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Walking Dead “No Way Out” teaser

Walking Dead: No Way Out

Walking Dead teaser

Image Comics sent over the following teaser for The Walking Dead, with no explanation beyond what’s noted in the image itself … so make of it what you will.



As much as I really love The Walking Dead and have for years – I kinda hope that the series ends at #100. the series is running on a high right now, I would rather it ended before it took a sharp downward turn.

Kirkman says he want’s the story to be on-going, but being realistic I’m sure only one creative team can only come up with so many new stories. We had them trying to live normal civilian life on a few different occasions now and now over the last 12 months we have had the survivors go through the toughest times they’ve been through in years.

As said – I love it, but i dont want to see it go bad!

LOVE this series. And I agree, there are really firing on all cylinders right now.

Based on the font, I thought at first that this was making fun of the Wolverine preview where Marvel wouldn’t show panels. Then I scrolled down and saw that there were pictures.

I’m looking forward to this. Issue 80 is around December right? The issue would come out around the time the series ends, right? Maybe Kirkman’s making a jumping on point for fans of the tv show to transition into the comic?

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