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They kept updating right to the end, even squeezing in one last chapter of Naruto for their hard-core fans, but on Monday the shadowy forces behind kept their word and removed all the online manga from their site.

This is not goodbye, however: Site administrator Zabi says OneManga will continue to post manga lists and series information, although it’s debatable how useful that information is without the scans to go with it. Both OneManga and its competitor MangaFox (which has also pulled down most of its licensed manga) have active forums, which may keep readers coming back even without the free manga.

Meanwhile, anyone who can operate a search engine can still read plenty of licensed manga online, including weekly updates of popular Shonen Jump series like Naruto and Bleach. OneManga and MangaFox don’t actually do scanlations; they are simply sites where the scanlation groups who translate those weekly chapters upload their work, to build a better audience. Several scanlation sites already have their pages prepped for this week’s chapter of Naruto, and last week’s is widely available.

Ironically, one of the reasons OneManga was established, according to this interview with one of their forum administrators, was to combat a site called Narutofan, which enraged readers by charging for high-quality downloads of the scanlations — again, scanlations that were made by others and intended to be distributed for free. Yet Narutofan is still up and running, making money from both the ads on its online manga reader and the paid downloads, while OneManga is gone.

Incidentally, I checked my iPod Touch app that draws from a variety of scanlation sites, and it will no longer load manga from So it looks like the manga really is gone from that site.



This begs the question – why has nobody gone after Narutofan?


August 3, 2010 at 9:30 am

I suspect Onemanga is just the first domino to fall.

Wasn’t there a similar Facebook page that was shut down because they did the same thing with comic books?

It’s bad enough to listen to the people who run/visit these sites make excuses, but if they in any way profit from the sites that are stealing work they really are scumbags.

I went over there to read the Monster Hunter Orage manga because there was no way that was going to be released in the US, the video game series is not popular here (however Monster Hunter Trii is gaining ground, so it’s a possibility that it might be). Even so I own all of the books in the original Japanese.

Sites nowadays have to be mind numbingly STUPID to scanlate things like Naruto. You should know that you can be taken down on a whim. It’s been that way for the last 10 years.

The unwritten rule is you can scanlate whatever so long as it is not licensed in the US. Once it is licensed you have to stop.

I have been in and out of jobs my entire life and I’ve always found ways to support and give money to the things that I love.

If you love Naruto well I guarantee you the author behind Naruto DOES NOT want you stealing it and reading it for free. Pretty much goes for any licensed manga.

…Naruto is a paid for site, not a free content site such as One Manga is. i doubt Naruto Fan will fall to the publishers, as they can shell out a percentage to the publishers if they aren’t already. its sad to see One Manga close it’s doors, they were a great resource in the Manga community.

hopefully now more people will use the Paid Sites/ Local Manga retailers and support the industry and the medium more..


Good to see somebody put up a memorial of the now-mostly-defunct OneManga site. I wrote about their upcoming demise, and later their eulogy on my blog.

Even though it’s a shame it’s gone, I’m still holding out hope that it might come back in one form or another.

This is not a big deal because as long as Youtube & torrent sites are around Manga will be found for free. They can’t stop Music,Movies, & even Comic Books from being downloaded illegally they wont stop Manga

Not a great loss. Everyone knew MangaStream > OneManga.

its so sad..why onemanga must not published anymore?…
Yes its said,free reading manga in onemanga online..but we also support autor with paid site …

sad face. I prefer the large images of online scanlations to crappy pocket editions that come out in North America. Also, fan translations are usually much better than the official ones.
It’s probably overkill to take everything down, and harmful to genres less well-known to English-speaking markets. There were many mangas that I would never have tried/gotten into had it not been for being able to test the waters by reading a bunch of those tiny chapters back-to-back.
Too bad OneManga couldn’t be granted library status (not that those are being granted to websites, but maybe something like that ought to be established). Even if they had to cap how much an IP address could view in a month, or only allowing them to post the first 5% of a series, just to give people a taste and work up an appetite. I understand clamping down on a series that is already successful in English-speaking markets, but I think that publishers/rights holders are shooting themselves in the foot by indescriminantly applying this policy across the board.

Here’s my question: why don’t the companies that hold the licenses to the U.S. distribution put the comics online themselves? This would seem like a no-brainer at this point. People want to read the comics online. They want to read them when they come out, not three years later. It takes a bunch of fans mere hours to translate the comics and the anime, so guys working at major companies should have no problems. Why not just do that and then pull the chapters off the site as the trades gets released? Funimation already does this with some of the anime its licensed. Viz does this with the Naruto anime, too. Rumiko Takahashi does this with her Rin-ne manga. It’s like the U.S. companies are too stupid or too stubborn to get with it.

Yeah i would not mind paying a monthly or yearly subscription but America is so far behind of whats coming out of Japan i don’t want to wait 3 years to start where i left off but if the can make an official website that offers this i would go for that

Actually, Mangafox has a huge chunk of Tokyopop’s catalogue still up, and many from DMP despite them getting the C and D and taking down most, and putting them on the denied upload list. They also have many from yen press. Also, all the scanlations are illegal, no one paid the original licensee anything, so one can’t say they pulled down most, when they still have up over 5000 series no one paid publishers for.


Still is very weird they close the free site first and let the paid one go on. It’s ridiculous.

Sano: “The unwritten rule is you can scanlate whatever so long as it is not licensed in the US. Once it is licensed you have to stop.”

And the unwritten rule at the bootleg manga viewing sites is, if it has been licensed, that means it definitely going to attract more advertising revenue for the owner, and if its been published, scan the published work and upload it.

OneManga is now down below 1,000 in the Alexa ranking for yesterday. Be interesting to see whether they pass Crunchy on the way down or Crunchy passes them on the way up after the manga channel opens up on Crunchyroll.

Obviously MangaStream will now take over OneManga’s spot as boss tapeworm, but SiteLogr lists MangaStream as hosted in the US, so its going to go down fairly soon.

Anyone know where everyone is going to migrate to now?

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