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Mega Marvel!


Consider it a whole different kind of “Marvel vs. Capcom”: On her deviantART account, artist suzuran has converted over 50 Marvel heroes and villains into adorable li’l 8-bit sprites in the style of Mega Man. Just click the above image to see it in its full sidescrolling glory.

If the current wave of 8-bit nostalgia produces nothing more than this, the Scott Pilgrim videogame, and that chiptunes cover of The Dark Side of the Moon, it’ll still have been worth it.

(via Agent M)



I really like Apocalypse in that picture. I love what people can do with Sprite art.

Magneto works really well on the Mega Man template. I approve!

Who is the blue haired chick between Long Shot and Kitty Pryde? Also, who is the black haired guy between Silver Surfer and Black Widow. I can make out all of the rest…

Brian: Surge and Punisher I believe.

Very fun idea though.

I can’t figure out who is between X-23 and Cable and below Namor. They’re just a naked blonde person?

Emma Frost. Not QUITE naked.

I believe the artist said it’s Sunspot…

My god, Marvel and Capcom needs to make this a reality.

sure i know it won’t be as epic in my head, but that picture is at least epic.

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