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Who shall rise in November? (Probably Thunderstrike)

thunderstrike_teaser has posted a teaser on their site for something kicking off in November. The headline reads “The World Still Needs Heroes,” with the tag “One shall rise in November.” Based on the artwork and the fact that word leaked out already that Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz are working on a Thunderstrike comic, it’s probably a safe bet that’s what it is for.

I wonder if the silhouette in the image means that Kevin, son of the original Thunderstrike, is picking up his dad’s mantle (like he did in the MC2/Spider-Girl comics).



Kevin’s probably old enough by now, I suppose.

Sure is strange, though. I remember the days when it was necessary to resort to time travel or magic to age Marvel kids into the ranks of grown-ups. Nowadays, it seems more like they just zoom through youth at least as fast as “real time” while the rest of the characters remain age-frozen around them.

Those time travel and magic gimmicks were getting a bit threadbare, I suppose.

I wonder if this new Thunderstrike will bear any resemblance conceptually to Captain Marvel. Looks like a kid in that silhouette.

I am legitimately excited for this. Help me.

“The World Still Needs Heroes”? I thought we were in the Heroic Age?

I’d rather it be a kid version of Thundestrike, have him join Young Avengers or Young Allies or whatever, and call him Thundertyke.

I think they will retcon Kevin’s age up to about 13 years old and have him become the new Thunderstrike similar to his MC2 version, except younger. I will definitely be picking this series up, since I was a huge fan of Kevin as Thunderstrike in the MC2 Universe.

I know when Eric Masterson died, he chose to go onwards to Heaven rather than Asgard. But what if he was still linked to Asgard, even in death? What if the destruction of Asgard and shifting it to Earth somehow caused Eric to be reborn as a teenager? I will be checking out this new series.

Thunderstrike is just so, so…


*bangs head*

I’m thinkin’ it might be some kinda SHAZAM thing. Kid finds hammer and with a bolt of lightning is reborn as an adult Thunderstrike.

Am I the only one that laughs at the Thunderstrike inscription? In my head it sounds like a nagging mother, instead of the inspiring phrase it ought to be.

Kidding aside, I think introducing a Kevin-Thunderstrike is much more interesting than bringing back Eric Masterson. Nothing against him, but he’s just too similar to Thor. Having the kid adds a little spice.

Besides, he was one of my favorite characters in A-Next.

This is just my kind of hell yes! It was amazing to have heard the rumblings of this, but to have definite confirmation from Marvel like this? Very cool! I know Frenz is slated for the interiors, but if I had to guess on that image, I would almost say Clayton Henry??? He did the covers for F5, so I could see him doing a cover series for DeFalco and a series that is somewhat connected to MC2. Its hard to say for sure, but while the outline of who I’m sure is Kevin kind of looks Frenz-ish, the rest kind of doesn’t. Obviously, I’m thinking too hard about this, but, man, I am just SOOOOOOOO excited for this. I know its part of the push for the Thor family of books with the movie coming out, but as far as I’m concerned, as long as its leading to DeFalco bringing back a childhood favorite like this, I don’t care.

Considering Kevin was at most a year or two younger than Scott Lang’s daughter (now Stature), Kevin should at least be in his early teen years. And he’s almost certainly the new Thunderstrike, hopefully with a better costume than his MC2 counterpart.

Just make it more idealistic than pessimistic (which has been the case so far re: Marvel’s Heroic Age vs DC’s Brightest Day) and I’m in.

It would be interesting to see what kind of relationship dynamic Kevin and Cassie have in the main Marvel Universe in comparison to the MC2 Universe. Perhaps Tom DeFalco has plans to create 616 versions of this characters from A-Next.

While it’s certainly possible that Kevin will be the new Thunderstrike, it’s probably not a good idea to take the most obvious, literal interpretation of a teaser as a given.

So basically he would be a teen-Thor. With the big Thor push lately, this is too logical to NOT happen. And although they were the original team, the creators are kind of make it an instant “no” for me.

I’m in. I was a big fan of the original series and enjoyed the time Eric Masterson was part of the Thor series. He was in the book a while before he became the new Thor.

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