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Paquette’s cover to Batman Inc. #1

Yesterday brought the first look at the first issue covers for the Batman: The Return miniseries and the ongoing Batman: The Dark Knight, both of which kick off this fall. And today brings the first issue cover for Batman Inc., the ongoing by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette:

Baman Inc. #1

Baman Inc. #1



I’d hate to be negative, but I think they could have come up with a better artist for this series. But working with what we got, I would have at least changed the color of the sky on this cover to a darker nighttime hue (violet or blue) and left only Batman’s eyes, utility belt, and the oval bat-symbol yellow. That way the limited yellow color would have popped from the image giving it a better dynamic.

Also, the amber lights in the windows would have worked better in contrast to a dark sky. Why would the lights be on in the daytime anyway?

What is this armor guard on his trunk? I don’t think anyone has the ball to kick it down there, well maybe Joker…

Thanks, Bob Ross.

I dig Yanick Paquette. Loved his stuff on those Terra Obscura comics. This looks nice. Very lush looking. Textured. Would be more suited to Wonder Woman or Catwoman, but to balance out this seeming positivity: The seams are DUMB. The yellow oval means nothing either way to me. Underwear? Don’t care. But seams? BIG VISIBLE SEAMS? DUMB. Don’t get it. Why add seams? I can see it if this was an early version, but not as a modern costume.

I bet the seams were Dan Didio’s idea*.

And I still think more bat books is a bad idea. This could be Detective or Batman. Do we really need Tony Daniel writing Batman? Or David Finch writing his own brand new Batman book?

Ugh. Just find this whole scheme vaguely insulting.

*Everything I don’t like at DC is Dan Didio’s Idea.

You’re welcome, Dave!

Bob Ross

Pssss… DrunkJack is really Joe Quesada.


First off, Mike, if you’re going to complain about the art, complain about the ART, not merely a debateably bad coloring job. You’re blaming Yanick for a bad color scheme and for all you know, he didn’t color it.

“Why would the lights be on in the daytime anyway?” Gee, because I want to see what I’m doing, said the writer / artist sitting in his office with his overhead light on even though he has an outside window open to the outside light. at 4:35 PM EST. But that’s besides the point- the colorist chose that color scheme to make the illusion of the sun’s light reflecting off the windows, not as interior lights.

Now, you want to talk about the weaknesses? The inks are terribly linear and one dimensional on the buildings in places, and severely flatten the layout of the surroundings. The top part of the building on the right hand side is misaligned with the rest of the structure below it, with a bad curving look. The architecture of the building on the left hand side is not complete and Batman’s cape does not cover up either of these flaws. The central back building behind him looks one dimensional and arguably shouldn’t even be in the illustration, because it’s ruining the depth perception and creating the question of just where the hell the streets below would intersect. Further the top left corner’s architecture looks post modern and doesn’t fit with the rest of the architectural design of the buildings depicted.

HOWEVER – almost all of these flaws can and should be covered up by the trade dress when it’s released. The DC Bullet insignia, issue number and price point will all cover up the top left corner and block out the post modern stacks. The title logo can cover up the flaws in the tops of the buildings, and if it’s designed to be cut between the buildings and Batman, it will create the illusion of further 3-dimensionality, plus it will cover up the yellowish SUNDOWN that is obviously being depicted here and ultimately this likely lend to an overall darker tonal quality, without having to rely on the overused and over bearing ‘night time’ tones.

So no, it doesn’t need a complete recoloring or redrawing or whatever. The piece can be made to work effectively for what it is. Not every cover is going to be gorgeous, and it certainly shouldn’t be a gauge of what the interior work will be.

“DrunkJack is really Joe Quesada.”

I wish, I wouldn’t be broke.

I *hate*hate*hate* the name Batman Inc..

Did nobody learn from the failure that was Models Inc.?

Dear, Louis Bright-Raven —

First of all, I never said the coloring was the reason I didn’t like the art. But it certainly would have helped it had it been done better. And I never blamed Yanick for the coloring; What I said was: I think they could have come up with a better artist than Yanick for this series. He’s just not my cup of tea. And I’ve seen other work of his, so that was not an opinion based on just this cover alone.

As for the comment about the lights, well, regardless of the realistic reason for lights to be on in the daytime, it serves best asthetically for the image to show contrast and if the lights were on at night. Besides, I think most fans would prefer Batman and a colony of bats to be out and about during the nighttime.


I guess I’ll be the first to say it….this looks great!

My name is also Rolando. Not many of us in the world. But I LOVE the name Batman, Inc. I *love*love*love* it, even.

I don’t know what everyone else is seeing – this is a really attractive cover. And as far as complaining about lighted windows, and the yellow sky– get a dictionary and look up artistic license. The yellow sky is just a slight departure from what we’ve gotten used to with Batman iconography, and that’s part of what makes this cover memorable. Well it’s slightly memorable to me, at least.

I think the yellow/orange sky implies a new day, a new start.

Don’t like the seams, either. Right up there with Wonder Woman’s jacket — something else a bad guy can grab on to and use to get the upper hand in combat. Artists should have to wear and move in the costumes they design to see how they’d work in a crime-fighting sitch!

Uh, I think criminals might grab Batman’s gigantic cape before fumbling around for seams.

Sir Manley Johnson

August 13, 2010 at 5:18 pm

That’s a beautiful piece. I really love how clean the line is as well as the perspective. The architectural detail is also great. Nice colouring job too. It has an eerie ‘storm is coming’ quality too it.

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