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Rafael Grampa provides variant cover for American Vampire #6

And speaking of Rafael Grampa, I really dig this variant cover to American Vampire #6 :

American Vampire #6 variant

American Vampire #6 variant

“I tried to make a ‘horror film’ poster, but very pop! It is based on some dirty and rough grindhouse movies posters + punk rock cover albums,” the artist said on Vertigo’s Graphic Content blog. “I loved to do it! We, comic book artists, need to hold the same style for a whole project, so it was an incredible chance to experiment something different. Thanks everybody and hope you like it.”



I’m a big fan of Grampas. Love his work. And you have to congratulate an artist who tries to move away from his confort zone. But this was a miss. This cover sucks.

Wow, INCREDIBLE cover!! This guy really knows how to mesmerize us! Thanks for posting!

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