new creative team of writer Jeff Parker and artist Gabriel Hardman. Above is the cover by Ed McGuinness, which I think was previously released with a blacked-out Hulk. Now you can see Iron Man beat on Thunderbolt Ross’s alter ego in all its glory.

More art and a press release about the new creative team from Marvel after the jump …


Red Hulk

Red Hulk

Parker And Hardman Take Over HULK!

Following the chart-topping epic from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness’ on Hulk, Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman take the reins in Hulk #25! This all-new creative team will shine new light on one of the most talked about characters in comics today, Red Hulk, in a smashing tale of redemption and rage!

“This is a true dream team for me. ” explains Mark Paniccia, Senior Editor, “Jeff, Gabriel and Elizabeth [Breitweiser] are some of the most talented creators in the industry and the book couldn’t be in better hands.”

Jeff Parker, new Hulk writer, echoes those sentiments, “Hardman and I are ready to step up to the big show and take you and Big Red to wild new territory. In short, we want to bring the sense of danger and discovery that Kirby and Lee did in the early 60’s now– to give you a true 21st Century Hulk.”

New series artist Gabriel Hardman adds, “We’re going to bring a different sensibility to Red Hulk while still delivering the same huge impact as the guys who started this book!”

You can’t miss the debut of Hulk #25 this September, when Parker and Hardman unleash the Red Hulk!

HULK #25 (JUL100592)
Written by JEFF PARKER
Variant Cover by BILLY TAN
Wraparound Variant by GABRIEL HARDMAN
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC – 8/19/10, On-Sale – 9/8/10



They really need to give Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk new names…

Never mind that: they need to give ‘im back his fuckin’ moustache! It’s not like they need to retain the mystery! Gi’e him back his tickler, Gabriel Hardman! Harrumph!

And a squint!


(I mean, I wanted to take that swear word out. I didn’t really mean it. I don’t read and won’t be reading this comic. But I do think that Thunderhulk Boss needs his trademark milkbrush, and it scans better with it in. Sorry)


Thunderbolt Ross doesn’t NEED another name. He’s Thunderbolt Ross AARP Member/Ass Kicker.

Nice cover. I hoped Rulk would go away after World War Hulks. Now that he’s joining The Avengers, this guy will be all over the place.

How’s “Increderbolt Roslk” for a new name?

@Matthew Craig So…you don’t and won’t read the book but feel the need to waste everybody’s time making unfunny comments about it. Maybe you need a hobby.


Oh Taft.. .I think the real time waster is THE RED HULK. Its a dumb creation… it was a horrible book, ( yes I wasted my time and read some issues) and its dumb that not only are they keeping the character around, but are putting him in The Avengers.

@spike It’s just sad that you guys would even bother to read the article about this book you allegedly have no interest in – much less comment on it. Sad fanboy posturing, that is.


I was quite excited when I heard that Parker and Hardman were doing a Hulk book. Honestly, given how ridiculously convoluted and crowded the Hulk universe has become, I was hoping for this to be an out-of-continuity, stripped-down proper Hulk book so they could really cut loose and tell some classic stories with the big green guy.

My excitement has abated quite a bit now, with the announcement that they are doing a book about Red Hulk. The character is simply not interesting to me. However, everything these two creators touch turns to gold, so I’ll likely still check it out. It wouldn’t be the first time great creators have made lovely tasting lemonade out of bitter lemons.

as much as thunder bolt does not look the same with his whiskers gone. it would be strange to see the red hulk with them for like the original the red hulk is suppose to be a character himself. look forward to seeing what the new team doses with rulk. plus seeing some one give the red hulk a little pay back.


Never mind the amazingness that we get to keep a Parker / Hardman book, that will be what sells me on the character. Don’t disappoint.

Believe it or not I liked the Red Hulk character… until they revealed who he was. They kept pointing to Glenn Talbot. I wouldn’t of mind of it had been Glenn, it would of been great.

Speaking of Iron Man. This is problem for old Marvel readers like me, they changed Tony int a government official who messed over all his friends. I know a lot of Iron Man fans didn’t buy into Tony doing that. Neither did I. I didn’t buy who Cap or Spider-man was supposed to be. I never bought into anything in that series and now Tony is supposed to be the same guy he was 10 years ago. Well, then who was the guy in Civil War. They should of done that terrible series. It was embaressing for Marvel even it sold 400,000 copies each it was terrible and they had no solution to it or even a decent plot.

Just puttin it out there, Red Hulk should be called ‘Wreck’
It’s a cool name and in the thesaurus is actually a synonym for ‘Hulk’

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