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Manga is the bright spot for Japanese publisher

Weekly Shonen Jump

Shueisha, one of the largest publishers in Japan, went into the red last fiscal year, a first for the company, but its manga division wasn’t to blame. The publisher took hits on ad revenues and real estate holdings, as well as slipping book sales in several categories, including literature, which went down 2.8%. Manga, on the other hand, did pretty well; sales of Weekly Shonen Jump, their flagship magazine (which includes the insanely popular One Piece) and individual volumes of manga were both up in the past year.


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No reason to blame the Manga scanlation groups then it isn’t there fault for the Financial problems, for the manga publishers rest of the world is still in a recession, whats worse there maybe more bad omens for the economy

I hope the manga publishers rethink there collation.

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