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Quote of the day | Gareb Shamus, on WW Chicago’s dearth of publishers

Gareb Shamus

“When it comes to the comics industry, we invite the comics industry. You can ask them why they may or may not go to shows, but at the end of the day, we bring the fans. The fans come here because they want to be part of our experience […] and we create a very compelling experience for people, as you can see […] we have a lot of celebrities and a lot of TV stars.”

– Wizard Entertainment CEO Gareb Shamus, addressing the absence of most major comics publishers from this year’s Wizard World Chicago Comic Con



Gareb Shamus is the Seltzer/Friedberg of comic book conventions.

(Seriously, this comparison needs to be shared.)

Doesn’t Wizard charge fees to the Publishers to come to a Wizard convention? Don’t they have to PAY tv and movie celebrities to be there? I’m guessing this new model for the convention comes with a lot more overhead for basically the same amount of fan attendance.

Gareb Shamus is the worst thing to happen to comics since at least Fredric Werthem.

Stop giving this man your money. He’s a cancer and has left the industry in worse shape than he found it.

Is it just me or has celebrity become an absolutely meaningless word?

These days if you get your ass glued to a toilet seat and put it on youtube, you’re a celebrity.
If people actually had to accomplish something to achieve that status, just think how empty our lives would be. What would entertainment shows and gossip magazines do? Who would fill the halls at these crap conventions if you couldn’t feature reality show contestants, and people who had walk-ons in low budget movies/shows?

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