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Morrison on Batman Inc., team-ups and that yellow circle

Batman: The Return #1

Batman: The Return #1

In an “art imitates life” kinda way, when Bruce Wayne returns to the present after his trip through time in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, he’s appropriately going into the franchise business.

As we learned in San Diego, Batman Inc., set to kick off in November, will see Bat-scribe Grant Morrison and artist Yanick Paquette chronicle Bruce Wayne’s attempts to recruit other heroes to wear the costume. Talking to the L.A. Times’ Geoff Boucher, Morrison reveals more details about the book — which will feature Dick Grayson, Knight and Squire, and El Gaucho.

“A lot of the experiences that he’s been through now, the way I want to play it is that they have changed his focus and his view of what his mission is and what he can accomplish. He starts to bring in more people. The first 12 issues of the book will be team-ups with Batman and different characters as he traveling the world and kind of training people,” Morrison told Boucher.

The article also includes a look at David Finch’s cover to Batman: The Return #1 (right) and his cover to Batman: The Dark Knight #1, both of which feature a “tweaked” costume design that includes the return of the yellow circle around the bat. Morrison and Finch’s Batman: The Return mini-series kicks off in October, while Batman Inc. and Finch’s Batman: The Dark Knight both start in November.



If they’re bringing him back with that stupid yellow oval I have no problem dropping all the Batman books.

Way to live the stereotype, Daniel.

Bruce Wayne Batman. Dick Grayson Batman. 2 Classic Costumes. Its Win Win…

I actually like the Yellow Circle. It’s such an Iconic Symbol and makes the costume catch the eye.

That works. It brings back a classic look., and allows a casual reader to tell them apart.

Not too crazy about the Lee Bermejo-style seams on the painted cover, though.

Like there aren’t near enough Batman books already…

I loved the concept of the yellow circle being reinforced with extra padding as it made a good target for bullets.

Really Daniel?

You stuck around through years of shitty writing and mishandled characterization, and the yellow oval is a game-breaker for you?

I could do without the entire concept, yellow circle included, but lets see what happens first. Maybe it will surprise me and be good, with Grant Morrison beginning it its gotta start well.

If Morrison’s long term plan is all an excuse to bring back the yellow oval then well played.

I like the yellow oval. Denny O’Neil, Len Wein, Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, Steve Englehart, Neal Adams, Irv Novick, Carmine Infantino, Don Newton, and Marshall Rogers (and mnay others) all managed to tell good Batman stories with it.

I’m much more concerned with the idea that Batman wants to recruit others to wear the costume . . . but I’m willing to wait and see how that plays out.

I like the costume enough, the belt buckle is a bit of over kill but whatever. Still not buying it though, it just doesn’t get me interested.

If Batman’s shoes aren’t just right, I’m going to kill myself. But first I will cancel my subscription. #commentards

The Batman oval’s back?!!??

I’m more outraged that there aren’t any rubber Bat-Nipples and a cod piece!!!

I’m burning every Batman book I’ve collected over the past 30 years!! And oh yeah, I’ll cancel my subscription and throw myself off a bridge because obviously Grant Morrison cares nothing about Batman.

It’s a total slap in the face to every Batman fan out there if there aren’t any Bat-Nipples. I mean really? How will we know if he’s cold or not?

I’m embarrassed for DC, my family, my neighbors, my neigbors down the street, their dog, and his best friend.

I don’t know how I’ll go on with my life, but I’ll try somehow.

So there is not going to be two Batmen…there’s going to be like 20?

I like the yellow oval returning. Now if we could just lose the underpants-on-the-outside circus strongman look…


August 10, 2010 at 11:00 am

i love the classic outfit and im loving grant’s direction thus far as he is taking batman in a great way making batman more amazing to read then ever before each issue

“If Morrison’s long term plan is all an excuse to bring back the yellow oval then well played.”


Seph, if you look at the whole cover for Finch’s book, it looks like he in fact has ditched the trunks.

I actually prefer them (though I may be in the minority) as I always think it looks like something is missing without them, but I know they’ll be back (remember the all black costume of the 90s?).


so is this going to be like the batman corps? instead of laterns… batarangs? A whole network of them working together, kinda like Ra’s League of Assasins…this could be epic.

Epic fail.

The next Batman comic I buy will be drawn by Norm Breyfogle.

I eagerly await it. Whenever they get around to it.

I’m hesitant about the entire basis of this one, but I’ll hold my breath and hope for the best. I won’t go in to a rant on Batman “branding” his mission out, but I will say I’d prefer if others had simply asked for his help in training them and establishing their own reputations. Why read about people who want to be Batman when you could just read about Batman.

“If Morrison’s long term plan is all an excuse to bring back the yellow oval then well played.”

This also.

I suppose this could work with multiple Batmen. If Batman’s making a corps though he needs to give out “Batrings” to everyone though >.>

WTF is this cover??!! Finch can do much better than this!! OMG….. I thought Jock had done that cover.

This is going to be awesome.

Hey, maybe the little yellow circle should get its own title? Something in the tradition of Ambush Bug.

Hasn’t the industry learned it’s lesson from Marvels’ 10 X-men books back in the 90’s ?
Don’t glut the market with repetitive junk. Once Batman had 2 primary books. Detective Comics and Batman.
Now we have Batman and Robin, Batman Odyssey, and the first two mentioned. Then Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman the Return and Batman the dark knight.
A bunch of needless series that could have been contained in the primary books. With something like the old Batman Family or Brave and the Bold to handle secondary characters and story lines.
It’s this kind of glut that will kill the industry.
So has the industry learned it’s lesson?

David Finch’s redesign looks EXACTLY like Gary Frank’s Batman redesign for Batman Earth-One

I always thought Batman could put his resources to better use by training people and leading his own team of Batmen.

Yellow oval?!!?!111 This is an outrage!!!

Waitaminute….an entire team of Batmen. A league if you will. Chosen and trained by Bruce Wayne. Each with different versions of the Batman Costume. Where did they come up with this idea? The WalMart Action Figure aisle?? I’ll read it to see if it works for me…but I’m not liking this idea at all. I can hear it now…..

(Loud announcer voice) Do you have a criminal problem that needs fixing? Those pesky crooks killing your family? Kidnapping your dog? Stealing your porn collection? Then fret no further chum! Just call 1-800-Batman! Batman Incorporated will send a professionally trained, licensed and bonded Batman directly to your house to beat the living daylights out of that perp! Remember, don’t waste your time with “Gotham’s Finest”…heh heh! Just call Batman Incorporated! That’s 1-800-B-A-T-M-A-N!! Batman Incorporated! Call within the next 15 minutes and get a free autographed picture of this months Bat-girl!! That’s 1-800-Batman!
You got a problem? Yo! We’ll solve it! Check out the crook while our Batman beats on him!! Yo!!

(Batman, Incorporated not endorsed by anyone sane)


Having recently cracked open my old Dark Knight Returns TPB, I’m going to say that the oval really doesn’t matter. I can see reasons for either side of the argument, but if the story and art work, who cares? Bruce could be in the blue and grey costume (or the Zur-en-arrh “costume”, for that matter) as long as it’s Bruce.


One of the best Batman artists ever — Norm Breyfogle!

Non-outraged Fanboy

August 10, 2010 at 3:57 pm

I love the yellow oval. Some of Batman’s best artwork has had it, makes me think of those great Mike Mingola covers…

I think DC’s goal is to push all the other non Batman books off the shelf, and simply publish Batman titles in the future….

Good to see people giving the ‘yellow circle ragers’ the ridicule they deserve.

Dropping the books over a minor costume change? Seriously? “Live the stereotype” indeed. :)

The saddest aspect of this news is many of us saw Dick Grayson as being his own character. He was basically one part of a two part Batman and Robin duo. We thought he was a second character. Mind you he was younger and under the Batman’s supervision and financial support; yet we thought he was a hero in training in his own right. The solo stories, collaborations with batgirl, leadership of the Teen Titans, and the Nightwing identity seemed to suggest that DC felt the same. But now it appears this independent evaluation was wrong.

Making Dick a part of a growing Batman Inc. suggests that Dick has been reabsorbed back into the Batman fold. What started out as a good deed, Dick becoming Batman, has now become a compulsory obligation. Should we assume that eventually he will be just be one of a number of Batmen? Oddly this turn of events is very different from DC’s Batwomen. We have been led to believe that the Batwomen: Batwoman, Batgirl, Huntress, Flamebird, and possibly Cassandra Cain, Misfit, and the biggest surprise Black Canary (thanks to Birds of Prey) are completely autonomous. Obviously influenced by the original cape crusader, they have origins and many have motivations which are entirely separate from Bruce’s. Unless we accept Birds of Prey, as Bruce’s first independent department of soldiers, then we have to assume that Bat corp. is well on its way to monopolizing the non-super powered superhero landscape. What’s next, Robin corp. until teen super heroes mature to Bat Corp.

What happened, well Nightwing must have sold worse than we knew. Not only must Nightwing have sold badly but it must have been so badly that DC decided to scrap the idea of an in-comics reboot or redefinition of the character. After all Bruce with what seven books (sorry I have lost count) and the former Boy Wonder with (at least) one other book (playing Batman) is more books produced than if Dick doesn’t have one at all.

Thanks CBR for the opportunity to express myself.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by Batmen Corp or Batman Inc.? We were warned of this community of Batmen in Miller’s Dark Knight and the Ross/Waid’s Kingdom Come. And in general I do not think this is a bad idea. Bruce is a very wealthy man; certainly he could do more good by duplicating himself. After all he is vulnerable; moving himself farther from the front lines he would surely preserve himself longer if he were less assessable. This should have been one of the lessons of the Knight Fall storyline as well.

Yet I just did not think Dick would end up being a casualty by this form of assimilation. Tim on the other hand yes he was likely after all to disappear under Batman. We learned in the Teen Titans that he would become Batman long before Dick. He hasn’t really had an individual or original idea in his entire life. Everything about him is hand me downs and preprocessed directives.

I thought we might see Dick take a super hero identity that might even contradict Bruce. After all he only started to resemble Batboy recently (with the Nightwing identity). In the Silver age if you saw him lying in the road, he (in appearance) unlike Bucky, Sandy, Dan, Wing, Supergirl, Kid Flash, Wondergirl, Speedy, Batgirl, or Aqualad would not have appeared to have fallen out of the Batmoblie. Because of this he could have grown up to have been anything and I wish DC had taken to development time to have considered this. Instead because he was big enough to wear it they simply threw a cowl on him because this seemed to be the fastest and the most lucrative fix.

Thanks CBR for the opportunity to express myself.

If those events within the Batman books weren’t preparations for this new Batmen Community than other events in the DCU should have tipped us off.

Many have wondered why Donna Troy never developed her own substantial identity, costume, or moniker. Utilizing their big guns of the time specifically Wolfman and Perez; DC made a lame branding attempt at a Troia super heroine identity, then DC seemed to just give up. It was clear fans loved Donna and then approved her resurrection from the dead, yet for years she has floundered as a Wonder Woman-lite proxy. I didn’t want her to lose her family I just think she received that entire back story too soon. After all, some of us weren’t sure Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor ever consummated their relationship. Weren’t fans excited when Donna received her own specially designed weapon; the lasso of persuasion? I believe that was because we thought her revamp/reboot was around the corner. Is she being reserved for the same fate that Dick inherited? We just thought DC never got around to putting their heads and talents together to craft the next Amazonian warrior.

When the Flash died sacrificed himself, non-original and frankly contrived, we thought it was dignified and respectful for Wally West to take his place. “Take his place” meant he took his mentor’s costume and name. Eventually Wally even modified the costume to let us know he owed us some autonomy from his mentor. He also became the author of the “speed force” that even his mentor never described. So comfortable were he and we in his new role as the scarlet speedster eventually he created his own extended family as well. Then Barry returned and Wally didn’t give up the costume or the name. After independently selling the Flash book for many years, should we accept that he has assumed the fate that Dick inherited also.

To be fair DC did try to give Speedy a makeover. When he became an adult, he unlike Donna and Garth was given a new costume, identity and book (the book was the most respectful and distinctive gift). Yet when his mini-series failed to provoke any more interest than his adopted brother’s Conner Hawke’s debut, I think the company assumed that derivative character reboots don’t work.

Thanks CBR for the opportunity to express myself.

Though I could keep recounting the stories of former DC sidekicks who were reabsorbed back into their mentor’s mantles when redefinition, death and children didn’t craft them independent identities, I will conclude that survey. To complete this discussion regarding my dismay at Dick’s absorption into Batman inc., I think it is more instructive to jump to another company: Marvel.

Since Speedy shares a mechanical arm with his Marvel sidekick peer Bucky we might just learn something from that character’s experience. It might be easier to see the similarities between the characters and see why Bucky may seem to be defining the futures for the former Teen Titans.

Like many of the Teen Titan’s characters, Bucky’s run of appearances ended when his character supposedly died around the time of his mentor’s disappearance; Garth fans feel free to rejoice. Different from the Teen Titans, when Bucky returned he returned with a new identity; the Winter Soldier. This identity was so different he did not really appear to be the former character at all but he undoubtedly made a splash upon his return. Today we know the Winter Soldier identity did not last very long and today Bucky is the current Captain America.

Though I have suggested that a reboot could save teen sidekicks who were too similar to their mentors, Marvel comics proves that this may not be true. My negative assessment that DC just won’t “put their back into” saving these characters may be wrong. My unintentional thesis that hard creative work will allow a company to say in the Flash’s case: support two Scarlet Speedsters may not be true since this event hasn’t appeared anywhere within one company in comics history.

As much as Marvel may have wanted to see Winter Soldier take wing, they had a history of trying to support similar yet derivative characters under the same corporate banner. The Captain, Jack Flag, Free Spirit, Golden Girl, Josiah X, Nomad, Patriot, U.S. Agent, Spirit of ’76, Miss America, were all similar characters to Captain America and all eventually perished or the company thought it was too risky to attempt to sustain both characters when one was more popular and more iconic.

Ultimately within the same sex comics companies must believe reboots or redefinitions are an impossible task. DC probably felt it did it’s best to make Dick resemble Daredevil and if that didn’t work to sustain him independently the similarities between Bruce and Dick were too great hence the only option was to absorb the character into Batman Inc. Cross gender wise Batman and Batwoman and Batgirl or Superman and Supergirl are discernably different enough to merit sustaining two different books under one corporate banner though their characteristics are very similar.

Thanks CBR for the opportunity to express myself.

Grey belt. Cool :)

Ha. I like it. Especially, after I played Eidos’ BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM game for some hours (what’s the connection to the book anyway…).

I am not sure about Grant Morrison’s current Batman story writings, but since the book’s going to be drawn by Yanick Paquette, I will be getting the books and the trade paperbacks. And uh … Thanks for bringing back the yellow oval on the bat logo. I am really looking forward for the return of such Batman chest emblem.

Give him longer bat ears please, but lose the bat belt buckle. It feels too “Superman Returns” stuff, and I really hate that movie.

Two Batmen or more? As long as Bruce Wayne’s the leader, I am cool with it.

Hmmm, “Return of the Supermen” scenario?

Should he train chosen individuals to become like him, then I guess having people like Batboy, Bat of Steel, Cyborg Batman, and Bateradicator wouldn’t be surprising.

I wonder if this costume revision will last as long as the Andy Kubert one. Did anyone EVER use his design? No that it was any good…

comic relief

That was fantastic.

i completely agree with the dismay at seeing Dick be absorbed back in to the Batman identity.

I felt that after reading Nightwing books for years, the narrative clearly established that he COULD be Batman but chose not to be since he was so very much his own man.

I feel like people cheering Dick’s demotion to “replacement Batman” must have never actually liked the character, since such a move contradicts everything he has done for the last 20 some odd years.

DC could have made Nightwing a triple A character. Fans love Nightwing and he is huge in other media, but DC never actually gave the character a big push. It seems so obvious given Didio’s public dislike and misreading of the character.

I remember an interview with Geoff Johns were he insisted that Nightwing could carry a mega-crossover, it is too bad he never got to prove that point.

wow. Another Batman book. How unexpected.

I’d rather have Nightwing back, please.

Is Batman DC’s version of Wolverine? …or Deadpool?


Thanks for the compliment.

Morrison is incredible and I am in awe of what he does with a story. I am sure Morrison has some barn burning great ideas and the kind of incredible plot twists we’ve never seen before. So I’m sure I will still be a fan (anyway); I honestly think the book keeps getting better. I certainly missed Bruce and I am glad he is back.

Yet I don’t understand they ask us to care about these characters then when we do we are asked to forget what we’ve learned about them. I can’t believe more people aren’t sorry about Dick’s new role. Maybe Dick will get another solo shot in 20 years or so after this current former teen hero diminishing mania is over. Maybe by then they will figure out how to give these former sidekicks their complete independence. And somehow I hope DC does it first.

@comic_relief: I’m honestly not broken up about Dicks new role partly because I was ready for him to die before he got under the cowl. Dead serious. Thought he was a sleaze – granted, part of it’s through retcons, but it shows the slow ruination of the character – and thought the whole thing was trying too hard.

Another reason is that it brings it all back full circle. Dick always played a lot of lip service to “being his own man”, but it’s hard to ignore; after the Wolfman run of Teen Titans fizzled out he was either always around Bruce or engaging in what basically amounted to “Batman-Lite” adventures. Hell, it might just be me, but I kind of feel like the “my own man” thing was more in his head than anything.

Besides which, I’m just absolutely sick to death of the “daddy issues” that’s been between the characters since Wolfman turned him into Nightwing. I really, truly think it’s played out and it was a primary reason he split from the immediate Bat fold to begin with. It feels played out; I’d rather he just return to Gotham proper.

Besides which, I’m not sure what else there is to return the character to besides being B to C list. He’s got supporting cast and mythos important to him, but Bludhaven’s gone and Dick’s never had a very good rogues gallery. All that time in his solo added up to very little; his only real nemesis is Deathstroke.

If anything, the whole thing reminds me of the episode from New Batman Adventures where Dick tells Tim why he split; at the end, the Bat signal shines in the sky, Tim asks if he wants to come and meet Batman there to help and Dick says something like “Yeah, I guess it’s about time”. That’s kind of what this feels like to me. It’s about time.

I’m not keen on having two men carry the name Batman – the symbol or branding, fine, but two guys actually called Batman is… yeah, but golly gee the fans demand it – but him being back in the fold proper, I’m more than down for.

I hate to say it, but I think Comic-Con and the internet are seriously screwing with the comic book industry. There are no surprises anymore. This idea may make me sound like an old fossil (29, almost 30), but I kind of miss the days when the only way you got a glimpse of a costume like this was reading Wizard, and even then only got a taste of what was to come in the upcoming issues.

Now, they have to tease an entire year of story at cons or online, so that when you finally read the books, most of them are as fresh as pre-chewed gum. I’m guilty of feeding this cycle by simply visiting this site, but how else can I keep up? Marvel’s website sucks, DC’s is slightly better, and I don’t really read anything else.

Too make matters worse, comic stores seem to keep less and less on the racks, so you have to read up on what’s coming so you can order it for your “box.” It would have been cool to just wander into a comic shop and see the new costume…

@ Buddy Deering.

You forget Streets of Gotham, so that makes six (Detective, Batman, Batman & Robin, Streets, Dark Knight and Batman Inc) on going titles and when you take into account the various mini series (The Return, The Return of BW, Odyssey, Widening Gyre and The Road Home) , that makes eleven and if you really want to be a stickler and take into account the various “Batman Family” Books (Red Robin, Sirens, Batgirl, Outsiders) that makes 15 Batman related titles. Wow and I thought Marvel were overdoing it with Deadpool and Wolverine.

Oh, I forgot to add the upcoming Batwoman and the new Birds of Prey book. 17 titles. I’m a big Batman fan but I think that’s just too many books.

I think the concept of multi-Bats in the world works. After what Grant has put Bruce through, why would he not work out that an army of well trained fighters is needed. The ranking is there, and always has been: Robin to Nightwing to Batman. Now they have add Red Robin. As you progress in training, you work your way up the uniform. Also, this can now explain how “Batman” can be in a solo book, JLA, and all over the DC universe for team ups, just depends on who you want under the cowl. Unlike a mutant or suped up hero, these are people who have worked at being better, and under Bruce’s guide, worthy like Dick, to carry on the mission. Plus, its just a book, in ten to twenty years, the new generation will revamp everything, with all new origins.

I love Nightwing, but I love Dick as Batman also. Let the story ride out. “Everything old is new again.” The yellow oval is a perfect example. Just see if you can enjoy the actual stories.

These past years have been the greatest Batman stories ever told. Grant has rasied the bar on how to write Batman to a whole other level. I feel sorry for Tomasi and Gleason when they have to pick up B & R. It’s going to be really hard to compared to past last year let alone the last couple since Grant has picked up the book.

The only complaint I have is that Bruce is coming back. I have enjoyed the whole Dick and Damain relationship, and wished we had at least one more Bruce free year.

If you want to talk about mishandling characterization, go to Marvel and read Captain America and Steven Roger’s books.

Is the yellow oval there to help identify “Batman Prime”?

For this to work, I’m going to assume that *the public* (especially criminals) won’t be aware that there is more than one person playing Batman. That might be a good thing as it would give Bruce some time to actually *have a life* beyond obsessively crime-fighting. Besides when you stop to think about it, how do people in DC Earth know that most superheroes (or villains for that matter) REALLY are only a single person and not several? Superman alone could substitute for other Justice Leaguers (Flash, Martian Manhunter etc.) when needed.

Wilford Brimley

August 11, 2010 at 10:24 am

I suppose the one negative consequence of Batman, Inc. is the demotion of Dick Grayson as the lone Batman. Dan Didio seems to not have any sort of enthusiasm for the character, even though fans ands writers alike hold the former Robin in high esteem. In a way, Grayson IS the DC equivalent to Bucky Barnes, and yet the latter is treated as a breakthrough, while the former is treated as a second-rate Batman. Even Tim Drake is treated with more respect than Dick Grayson. All I’m asking for his a book where Dick Grayson lives up to his fame and is portrayed as competent. A book that isn’t obstructed by an editorial decision.

Or maybe I’m wrong.


This might sound strange but I really respect your opinion. There are multiple ways of thinking about the company’s characters and I could be wrong yet I think most views align with your own. After all someone is going to agree with Dick’s treatment and I’m glad you made your views clear. I thought my argument was way too emotional anyway. Thanks I’m going to try to be more open.

Actually I want to embrace this story line and maybe the former teen sidekick thing is stale and lame. I admitted that DC did try with these characters; most received new names and character arcs beyond being a good sidekick.

Oh and please ignore how many teen groups Marvel has published in the last 8 months, I am sure it really doesn’t mean anything. Lord knows they aren’t trying to make money or anything; they’re never interested in that. Is this their bid for having some long-term legacy opportunities for their broad list of anti-heroes? They haven’t had as much success with this in the past, but this current crop might just pull it out. Bucky was dead five years ago and now he’s a headliner in at three books all because Steve was generous enough to step a side and carry another book. I will not mention all the new Hulk’s, young Spider women or Daken’s new book either. Figuring out this teen hero to adult hero transition issues can wait until later; DC should stick to managing all of the Brightest day events.

Speaking of mutants, when things get tough or stale Marvel just reinvests in the X-men. Check out the current vampire/mutant storyline; I think it’s a guaranteed classic.

Okay so you say the whole Bludhaven escapade was weak, and Dick’s dance card of villains is just as bad. Yeah Blockbuster and Terminator doesn’t say very much for Dick’s rogue’s gallery accomplishments in terms of his tenure in that city. Well I can’t argue with you on that one.

I don’t know what the in-house creator owned vs. company copy right challenges are for creators today but I can see the big boys: Johns, Morrison, Straczynski, etc. seemed to keep being placed with the Titan’s mentors not he Titans. This doesn’t appear to have always been the company’s strategy (remember Perez and Wolfman), but if you keep the game changers away from producing for the least predictable characters you get a company that continues to appear the same decade after decade. I love DC and want to see them continue to surprise us with the Vertigo line, Swamp Things, New Teen Titans, Doom Patrols, and Blue Beetles as well as seeing the characters of the JLA (generally) and Trinity (specifically) mature gracefully.

Maybe Dick isn’t anymore important than Jimmy Olson is to the Superman family and if he couldn’t cut it on his own its time to put him back to work in Bruce’s books in some practical and sustainable respect. At least they did not kill him off.

I’m going to try to get on board with Batman Inc. and see where Morrison takes us. Thanks a lot.

i hate that yellow symbol. But i am excited about what Grant is going to do with this inc. thing. Although i always thought that Bruce was the only one to wear the cowl and symbol because it gives him more influential feel. Anyone else prefer the normal suit??

I have and continued to be enjoyed by the Batman ride Morrison has created.

I can totally imagine this pitch to DC from Morrison – there’s no way you can lose (Beginning with the fact that it’s Morrison)! A worst case scenario is that this “franchising” thing is a storyline that, like most major arcs, has its time and place and becomes a footnote in Batman history. But if it catches on like those 1-in-a-million ideas, it could go places – it’s at least an excuse to “have your cake and eat it, too” – with more than one Batman, you can make everyone who likes the yellow oval happy and still have at least one Batman in a costume without it. Imagine every country having their own Batman? How much more marketable might that make the brand even if it only catches on in small percentage of countries. It’s easy to imagine it going way overboard, but over a long enough time it can be mined quite profitably.

Sir Manley Johnson

August 13, 2010 at 5:35 pm

I know it’s strange, but I’ve decided i will wait and read this thing before i form an opinion as to it’s suckiness or epic triumph.

Sounds very much like that Elseworld story where Ra’s takes over as Batman and forms a team.

Anyway, it’s a very interesting concept. All of the Batman family characters brought together by Bruce and trained to become Batmen of their own? Plus some new faces? Hopefully, Morrison pulls this off very well, because I can see this easily going in either direction.

I have really enjoyed Morrisons batman work. Im sad he is going to be leaving Batman and Robin so as long as Morrison is writting a batman book im going to read it and most likely really enjoy it. Even though the concept really doesnt strike me as a great idea, I think morrison can take the concept and make it work. I do wish he could continue with both series, it will be interesting to see if Tomasi can keep Batman and Robin on the same level Grant did. As far as the yellow circle symbol I think It looks good. I like things to evolve and change and If it doesnt work its not like they cant change it back.

Another Bat book? Yawn. This is becoming like the X-Men franchise over at Marvel. Much as I love Bats and the X-Men themselves, this is beyond overkill now. Why not focus on marketing Superman more properly as DC still doesn’t get it.

If the storylines are good, this could be okay, so long as it doesn’t become a case of “we have bruce back, let’s neglect Dick entirely” because, tbh, Dick is the character more people can relate to, and pushing him out is pushing readers out. As far as the costume goes, I don’t mind too much, not crazy about it, would’ve liked a costume like he had in the arkham asylum video game, with the longer ears. Especially now that they’ve said Batman Beyond is the future of the mainstream DC universe, meaning we have to ask, where did the huge ears come from and when does the cape go? If they’re smart, they’ll use this to explain it.

Anyway, as far as putting out too many bat titles goes, they lose Superman in a couple of years, so Batman, being their other best seller, will be picking up the slack. It’s basic marketing, unless you want the new “World’s Finest” To be Batman and Green Lantern? This is a case of “Okay, now the world’s finest is JUST Batman”, hence the need for more Bat, uh, men. Simple :)

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