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TouchSmart 310

Digital comics | Hewlett Packard’s newly announced TouchSmart 310 — it’s an all-in-one touchscreen desktop PC with a starting price of $699.99 — will give users access to more than 8,000 Marvel comics, thanks to a deal between HP and Disney: “TouchSmart users will now be able to buy and download special versions of classic comics, and then literally thumb through them with on-screen controls. More than 8,000 Marvel titles are available, which HP says is the most extensive digital collection ever offered from any content partner.” [, TG Daily]

UPDATE: Marvel has issued a clarification, as well as an official press release: “HP TouchSmart Apps Center will offer streaming access to over 8,000 digital comics from Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. None of these digital comics will be downloadable.”

Legal | The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the Supreme Court to affirm a lower court’s ruling that a California law banning the sale or rental of violent video games to minor is unconstitutional. [press release, Game Rant]

Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 1

Publishing | Over the past six years, Oni Press has printed more than 1 million copies of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s bestselling Scott Pilgrim series. [iFanboy]

Publishing | IDW Publishing has hired industry veteran Beau Smith as marketing director of its Library of American Comics line. The longtime comics writer previously held marketing positions at IDW, Image Comics, Todd McFarlane Productions and Eclipse Comics. []

Conventions | Johanna Draper Carlson reports on the recent Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. [Comics Worth Reading]

Robert Kirkman

Creators | Robert Kirkman discusses “the state of the graphic novel”: “As the industry struggles, people will latch onto mainstream comic books. But DC and Marvel will appeal to a wider audience; it’s just an issue of finding new ways of reaching the wider audience. The main way to get comics is through stores, usually through specialty comic stores (although bookstores like Barnes and Nobel will carry compilations or what the public considers graphic novels.) As more and more people start getting comics in their living room, on their iPad, or whatever device, there’ll be less demand for Marvel and DC 60-year-old superhero characters doing the same thing month in and month out, and we’ll be more into trying out original ideas. I’m very excited about the future because of that.” [The Atlantic]

Creators | Fred Van Lente talks about his comics work, from Action Philosophers and Comic Book Comics to The Incredible Hercules and Chaos War. [The Long and Shortbox of It]

Creators | Richard Starkings chats about the evolution of Elephantmen. []

Comics | Joe Vance looks at the six strangest comic books based on television series. [OC Weekly]



Kirkman’s continued refrain is really tiresome to continue to see. Dude, we get it. You are for creator’s rights, etc, etc.

I agree with Kirkman concerning where digital will take comics. I had never given comics outside of Marvel and DC much of a shot, but since the digital apps have come out I’ve found myself going away from those companies or at least their traditional franchises. Grew up loving Spider-Man, but married or not the guy and his friends haven’t really evolved any. Just got into Invincible and the characters life and the people in it are constantly evolving because they aren’t stuck in keeping a status quo, it feels much less predictable, like a well scripted movie or show and not an elaborate Sunday comic.

Maybe this will push marvel and DC to start thinking outside of the box with their characters instead of striving for a status quo.

” You are for creator’s rights, etc, etc.”

No, no he’s not. He’s Anti-DC and Marvel. He offers up little originality in his own work.

The butthurt Marvel and DC drones are so cute, seeing anything as an attack. Newsflash: Marvel and DC’s best selling title is selling 90K a month (and dropping a few thousand each month), while indie sales keep growing exponentially. Spider-man can’t even sell 60K.

“Small” titles like Walking Dead and Scott Pilgrim kick their asses on trades. People ARE buying more indies every month (and less superhero fare).

Everything Kirkman said is true, and proven every month.

Kirkman’ s Invincible is way more entertaining than anything I’ve read from either of the big 2 in years. The only thing that rivals it in quality is Morrison’s Batman.

The Library of American Comics line is truly something to be proud of, rivaling even Fantagraphics and DC. I love to see publishers like IDW and Dynamite showing that they care about the classics. That’s really important to me and, hey, anybody who makes RIP KIRBY and Al Williamson’s X-9 available to the general buying public has my support.

The fact that IDW hired Beau to market this line and Scott Dunbier to head up Special Projects is a sign things are going well. Congrats to all parties. Best.

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