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Marvel’s Daredevil will end in November, apparently


Daredevil #512

Daredevil, the long-running Marvel series that in recent years earned critical acclaim in the hands of creators like Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark and Andy Diggle, apparently will end in November with the conclusion of the “Shadowland” crossover.

That’s according to the publisher’s November solicitations, which uncharacteristically lists Daredevil #512 as the “FINAL ISSUE.” Marvel typically doesn’t announce cancellations that far in advance, suggesting there’s something “special” in store; perhaps a miniseries interlude as Matt Murdock grapples with the ramifications of the “Shadowland” storyline, or a complete series relaunch. Daredevil returned to its original numbering in September 2009 with Issue 500.

“Shadowland,” billed as “The Battle for the Soul of New York,” revolves around a temple/prison constructed by Murdock, now leader of the Hand, to house the criminals who stand in his way of cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen. His methods, however, bring him into conflict with many of Marvel’s “street-level” heroes, including Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Elektra and Ghost Rider. The crossover, which debuted in July, involves the core miniseries, Daredevil, Thunderbolts and numerous tie-in miniseries and one-shots.

In related news, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man will return to the original numbering abandoned a year ago with the relaunch of Marvel’s Ultimate line. So instead of No. 16, November’s triple-size 10th-anniversary issue will be No. 150.



I’ll call it: Publication Pause. In 3-6 months Daredevil will be back. Probably after a Man Without Fear mini.

And relaunched as a new No. 1, only to return back to it’s original numbering at # 550.

Wow! This is as good an idea (the expected restart) as multiple covers! (and we all love our multiple covers)

with great irritation,

Cole Moore Odell

August 17, 2010 at 9:38 am

Yes, who will clean up the gentrified Midtown Wes–I mean *Hell’s Kitchen*–and kick out all of those actors and young affluent professionals? Who will bust up tapings of The Daily Show or Montel Williams?

Seriously, why don’t they just have every issue of every series be “a new #1,” except for every 25th issue when it returns to “the original numbering” then relaunches with #1 again the next month?

At least Todd McFarlane had the honesty to make fun of his seeming inability to count when the numbering of Spawn got out of order.

Daredevil is not cancelled forever.

In a couple of short months, its going to be revealed that Joe Quesada and Kevin Smith are relaunching with a new number one.


The story centers around Matt Murdocks ‘true’ first meeting with Elektra. Kevin has already handed in the script which reveals the first time he heard Elektra’s voice, he peed in his pants a little. Ends with the big reveal of why Elektra calls him DD: He did #2 in his pants 2 times, hence, Double Duty.

Then they will go back to the original numbering for #600.

Remember Marvel was releasing those Man Without Fear teaser images, which had Nova and others potentially taking over as Daredevil. So something is definitely planned after Shadowland.

This just means they get to have a new #1,(co produced with Dynamite so we can get those extra covers TonyJazz mentioned) then run it to a “Huge Anniversary Issue” #12, then the next month have an “Extra Special!” #525…Money in the bank!

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