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Anthony Bourdain writing graphic novel ‘about ultraviolent food nerds’ for DC

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain, the acerbic chef, author and television host who in July wrote a touching remembrance of Harvey Pekar, is working on a graphic novel for DC Comics — and it sounds fantastic.

The news was revealed in a pair of recent interviews from his book tour in support of Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People who Cook.

The graphic novel, Get Gyro, is “about ultraviolent food nerds,” says the 54-year-old Bourdain. “It’s a gourmet slaughterfest, sort of like Fistful of Dollars meets Eat Drink Man Woman.” Alternately, he describes it as “Yojimbo meets Big Night and Babette’s Feast, an ultra-violent slaughter-fest over culinary arcana.”

In short: awesome. Could Get Gyro be what brings the cooking genre from manga into Western comics?

The graphic novel is set to be released sometime next year, presumably through DC’s Veritgo imprint. No artist is mentioned.



Wow. This is going to fucking RULE.


Bourdain is a personal inspiration and hero, so seeing him cross-over to my favorite medium is, as you said, AWESOME. I cannot wait to read this!

Now all we need is Andrew Zimern, The Bizarre Foodie, as an evil nemesis and we’re solid!

While this indeed sounds really awesome, I’m dissappointed with the articls not mentioning Chew being a kind of forerunner to this project. I’m sure that that book’s success was at least partial inspiration for taking up a project of this style.

“I’m sure that that book’s success was at least partial inspiration for taking up a project of this style.”

I’m not sure that you can say that with any certainty. While I enjoy Chew, I have no idea whether Anthony Bourdain has ever heard of it, or whether it shares any similarities to Get Gyro beyond the food element.

CHEW may be great and all, but I’m sure this more had to do with Bourdain’s agent calling-up DC’s offices and saying, “Hey…our multiple-award-winning TV star who also writes top-selling books wants to write a graphic novel. Interested?”

And thus, a genius concept was born…





I see a SDCC appearance!

also, i would like to request that this feature a dual machine gun wielding Eric Ripert mowing down restaurant critics, hipster food bloggers and other food-related douche bags.


When is the new volume of wonton soup coming out?

Simply being about food, in a general sense, is not enough to set up CHEW as a forerunner to this. Not any more than my own DMZ begetting future books that also happen to be about New York. Or guns. Or even guns in New York.


Wow. Never thought I’d see this. Anthony Bourdain teaming up with DC/ Vertigo?! Two great tastes that surprisingly mixed and look to taste great together. Plus we’re finally gonna see an American comic book about kitchen warfare. Though considering where it’s coming from I’m guessing it’s going to be more grim and bloody than say the competitive bread baking manga Yakitate Japan.

I’ve been a fan of Bourdain’s ever since I caught a radio spot by him on Ron & Fez several years ago. Led me to his cable show and to even watch the KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL sitcom loosely based on his similarly titled book. Pretty sure this’ll be an instant buy.

He confirmed tonight he will be attending SDCC 2011!

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