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Quote of the day | Cameron Stewart is cartoony as f@!#

New Batman & Robin art from Cameron Stewart

New Batman & Robin art from Cameron Stewart

“If anyone thought my last Batman & Robin run was ‘too cartoony’ (they did) they are going to puke blood when they see this.”

–Once and future Batman & Robin artist Cameron Stewart issues fair warning about the part-Frank Quitely, part-Bruce Timm, part-Mort Drucker style he’ll be using for his upcoming return to the title with issue #16. (That’s a sample “that isn’t too cartoony (or spoilery)” featuring Doctor Hurt above.) Have those mops at the ready, haters!



I can’t wait. I love Cameron Stewart’s art.

We’ve had our disagreements, but Cameron Stewart is one of my favourite artists. I never understood the ‘too cartoony’ argument.

Keep up the great work.

Och, the baby-men who complain about Cam being “too cartoony” probably think Jim Lee’s work is the artform’s apogee.

I really liked Cameron Stewart’s earlier work on the title. Glad they’re bringing him back.

He’s citing some awfully cartoony influences in order to get away from that stigma.

No complaints here. He could be the full time artist for all I care. Wasn’t that his issue with Dick swinging (hee hee) out from nowhere and catching Damien in the nick of time? Beautiful.

Just no more Tan.

@ mr. pants: I believe he’s in fact warning his critics that his style is become *more* cartoony – hence the prediction of violent nausea.

know what I liked? his art on Catwoman — he’s never been bad, usually good, but that just totally did it for me (was it cartoony?) But if you don’t like Stewart’s art you _should_ be puking blood (and not in a red lantern kinda way)

I love Stewart’s art, but I thought that he was trying too hard to keep up with Quitely instead of playing to his own strengths in his last Batman and Robin issues. Still glad to see him back. I guess Quitely is never coming back to the title for interiors. Now, when is the last arc of Seaguy coming out?

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