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Quote of the day | What hath Groth wrought?

Gary Groth

Gary Groth

“I had an anus-clenching moment when I read Ken [Parille]’s parodic ‘Where are your standards?’ paragraph without knowing it was parody and thought, ‘My God, [Parille and Comics Journal contributor Noah Berlatsky are] both idiots!’ You can imagine my relief when Ken revealed that it was a joke! I thought I’d created some sort of critical purgatory that I would wander around in forever in an intellectual torpor, and the only way out would be to extinguish the site. My only solace was that I might bump into Harold Bloom and we’d sit down and commiserate.”

Comics Journal editor and Fantagraphics co-publisher Gary Groth, expressing his dismay that he can no longer tell actual posts on the Journal’s website from parodies thereof.



“expressing his dismay that he can no longer tell actual posts on the Journal’s website from parodies thereof”

Appropriate, I suppose, as it’s been decades since I was last able to tell whether the vast majority of TCJ articles’ self-important snobbery was just house style or amounted to intentional self-parody…

Steven R. Stahl

August 25, 2010 at 1:38 pm

Parille’s use of “. . . do not meet such androcentric and phallogocentrist values.” should have tipped you off. People who are writing to persuade shouldn’t try to show off their vocabularies.

As far as standards are concerned, it’s been said that the power and magic of fiction are in the details. The details make the characters and the story’s plot believable; small details enhance a story’s structure. Comics readers might forget that, generally, a story’s artwork doesn’t make unbelievable occurrences believable. The artwork merely provides pleasant descriptions of things.

The ability to provide details or to appreciate details varies with intelligence. If a story’s details conflict, or essential details are missing, the story will fail to entertain.


Snobbery or just lierate criticism?

That use of “anus clenching” is such a transparent bit of subliminal marketing for the new Rand Holmes retrospective, which includes the Anus Clenching Adventures of Harold Hedd comic. Man…

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