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New collage teases upcoming DC project


Over on the Source blog, DC senior editor Ian Sattler teases “a project that is coming to your local comic shop very soon.” The image, seen above, features a variety of DC characters by a few different artists.

“This is one of those great books that make us all stand around the editor’s office going ‘wow,” he says. “Can you guess what it is? Check this space next week for the full rundown. Trust me — you’re gonna want to see more of this.”

In the comments section, some folks are speculating that it’s a follow-up to Wednesday Comicssomething I can get behind. I could also get behind a return of the “Bizarro” books from a few years back or Solo. What do you think?



I’m kinda hoping for More Wednesday Comics myself (It was one announcement I was hoping to hear from San Diego). But i would really get behind More Bizarro Comics or Solo as well. They were all great projects.

More Solo would be MAGNIFICENT. Wednesday Comics was gorgeous and one absurdly fun experience, but for some reason it didn’t achieve the same level of quality as Solo did in my opinion. To this day, Solo #7 (Mike Allred’s issue) is easily one of my top five favorite comics to read and re-read again.


August 5, 2010 at 3:29 am

I’m curious as there’s some Francis Manapul Superboy art in there, as Rafael Albuquerque art with a Bat-imp from his storyline in Superman/Batman, so my first thought was that it was something Superman/Batman, but GL seems to kill that one.
Then I thought it could have something to do with abandoned projects, but there’s Teddy Kristensen Superman, and to my knowledge the only time he’s drawn him was in ‘Is It A Bird…’, and not had anything else planned.

Either way, with artists that good involved, I’ll be checking it out.

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