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Quote of the Day #2 | Scott Kurtz on Mark Waid vs. Sergio Aragonés

If you’re a member of an industry that let Dave Cockrum die in a VA hospital after helping give us most of the X-Men characters that comprised three blockbuster films and you get pissy about what Mark Waid said, then you deserve to remain on this sinking ship.

When Diamond Comics can’t make money despite being a monopoly, it’s time to start listening to people like Mark Waid.

Half of the people he delivered his speech to were over the age of 50, currently not working on a project in comics, and are most likely without health insurance, retirement or savings accounts.

Mark Waid had the audacity to warn a group of people he cares about, that nobody is putting the internet in a god damn DeLorean and driving it 88mph towards the twin pines mall. And for that he got dressed down by Santa Claus in front of his peers.

That’s how scared people are right now.

And the bottom line of it all is that in about 5 years, a lot of people are going to owe Mark Waid a fucking apology.

PVP writer/artist and Harvey Awards emcee Scott Kurtz reacts with characteristic, shall we say, candor to Mark Waid’s keynote address on copyright and piracy and white-beardedGroo cartoonist Sergio Aragonés’ heatedly negative reaction thereto.

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Wow, what a true professional Mr. Kurtz is.

I’m not normally a fan of Kurtz’s opinions or his “candor” as Sean put it, but I agree with him here.

Professional? Sometimes the truth is ugly. And everything Kurtz says is true.

I’ve never paid much attention to PVP or Kurtz, so don’t play like I’m some kind of fan.

And Waid continues to confound me…Just when I’ve written him off as a cantankerous old man, he comes up with a way to prove that in the land of the old folks, the middle aged man is the young turk.

How on Earth would anything Waid talked about have kept Dave Cockrum out of a VA hospital? What a terrible example to start out with. The rest of his rant is equally weird. Both Waid AND Aragones had valid points, which speaks to the very core of how the situation the industry is currently in is completely unexplored territory. This childish, stupid rant helps nothing.

I, for one, think that Sergio Aragones has a much, much cooler moustache than Santa Claus.

“How on Earth would anything Waid talked about have kept Dave Cockrum out of a VA hospital? ”

I expect he is saying that as Dave Cockrum never received any recognition/compensation for the characters he created, then those characters should be free for any Tom, Dick or Harry to make money from. Or something equally stupid.

Mark Waid is so very wrong on this one.- it is not your right, just because the internet has made stuff freely available, to profit from someone else’s creations. Go create something yourself, you lazy sods.

Bottom line: What Kurtz said.

The mention of Dave Cockrum was in the middle of the 7th paragraph of Kurtz’s post. And like him or not Kurtz should be heard out at least, he is one of the more successful working cartoonist today after all.

I just hope this isn’t just pushed aside since I think everyone here agrees this is a discussion that the industry really needs to have.

As for what Waid said, I feel he has a point. The current copyright situation has presented very few benefits for the actual creators, in several instances helped the publishers to the detriment of the creators. Which is where I think Kurtz brought Cockrum in.

I’d like to read Sergio Aragones’ point of view? What did he say?

Wouldn’t he have responded to Mark with…

wait for it…

Kandor ?

Mentioning Cockrum and trying to paint Aragones as an immoral fucktard with that brush is obscene, and completely ruins any “point” Kurtz was trying to make. Bizarrely bitter screeds like this push people to the opposite position.

I don’t necessarily like the way Kurtz initiates his point of view in many forms of discourse, but he has a damn fine point. When, in the history of North American comics, has copyright truly served creators? It serves us when we’re small and no one cares, but as soon as someone bigger takes notice it’s stripped away.

Kurtz made it. On the internet. And I doubt he will end up stipped bare of his creations 40 years from now, with not a penny to show for his hard work.

There’s a reason why few pieces of popular culture of note come out of North America, and why there’s so much damn time in between the creme de la creme. If comics refuse to move forward they’ll sink harder and faster than the music industry, because more people care a hell of a lot more about music than comics.

“There’s a reason why few pieces of popular culture of note come out of North America”

Huh? Could you elaborate on this? I’m guessing that movies, TV, and music fall under the definition of “pieces of popular culture,” and last time I checked very many pieces of those came out of North America.

If you want to actually listen to the speech in question, we posted the audio at ComicMix.

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