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You, too, can own the (in)complete Battle Chasers — for just $10 an issue!

Battle Chasers Anthology

Battle Chasers combined elements of fantasy, steampunk and science fiction with creator Joe Madureira’s artistic energy and audience appeal to create one of the most popular series of the late 1990s. But it was plagued by now-legendary scheduling delays, including a 16-month lag between issues 6 and 7, before the title faded away in September 2001 with Issue 9. The 10th issue, which presumably would have resolved the story’s cliffhanger, was never released.

Madureira, much to the consternation of his fans, drifted from the comics industry to pursue a career as a video-game designer, finally returning in 2007 to illustrate Marvel’s The Ultimates 3.

But what was that about Battle Chasers? Glad you asked, because Image Comics’ November solicitations, released today, feature a listing for the Battle Chasers Anthology hardcover — not The Complete Battle Chasers or the Battle Chasers Omnibus — which collects “every issue ever published of one of the most beloved comic book series of all time.” Whether it is, indeed, one of the most beloved comics of all times is obviously debatable. The hardcover does, however, collect “every issue ever published” of Battle Chasers:  issues 0 through 9. So there’s that. Unfortunately, the 10th issue was never released.

Here’s the real sticking point, though: The 340-page hardcover is priced at a whopping $100, or $10 per issue for a series that was never completed; $150 for the signed and numbered limited edition. Sure, there are never-before-seen sketches and additional artwork, but still — $100 for a story that was never completed? Yikes.



Never has the phrase, “Now I’d buy THAT for a dollar!” seemed more appropriate.

$10 and issue, INDEED.

I admit, I thought Battlechasers was a cool little comic (when it did come out), but it was never “$10-an-issue” cool.

And for unfinished work too…


It’s oversized, so I imagine it’s basically Absolute Battle Chasers, justifying the $100 price tag for the actual physical object. It’s too bad they didn’t throw in some kind of supplemental material to resolve the cliffhanger – as it stands, I’m not sure it’s worth it even to a Battle Chasers die hard, if such people are still around.

I’ll still buy the softcover version of this, whenever it should come out, assuming it’s a reasonable price. I liked it as a teenager, and am starving for more swords & sorcery books.

Marvel will soon follow their lead and start pricing books at $9.99.

I was looking forward to this book but for this price… no way. I would buy if Joe would give us the tenth issue in the book… but without an ending and this kinda money. No. I think I have to reread my single issues then.

Seems weird not to just nut up and finish the 10th issue for this collection. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Mysterious Stranger

August 24, 2010 at 1:59 pm

When Devil’s Due collected their last Voltron series, which was incomplete in single issues, they at least had a finale issue done and included in the omnibus or whatever it was. This is just silly. Why would anyone buy an incomplete (and likely never to be completed) storyline like this? This is why I often wait for independent stuff to finish before buying it.

I’m glad someone said (typed) what I was thinking. Why would I want an unfinished story? Image (Madureira) just needs to let it die (or finish the damn book!).

Well, there were things that were pretty inflated about this series already, hmm?

Clearly Image is following up on the inspiration for Battle Chasers — anime — and is following the exact same pricing plan.

Dear God, why?


August 24, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Seems weird not to just nut up and finish the 10th issue for this collection. Otherwise, what’s the point?

But to do that, Madureira would have to sit down and draw it.

I mean isnt any halfa$$ed ending better than no ending??

I would figure that anyone that want’s to read it would just get the single issues online. you can get the whole series on ebay or other random sites for less than cover price. I sold all mine back in 01, cause i was tired of the wait but if i wanted to read it i bet i could ge tthem all for less than $50.00.

$100??? DDDAAAAYYYYYYUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was finally released this week! 100$? You guys need to learn to 59.00 putting it closer to 6.50 an issue + artwork. Seems worth it to me. /end fanboy post.

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