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Snyder, Francavilla team for ‘Commissioner Gordon’ back-up feature in Detective Comics

Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon

DC Comics announced on Friday that Scott Snyder, who takes over the writing chores on Detective Comics in November, is also writing a back-up feature for the book starring Commissioner Gordon. Snyder will be joined by artist Francesco Francavilla on the feature.

“I’m a huge fan of Francesco’s work and have been for quite some time,” Snyder told DC’s The Source blog. “His style is dark and daring with a good amount of noir to it, but there’s also a striking physicality to his art – his characters always look very real, very vulnerable and human. Which is why I always thought he’d be perfect for the job; because this story is dark and dramatic with some big revelations, but it’s also about Jim Gordon, the man, coming to terms with some very tough skeletons from his past… Or rather, one skeleton in particular – someone who has just now returned to Gotham, too… So I simply could not be more excited about Francesco’s involvement. With Jock on feature, Francesco on back-up, this is exactly the team I’d hoped for! (Huge giant-penny-sized thanks to our editor Mike Marts for the creative freedom and support.) Can’t wait to see what you think of the book, DC Nation!”



And just like that I’m back to buying a monthly comic book for the first time in years. How the hell can I resist a mystery-centric Batman comic with art by Jock and a Commissioner Gordon (my favorite Bat-Universe character) backup drawn by Francisco Francavilla? That’s just not fair!

I haven’t actually read anything by Scott Snyder, but I’ve heard great things about “American Vampire”, so I’m not too worried about that.

Between this, Batman, Inc., the Batwoman ongoing (finally) and Tomasi and Gleason on Batman & Robin, the Batman line is looking stronger than it has in a very long time. Hell, I might even check out the David Finch title.

Sounds interesting. I’m really happy to see Francesco getting higher proflile jobs. Unfortunately, I guess that means he won’t be doing Zooro anymore. BTW, does anyone knows the status of that book? It was really starting to pick up steam with the latest arc IMO, but it hasn’t been solicited for months…

Frankly, while I enjoy Francavilla’s work on “Zorro” (though Matt Wagner’s story is more than a little plodding), I think he is better suited to an urban noir setting, which is why a Gordon backup is so perfect for him.

I do hope he can continue to do other work, however, which may be possible given that the Gordon backup will likely be only 8-10 pages per month.

I started getting “tec again with Batwoman, and then subsequently dropped it, but I’ll have to rethink that now. And how cool is it that the artist worked on Zorro first. It’s a natural progression to The Batman from there.

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