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Daredevil to become Black Panther: The Man Without Fear

Black Panther "Man Without Fear" teaser

The answer to who will be the new Man Without Fear was answered this afternoon on G4’s Attack of the Show: “Fresh Ink” host Blair Butler announced that Marvel’s Daredevil will end in November with Issue 512 — of course, we already knew that — to be replaced with Black Panther: The Man Without Fear.

The title, which picks up in December with Issue 513, spins out of the “Shadowland” event, and finds Black Panther as the new guardian of Hell’s Kitchen, “living outside of his kingdom and rebuilding his life” without the aid of advanced Wakandan technology.

Black Panther is written by award-winning novelist David Liss, who penned last year’s Daring Mystery Comics 70th Anniversary Special for Marvel, and penciled by Francesco Francavilla (Zorro), who drew those “Man Without Fear” teasers.

Daredevil returned to its original numbering a year ago with Issue 500. The continuation of that numbering under the new name, a la Incredible Hercules, suggests we’ll see a return to plain ol’ Daredevil before too long. Meanwhile, the four-issue Daredevil: Reborn, by Andy Diggle and Davide Gianfelice, will launch in January.



Terrible decision. Marvel have made a massive mistake here. It should’ve been someone who lived in New York. Falcon would’ve been perfect. But instead… well, this makes no sense. It must be some kind of trick?

absolutely terrible he has nowhere near the rogue gallery or supporting cast that DD has, and he is nowhere near as interesting.

I am looking forward to checking it out.

It would have made more sense to have Kasper Cole become the new Man Without Fear instead of BP. Another reason why this is a bad idea is because BP can’t sustain/carry his own ongoing series in the current market.

Yay! A non-Hudlin/Hudlin acolyte BP writer. Actually, David Liss really is quite good — I’ve quite enjoyed all of his novels.

This makes absolutely no sense. How does the Black Panther in any way relate to Hell’s Kitchen?

However, I have not heard of the writer, and those teasers do look pretty neat, so I may just check this out.

At least Diggle is no longer writing the title.

I second what Steve said: Falcon would indeed have been perfect.

Black panther is now officially the Marvel Batman

Wow, do you psychics ever use your powers for eeevil, you know, figure out the Powerball numbers and buy a ticket?

I wish I could know six months in advance how this book would be, but I’d much rather be a millionaire.

you dont have to be a psychic to see that this series will sell poorly as and be just as lackluster as Black panthers previous installments.

Not really sure how this works… How does T’Challa wind up in Hell’s Kitchen? Especially given Wakanda is out of Vibranium? Is Storm coming? I think Falcon got screwed here. They did mention that Wakanda was going to have a greater presence in the MU… But this? I think it should have been Falcon. Diggle, you suck!

So now that Wakanda’s been messed up by Dr. Doom, Shuri’s in charge and T’Challa’s moving to Hell’s Kitchen? Whatever. Moon Knight, Gambit and the other heroes seen in Shadowland would be better together.

Is this just one Falcon guy writing all of these posts under different names? I am sure it will be explained, and since it is tied to an event, the series will make them money for awhile. Also, remember when Priest’s Black Panther series was set largely in New York? And when Black Panther was an Avenger based in New York?

Reginald VelJohnson

September 14, 2010 at 8:11 pm


Some of the best stories ever written came out of left field. Bucky as the new Cap. Steve’s return to Secret Avengers. Guardians of the Galaxy. X-23 materializing out of a cartoon. Deadpool.

I’am exited to see where this goes.

I’m not too happy about this, I was hoping that Clint Barton would take up the role again. But since he has his own lackluster book to sell…eh…

@Joshua Long and @CJ—what is wrong with Diggle? I think he’s doing a great job on the book.

I love Black Panther, I think he has such a cool concept, but…what?

Black Panther has worked in the urban setting before (Priest’s run), but to completely take on the role of the protector of Hell’s Kitchen just seems…why? What motivation? I’ll be curious to see how this plays out.

Way to make me drop a book a.s.a.p. was loving shadowland, now i dont give two shits… lovely, thanks marvel, now you only have thanos and cap, ruin those and its off to dc and image for me

I am ok with this if the writer pulls it off. I have a problem with a minor mechanic. This happened with Iron Fist when he was filling the Daredevil role to provide some doubt in the Matt is DD thing while he was in prison. Swinging is not in Iron Fists power set. And neither is it in Black Panthers. You want to do DD’s job you have to be able to work the roof tops. Iron Fist and the Black Panther have not shown that ability before.

Why do I keep looking at CBR comments? Such ridiculous nerdrage about things that haven’t even happened yet.

T’Challa can work roof tops with ease. I wanna see how they pull this off but it sounds like T’Challa’s going old school. Shuri will have all the gimmicks and T’Challa’s probably got the heart of the panther back. Should be interesting to see who they add to his rogues gallery….


I mean, I’m going to remain optimistic, as I do like the Black Panther character but…what? I hope it shows Black Panther actually using the city to his advantage, similar to how Matt did. Lots of acrobatics, really getting to the deep, gritty nature of Hell’s Kitchen. Show how cool Panther is.

Darn it, out of all of the teasers I knew that this would be the direction Marvel would go. I kept hoping it would be Gambit or Falcon, or even Kraven, but Marvel keeps pushing T’Challa when I really am not sure if he is capable of being an A-Lister. I could very well be surprised, but don’t think this is a good direction.

GREAT NEWS! T’Challa fans rejoice!!!!!!!!!!!

Another stupid idea from the administration of Joey Q-Ball himself, Joe Quesada. The only way this works is if Black Panther can use the streets to his advantage, as DD did, and as another jungle hero, Ka-Zar, did back in the day when he had some adventures in New York.

Yo, Quesada. Ever hear the phrase, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”? Why not adhere to it once in a while?

I think this could be a good way to reestablish a marvel character who is given more importance than he deserves. I mean really Black Panther is pretty much the Wonder Woman of Marvel. Hopefully this new writer will write Ta’challa not as a black super hero, but as an actual character who happens to be black and a super hero. The last run of the series was an ebarrassment. But then again the whole concept of wakanda and the black panther never really worked and I’m glad marvel is attempting to address the issue. I hope that the relationship between Ta’challa and storm will actually be looked at and examined–and in a realistic way. They were thrown together, and real time they’ve been married about a year, and they are almost constantly seperated. The only time they were really shown together–besides right after they were married and on the FF–Ta’challa was in a comma! And he spends all his time with a large number of women who were trained to be his future wives! Yet through all of this they’re happy? Happily married couples aren’t interesting in comics. And why does he never show up in the x-books? Maybe that’ll start happening? eh, either way I wont buy it. Not after having read Hudlin as my first foray into the BP world. That’s one character I’d like to see fade away.

What the hell does Black Panther have to do with patrolling Hell’s Kitchen?

Dear God, Marvel is sounding more and more like a game of Mad Libs. After the Green Goblin takes over SHIELD, which turns out now to have been formed in ancient Egypt (and/or a secret branch of Hydra all along), he attacks Asgard, which is floating over Oklahoma! Then, the X-Men have to fight an invasion of vampires led by the son of Dracula (the latter who now looks like an anime villain for no apparent reason, rather than the way he looked less than a year ago in an unrelated and far better vampire invasion storyline)!

Seriously, it’s starting to sound like they’re just throwing random stuff together. It doesn’t help that they keep bringing in writers for these things who have never written the characters before, or even have hardly written any comics at all, much less super-hero ones.

this should be very interesting ,i can’t wait to see the panther against kingpin and other new york villains

do you remember that movie withe eddy murphy … COMING TO AMERICA ?


Schnitzy Pretzelpants

September 14, 2010 at 11:14 pm

Worse thing to happen to our world since Oppenheimer unleashed his nuclear fury on the world. Women will give birth to stillborn infants, and man will turn against man in deadly confrontation until rivers of blood will wash the streets, carrying the few survivors out to the sea where those that don’t drown will die of hypothermia.

And those are the lucky ones, for survivors of this calamity will be slowly roasted alive as the sun builds to a tremendous supernova.

All because, as many of you wise with the gift of soothsaying, have indicated: this terrible book being published will break the seventh seal even as the pre-release publicity has broken the internet in half.

“GREAT NEWS! T’Challa fans rejoice!!!!!!!!!!!”

All 12 of you. I hope you are planning on buying 10,000 issues a piece so this makes it past issue 5.

“Marvel keeps pushing T’Challa when I really am not sure if he is capable of being an A-Lister.”

This is the first thing I thought when I read this story. How many books with the Black Panther have to fail before they stop cramming him down our throat. Doom and half the X-Men could stir interest in him. Now we get him replacing one of the best characters in comics on what was until recently one of the best written books in comics.

“Is this just one Falcon guy writing all of these posts under different names?”

Come on the Falcon deserves this more than the Black Panther. He is a local based character that already spends his time patrolling the New York City Streets. And if you are going for the whole African-American thing, he’s got that too. Of course, I am sure Brubaker didn’t want let anyone play with the Falcon. I would of rather seen one of the supporting cast take up the role, but honestly they are all busy or dead.

“Another stupid idea from the administration of Joey Q-Ball himself, Joe Quesada.”

Man, I love how people act like Joe Quesada is wandering around the Marvel Offices, laughing maniacally and saying, “How can we piss off the fanboys today?” More that this one poor bastard is responsible for all the bad ideas. The set all this stuff up at a conference where they all sit around collectively and go, “Okay how can we piss off the fan boys today?”

Actually, I’m going to change my mind and say that I’m actually looking forward to this, just because most everyone here is dogging it (and pretty unnecessarily, I might add). I just called Marvel on this because, honestly, how does “The King of the Jungle” go to being “The Man Without Fear” from Hells Kitchen? But, seeing how this is so far out of left field, I’m think this is going to be one of those “crazy but great” ideas. And without any other news to go on except for a character and creative team, there really isn’t that much to gripe about, until we get more facts.

Chill, people.

@ Glenn, I think Andy Diggle is a horrible writer. His Daredevil has been ENTIRELY crap, be it the shoddy characterization, stereotypical portrayals of ethnics, the loads of cliche plot twists, or the slow-paced/decompressed storytelling(the single saving grace being Roberta de la Torre’s surprisingly awe-inspiring art), and The Losers was just plain boring.

Speaking as a fan of both characters, this isn’t exactly what I’d call “good news” by any stretch of the imagination and I can imagine a lot’ve DD fans being pissed of with this development.

Having said that though, some of the anti-T’Challa posts I’ve seen posted here are nothing short of ludicrous to say the least and really show that a lot’ve so-called readers aren’t as openminded as they’d like to believe themselves to be.

DD has had an incredible run which I feel Shadowland has really messed up but I don’t see how cussing out a character whose fans would rather he be back in his own title is actually going to do any good.

At least Matt Murdoch is actually scheduled to make a return to his own title in January 2011.

T’Challa should be so lucky.

Don’t know if I will buy this or even want to, but I will say that it will be damn pretty with Francavilla on art. That guy really deserves a big project like this one.

T’Challa in Hell’s Kitchen is bizarre… although honestly it sort of rings a familiar Christopher Priest kinda bell (when the Black Panther and the ghetto were getting to know each other, just a little, or for example when Ka-Zar lived in New York), which is awesome… honestly, any Black Panther without a Hudlinite is a Black Panther I’ll welcome with open arms.

Salustrade – not all of us Black Panther fans wish he were back in his own title. The BP series has been crap for years. This is a strange turn of events for Daredevil fans, but for Black Panther it’s great!

Originally posted by jrodslam
Plus what Rhino weighs 5 tons?

Rhinos weigh about 2 tons. Are you sure it was a 5 ton rhino?

Yeah…..clearly stated as a 5 ton rhino. It was one of those big alternate future prehistoric bitches.

Stephen Wacker took over editorial of Daredevil and the changes have become a bit much for my taste. Daredevil used to be a top of the stack title for me, but now it usually sits a while before I get to it. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I will probably drop this title. I really wish Wacker would just go away.

@Schnitzy Pretzelpants, I ROFL’d

Oops from the header picture I thought this was Batman news. I’ll be leaving now.

Hey! DD has been a long time favourite of mine owong to the fact that, in his alter ego,he was “blind”! I am handicapped too so this really upsets me! But then, most of the writers who have worked on DD really did not know or understand the world of handicapped people
We just had to deal with this, non-handicapped, handicapped hero.
Should Marvel ever bring ole Horned Head back, I hope that they can get a creative team behind him who know what and who they are writing about.

God Jesus DAMMIT, Marvel. Tying him into Civil War didn’t work. Putting him on the Fantastic Four didn’t work. Secret Invasion basically ended the book. Doomwar was Black Panther by any other name with Deadpool in to try and sell it, and THAT didn’t work. I figured “Klaws of the Panther” was the last gasp as you finally realized NOBODY CARES. And yet here we are…

I wonder if T’Challa will be bringing back his Luke Charles identity, considering that he was a teacher while he was operating out of New York.

Seriously? this whole thing feels very desperate.

I wish it was going to be Iron Fist…. I wonder if he’ll get his own series back? Remember when he was running around in red tights? That was a great arc!

“Another stupid idea from the administration of Joey Q-Ball himself, Joe Quesada.”

I absolutely support this comment.

It’s a real absurdity to replace Matt Murdock by the Black Panther.

They have NOTHING in common. MM is living in Hell’s Kitchen since his debuts and T’challa (?) is from Wakanda.

Why do this? They really want to kill the Man without Fear with their pulpy brains?

I want a Matt Murdock title to read, why not include him in the new Elektra (if it’s an ongoing series) but do not left THE Mat Murdock.

Or maybe, Marvel is doing its “Battle for the cowl” and will return MM in the next 12 months (or earlier!)…

Man, since JQ is the E-I-C, we have sh*ts over sh*ts, cancelled titles and another “Marvel JQ’s surprises” in the MU…

I am enough of the Marvel titles since months and I think to drop them all and spend my precious money on another series published by another serious publishers.

Hey, remember when Incredible Hulk became Incredible Hercules and that was like the best new comic in ages? And then we got Hulk back anyway? Maybe we’ll get the same thing. The Black Panther getting drunk and then coming home late to an angry Storm after he’d destroyed half a city block in a confrontation with some mafia style villains would be pretty sweet.

Seems like… a dubious decision – one that will unfortunately remove Daredevil from my pull list for the first time since Bendis was writing it (2001!?!?). Nothing against the Black Panther if he is written well – I just tie him more to Wakanda.

The good: I’ve read some of his books and David Liss is an excellent novelist.
The no-so-good: He’s a novelist .

As for the character; well I’ve always been much more of a Daredevil fan than Black Panther, so replacing Matt with anyone isn’t something I’m all that happy with. On the good side, I really haven’t liked anything they’ve done with Daredevil for a long time (and at one point it was my favorite Marvel book) so change is good.

What I really want to see is Matt back, and a change in the book’s focus. For the last several years it seems like they’ve spent all their time tearing the character down without building him back up and it just hasn’t been working for me. He’s been too much the tortured pawn and not enough the protagonist of his own title and too much is more than enough.

There’s something intensely stupid and in-bred about these titles that Stan Lee just threw into his copy – “Man Without Fear,” “Sorceror Supreme,” – being taken up and made official decades later.

At least Marvel is TRYING to keep pushing one of the only prominent black heroes instead of letting him fade into obscurity even though his book gets canceled seemingly every other year…

It just feels like another sales tactic and nothing else. What happened to the idea of just writing good stories. Now every title has to go through a major upheaval with the knowledge that everything will return to the way it was in 6 months. Most of the stuff from the big 2 just feels cheap and gimmicky these days.

Since this worked so well when Black Panther replaced Mr Fantastic… grumble, grumble

So after a week after taking one final dump on Spider-Man and Mary Jane continuity….Marvel does another disservice to a solo NY character. Wow between Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil, at least i can say i’ll be saving about $15 a month by not buying.

Terrible idea, should of definatley been Gambit

“I wonder if T’Challa will be bringing back his Luke Charles identity, considering that he was a teacher while he was operating out of New York.”

I was starting to think I was the only one that remembered that Black Panther was once a street level hero in NY

Another title I can drop

September 15, 2010 at 5:12 am

Marvel is helping me save my money instead of buying comics.

I bought every Black Panther comic they ever published, until they replaced T’Challa. Drop.
I bought every Captain America and Avengers comic since 1964 — until Bucky replaced Steve Rogers. Drop.
And I’ve bought every Daredevil comic until now — but I’ll stop when Matt Murdock is gone. Drop.
I also quit buying Hulk when there became more than one of them.

I guess Marvel (like DC) doesn’t see the value of keeping their original heroes unique.

But I appreciate being able to save some money!

It’s the Obama effect. If we didn’t have a black president right now would they be doing this? Probably not.

I’d buy into all this crap as long as marvel continues publishing atlas.

… I hope all of this hyper-animosity and sky-is-falling-anxiety folks have been spewing about T’Challa now being the new ‘Man without Fear’ isn’t racial.. i’m probably wrong, though.. I guess if it was Gambit they’d be giddy as schoolgirls.. and for all the folks who “loved the Panther” but “hated” the Hudlin run, they’d better put their money where their mouth is this time around..

MattTheDevil Murdock

September 15, 2010 at 7:00 am

If Black Panther is a temporary replacement (four or five issues)for Daredevil while Matt recoups from the Shadowland catastrophe that ‘s ok but if he is to be the new permanent replacement, I drop the comic purchases. I purchase only Daredevil comics and my entire statue collection is based on DD. I believe in sticking to the original characters.

Daredevil needs to come out of this a new man with a fresh prospective on what he needs to do in Hell’s Kitchen and maybe some other areas in Mahattan and Matt Murdock should stick to the court battles. I look to see less about Matt and his private life and more conflict and battle stories in the field. Maybe this is good exposure for BP, maybe he and DD will have issues. Who knows!

I know you all don’t need to read another comment here about how DUMB this is but… this is fucking dumb. Anyone involved with this clearly doesn’t get these characters or even (wait for it…) comics. Shame on everybody.

@Andrew: It’s obvious he’ll take on DD’s rouges for the duration of his stay in Hells Kitchen. And I do believe this is a good thing for BP. Can’t wait for the battle to reclaim the true defender of Hells Kitchen by June or July.

Wait…Reginald Vel Johnson? As in the dad from Family Matters? Is that really you, or just a goofy user name? Maybe I should start posting as “Fred Dryer”…

September 15, 2010 at 5:28 am

It’s the Obama effect. If we didn’t have a black president right now would they be doing this? Probably not.

Yeah, like when they replace Hal Jordan with John Stewart in the JLU cartoon…um…wait…nope…white president then. Or when they made The Spectre Black…yeah, that damn Obama…what…oh yeah…white president then, too…I GOT IT! Firestorm! Nope…Bush was in office, dammit! I appreciate the way folks like redvector want to inject race and/or politics into a COMIC BOOK discussion. I think some of you are projecting additional feelings other than a character’s replacement in your comments. I’ve been reading Daredevil since the early 80s. Am I happy that he’s going on a sabbatical? NOPE. But I won’t sit here and rage over a book that hasn’t been published yet. I’ll pick up the first issue of this like I continued to pick up Incredible Hercules and then make the determination on whether the STORY and art keep my interest in the title.

Seeing too much nonsense in here. Some things that need to be addressed.

People are asking what T’Challa has to do with Hell’s Kitchen, when it’s not about what he has to do with the location, but what he has to do with Daredevil (having been teamed up with Daredevil in several issues, has had adventures together within Hell’s Kitchen, and he has actually worn the Daredevil costume decades years ago). In comparison to all the other candidates, T’Challa has more to do with Daredevil than all of the others mentioned in earlier promotions of the new Man Without Fear business.

People are questioning T’Challa’s ability to use the streets and buildings to his advantage much like Daredevil does, and to answer your question, T’Challa has had many appearances in New York City, where he actually displayed his acrobatic ability across rooftops and the like, much like Daredevil does (and in the same comic, they were stated to be evenly-matched in agility and acrobatics, on panel). Most of those showings were decades ago, and he’s even had some in Priest’s run, but a lot of people refuse to read and are more comfortable appealing to their own ignorance.

People are also saying that T’Challa can’t consistently hold his own ongoing (he’s not a flagship like Daredevil or Batman, so it’s expected), which is true. But, let’s get one thing straight. If he’s been able to hold four volumes for more than a year (Black Panther volume 1 ran from 1977 to 1979, Jungle Action ran from 1973 to 1976, Black Panther volume 2 ran from 1998 to 2003, and Black Panther volume 3 ran from 2005 to 2008), why and how is it impossible for him to make things last in this new upcoming title for a few months until Daredevil comes back? T’Challa is only temporarily taking Daredevil’s place. It’s not a permanent change, and they aren’t working on Daredevil: Reborn for nothing.

In any case, the book hasn’t even been released yet, and people are already quick to judge. Evidence of close-mindedness, IMO. Not saying that you have to give the book a chance when it comes out, but an opinion is less than worthless if you haven’t even read the book yet. Saying that it’s going to be absolutely terrible isn’t supported by anything but an obvious dislike for the character. It doesn’t mean that the book’s writing is going to be necessarily bad. Wait it out. Simple.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS PEOPLE It could be worse, it coulda been Deadpool……….

Who’s going to be the new Uncanny?



I like the way you reason. But, in relevance to all the other posters here, the phrase ‘you can’t please everyone’ seems to fit perfectly.

September 15, 2010 at 5:28 am

It’s the Obama effect. If we didn’t have a black president right now would they be doing this? Probably not.

Are you that much of moron to say something out of your mouth without any thought?

As for “happens to be black” that is such the typical argument that has no weight nor merit. Basically a lifeless and souless individual. Even though T’Challa is an african monarch but any hints of him being “black” or “african” is a problem?

Final Point
I love all of “stockholders” claiming how much of a bad decision and how this book won’t succeed.

Ah, so THIS is why most CBR articles won’t let people post unless they take five minutes to sign up for an account. I think I have to go wash my eyeballs now.

I’m a Panther fan. I haven’t been reading Daredevil (or, come to that, Black Panther). I’m not sold on this idea. But guess what, guys? I haven’t actually seen it yet. Maybe it’ll be good.

And if it’s not, you ought to know perfectly well by now that Matt will be back in an arc or two. One, because anyone who reads superhero comics should know how these things work by now, and two, because the article actually says that’s probably what’s going to happen.


Yeah, you can’t please everyone…especially if they know they don’t like it even before they try it. Your comments were spot on, I remember all of that and have almost all of the issues you mentioned. But, alas, knee-jerk reactions are a part of comic-dom these days…knee-jerk reactions while knowing full well, they’ll pick up at least the first couple of issues anyway.


LOL. I agree. People would probably just read it anyway to see where the title would go, storywise. A lot of people were saying the same thing about Brand New Day: Spider Man after Mephisto altered his continuity. But, a large number of people that hated the changed read it anyway.

I knew it and I am pleased. Sweet.

No one will support this. This is Brother Voodoo becoming the new Doctor Strange all over again.


That’s the truth. Personally, I put the BND stuff right up there with the Clone Saga. I stayed away from Spider-Man titles for years after the clone debacle. I read BND with an open mind, then openly hated it! LOL I haven’t picked up a Spider-Man title since. But that’s after I read it and made the determination that it wasn’t for me. The same thing I’m going to do for this DD/BP thing.

@Moves Moving Toronto

No one will support this, although there are people here that are looking forward to this? Did you actually read through the discussion before posting this? LOL.


I followed Spider-Man off and on before Brand New Day. After Mephisto messed around, I was pissed. But, when I read it, I actually saw some good in the title. I can’t really comment on the direction Black Panther is taking, but as a fan of the character, I don’t see why I shouldn’t pick it up.

Wow, Black Panther getting shoved down people’s throats again. His books don’t sell, just get over him, Stop giving him a new book every 6 months. Could have been Nova, or Kraven, or Gambit, given us something exciting and different.

Its my current belief that Marvel and DC does not know how to write their characters. They kill them off, replace them with another hero in their costume, or replace them with another character all together. Now when this occurs I think Im justified enough to say, “I do not care for the direction Marvel/Dc is taking this title.” Prior to the title being released. I did it with Action Comics when they replaced Superman with Nightwing and Flamebird. Mainly because I could care less for those characters and I do not care how well the story is written or how well the artwork is, I simply dont care about those characters. So if anyone says they dont like this idea of another Man Without Fear that is not Matt Murdock, then I can see where they are coming from. Fanboys have always had their strong opinions, its just more prominent now with the advent of the internet, cause now we all get to read them. Most importantly, my money is important to me, so I will not buy this title and I will not “check” out the first few issues to see if its a good story, that would be atleast 8 to 12 dollars of my money, now waisted if I dont like the story. I find myself dropping a lot of titles as publishers use gimmicks in order to make a buck, ie. killing off characters and/or replacing them. Its my belief the big tow publishers simply dont have any creative means to write stories for their characters using character. My advice? Wait for the trade to come out. The story will be collected and possibly additional content at a better value and by then you would have read or heard enough if the story would interest you. Publishers are saturating the industry with these types of gimmick storylines instead of giving us one good solid story.

This could be very cool. Black Panther is a great character and hopefully the increased visibility will benefit him and make people realize that. Plus, Francesco Francavilla is brilliant artist and will just nail the urban noir setting.

Another bonus is that perhaps this will get Marvel to reprint Priest’s Panther series in its entirety, hopefully in that nifty Ultimate Collection format.

David Liss is an excellent novelist but he also did a bang-up job on the Daring Mystery Special even if nobody read it. Roy Thomas did great stories of Black Panther in New York. I smell a hit.


Not sure how Nova and the rest of those people listed would even fit, seeing as they aren’t as closely associated to Daredevil like Black Panther has been. Saying his books don’t sell is entirely different from the fact that his books don’t sell as much as most other titles. The latter fits better, and is actually more clear.

*Insert typical comic reader knee-jerk reactions.*

If it’s good why not give it a shot?

I mean how many stories do you guys expect Marvel tell about the same characters after decades of usage?

I really wish Marvel and DC would take more risks with their publishing arms now that they’re pushing their properties into other mediums (that have a much larger reach). Stop relying on the same characters and story plots. Push some new characters. Retire some old ones. Alas, I fear the comic reading community would never allow them to do that. And so the industry continues to contract. Admittedly there’s much much more to it than that, but that’s one of the big things that gets my goat.

Oh and it appears that Falcon is appearing in another book Falcon fans. You can rest easy.


Cool! Glad to see there are some level heads in this forum.


The other characters in the tease (Gambit and Nova) have had, perhaps, a spottier history than Black Panther when it comes to sustaining their own titles. Gambit’s had two ongoing titles and a few mini-series that didn’t sell despite him being a member of the X-Men and Nova’s previous titles didn’t light up cash registers either. His newest ongoing is selling because of his power upgrade and some damn good stories that came out of Annihilation. Kraven, I guess he might’ve worked in the exciting department (maybe) but the “long-dead-guy-that-comes-back-and-takes-up-the-mantle” market has been cornered by Bucky/Winter Soldier/Captain America-lite, and he’s not giving it up soon. Besides, like so many posters before me have said…”What would Kraven’s connection/motivation be to protect Hell’s Kitchen?” Or Gambit or Nova for that matter? Comic book readers are always talking about wanting something fresh and new, but it’s BS. Change is a hard sell to most of the hardcore comic readership because a lot of people like the characters to be in their box and stay familiar. Then when they get boring, it’s all “We want something fresh and new!!” then when something fresh and new comes around the complaints get louder about…”Why did they do this?? ” “That’s not the spirit of this or that character!!” or my all-time favorite…”That sucks!”. Most people don’t like change, it’s human nature to like what’s comfortable, but it’s also human nature to explore and push the boundaries and comics fans sometimes want to have it both ways and most of the time, that’s just not possible.

Schnitzy Pretzelpants

September 15, 2010 at 9:34 am

Look, while my last post was a jibe at those who are prematurely judging this sub, I do have some more serious comments on this thing.

1) It won’t be permanent for a variety of reasons but if nothing else, it won’t be permanent because of licensing. Now that Marvel/DC is moving towards a more homogenized approach to their characters in terms of cartoons, movies, tv shows socks, backpacks and the like, it is only a matter of time before we see Matt Murdock return.

2) I really don’t think that the success or failure of Black Panther in his own title is because of the character itself. It’s the writing – we all know that – if the writing is good, and someone has a bona fide idea that they run with, with this character it can work. Now even if it works, there is no guarantee that it will sell of course. Well written books often are very poor sales titles.

3) Call this last point “In Defense of Diggle” – have I enjoyed his arc on DD as much as Bendis and Brubaker’s? No, or at least, I don’t think so. I think when this arc is done, I will go back and re-read Brubaker’s last volume straight through all of Diggle’s to the end and see how seamless I feel it is. Having said that, I have to say that while I feel that the main thing I don’t like is how ‘hocus-pocus’ and excessively mystical the title has become under this arc. DD in this current volume was so very ‘street’ and I think they could have hit many of the same beats/units without taking the ‘street’ tone and layering spiritual mumbo-jumbo into it.

Here’s the thing though: other than that, I am not really sure that there was any other direction to take DD – I mean the whole taking the law into his own hands thing – both Bendis and Brubaker kind of had him heading in this direction, or at least some form of judge/jury (and now executioner) state seemed to loom large. I also kind of like the idea that – like the title itself, DD has been leading a pretty insular life away from the rest of the Marvel Universe (Civil Wars and Skrull Invasions have occupied the rest of the Marvel Universe so much that they haven’t paid too much heed to what DD was doing in Hell’s Kitchen) now, left unchecked, and (yawn) because of some demonic possession thing) he’s gone too far, way too far, and the rest of the MU has to act.

The only thing for me is, I actually wish that they had had the balls to take Matt down this road without a cop-out demon possession thing. Why not take him on the same arc, a little less dire perhaps, and have him so at the edge (and again, Bendis and Brubaker’s runs would have allowed for this) so stressed and feeling at his wits end that he takes the law into his own hands – and maybe it isn’t him that ultimately goes to far. Perhaps in this scenario it needn’t even have been Matt that kills anyone – merely that he can no longer control the Hand.

Thing is, I actually think that this – my suggestion above – would actually have played to Diggle’s immediate strengths as a writer because it would have kept the plot at a more human level.

4) In the end, I have to say that I am quite alright with this volume of DD ending. I actually feel that runs/volumes should be done away with though, and that a series only ever be done as finite, and as long as there is a thread or threads left to follow, so I am really fine with DD ending. Not on as high a note as the two runs that proceed it, but high enough, and certainly this entire volume feels like it has told one entire story, and I love that. As we say in my business: “Cut. Check the gate. Print it.”

Very happy to see the Panther as a Marvel street-level character, hopefully this time for the long haul. Never much warmed to comics’ make-believe lands (like, oh, say Metropolis). The fact it’s Hell’s Kitchen is irrelevant. It’s so gentrified that it doesn’t even live up to the name any more, unless your idea of hell is a bunch of tragically hip clubs with velvet ropes and ‘roaded out bouncers holding their clipboards upside down.

I feel for Falcon fans, but I like Wilson’s role in the BuckyCap series too much: sort of NuCap’s guardian angel, voice of reason and regular rescuer.

It probably helps that I’ve never been a huge DD fan. For those who are, maybe Matt’s brother Mike will eventually don the baton.

Obviously, many of you are not familiar with Black Panther’s history. He used to live in NY and while dating an R&B/Jazz singer, was a street-level crime fighter. Check out the “Panther’s Prey” storyline.

i say “meh” … i for one have NEVER believed that Black Panther is a top echelon player in the Marvel U … just never “got it” … it’s almost like they are force feeding him to us in hopes that we say “you know, he is pretty awesome after all” … but i ain’t drinking that kool-aid

Obama effect?

Some of you guys are real clowns.

I think I’d rather read Vampirella #1 than this garbarge. There goes my business, Marvel.

If this made any kind of sense within the story arc or the last 10 years of daredevil it might be a little easier to take. I was personally pulling for Carlos, The Black Tarauntula to fill Matt’ shoes. He’s the only character in the storyline that deserves it. His whole arc has been about redemption and regret. I wonder if this was Diggle’s plan or Marvel editorial thrust this on them?

Well *claps* Thank You Marvel for once again ruining the ending of a storyline I was following… What is it with Marvel and DC ruining the endings to these big storylines prematurely?

As far as the Black Panther in NY story goes? It has been done before…it will be done again. I want to see how the “newbie” handles this. Will T’Challa be written intelligently like McGregor and Priest did or will he be written over-the-top and stereotyped like most writers do?

And yes I too looked at the pic and thought Batman first before Black Panther…

D.O. got it right. Nice to see someone who actually knows some Marvel history. BP not only teamed up with DD numerous times, he was with the Avengers for years, prowling New York’s rooftops. I think he’s the perfect fit for filling (temporarily) Matt’s shoes. I’ll be picking this up.

Six issues and gone.

Brian from Canada

September 15, 2010 at 11:17 am

Adding to what Pretzelpants said:

Daredevil was definitely working towards the judge/jury thing but what’s missing here — and I think this is a fault of Marvel in general, not just a single writer in particular — is the signposts that would make him stop, most notably Punisher. Every time Frank would point out their similarities, Matt would note their differences. It was like a barrier of extremes, and those have been lifted out one by one to service other events.

Matt definitely needs to take a vacation. He’s been through hell and hasn’t had time to breathe. Getting a replacement isn’t such a bad idea either.

But I don’t think Black Panther is the correct choice either. I can certainly see why Marvel might consider him a valid replacement — he’s a hero who also lost his calling and can improve on this — but Hell’s Kitchen is special in that it’s a very street-level book… and they have street level characters already for this who ALSO need to find an audience again.

In other words, Iron Fist. And Shang-Chi. And even Steven Strange.

That’s not to say he might not be a good replacement and the title might be exciting with him. But Black Panther, at this point, appears to be the character that’s a one story idea rather than a story arc idea, and he doesn’t have the charisma or supporting cast to really support a series.

Personally, I just wish someone would wake up and make Panther lead on a West Coast Avengers/Champions team in California so he could be near his wife… unless, of course, Mephisto made a deal with him to erase that from history too because, apparently, marriages make all characters unrelatable.

I’m just thinking that Black Panther becoming Daredevil is basically *silly* — and so would Daredevil becoming Captain America, or Gambit becoming the new Wolverine, or the like. What about the idea that there just IS NO Daredevil for a year or so, and seeing how things go without him, preparing the way for his presumably triumphant return, and doing something more interesting for Black Panther (like, I don’t know, ruling Wakanda and dealing with more high-level/intrigue/etc. threats)? You might as well have Namor become the new Moon Knight. I don’t want to see ANYONE become the “new Daredevil.”

“Daredevil was definitely working towards the judge/jury thing but what’s missing here — and I think this is a fault of Marvel in general, not just a single writer in particular — is the signposts that would make him stop, most notably Punisher. Every time Frank would point out their similarities, Matt would note their differences. It was like a barrier of extremes, and those have been lifted out one by one to service other events.”

Yes, it’s yet another “hero gets corrupted and decides the end justifies the means” thing, too, to go along with the last few years of character damage, like Tony, Reed, Civil War, etc. Very sad and frustrating.


Seriously, kids, it’s comics.

And for my own opinion, it’s truly awesome to see T’Challa getting another shot, and it’s not like Daredevil has been setting the world on fire, sales or character wise, in a number of years; the last interesting thing Matt Murdock did was get replaced by Iron Fist, and whattayaknow, here it comes again! From a business perspective, this is a great way to re-launch an important character, and allow another to cool-off and come back again better than ever. Within a couple years time, if that long, I imagine we’ll have both DD and BP in their own books, just like Herc and Hulk have now.

Frankie Say RELAX, children.

Ha, I’m reading these comments and I’m wondering what people would have thought if the internet was around circa 1982.

“Franks Miller’s turning DD into a NINJA? WTF, way to suck the life out of one of the most enduring comic characters.”

“Thanks a lot, Jim f#@$ing Shooter for replacing Thor with a lame-ass horse-alien.”

“Dammit, Alan Moore is, like, introducing a female Captain Britain from a parallel earth? LAAAAME.”

“Doesn’t anybody know how to write comics anymore? What kind of a-hole let this Stern guy make Spidey fight Juggernaut?!? He’s an X-MEN villain, you idiots!”

“Thanks for saving me money, John Byrne. You’re ruining the FF by giving the Invisible Girl a mullet.*”

* Although this I semi-agree with.

I’m excited to see Black Panther doing anything, really.

Big ups to Blade X for remembering the awesomeness that is Kasper Cole and I can only hope to see him getting involved in this series.

Sigh… I miss The Crew

Black Panther is awesome when he’s in the states and is always a fun addition to street level books. They always love to tie him into “Black Marvel” which is a rich subcommunity that could see a little more light with this move. Bill Foster’s nephew, new Power Man, Old Power Man, Misty Knight, Josiah X, Patriot, and others. I mean… those are just the black heroes. I’m hoping to see the rest of the street level gang get a push here. Marvel has a kick ass roster of minimal power guys that whoop tons of ass. Let’s see some Shang Chi, Cardiac, Colleen Wing, Hypno Hustler, and of course Tombstone. That guy is bad ass

@ Peter

Too funny and so true!

its a good think i dont give a crap about ANY of these characters. did i want to read about falcon fighitng bullseye or kingpin? nope. how about black panther in the same scenario? not really. gambit? pffft, thank god hes with someone more interesting……..cyclops! lol

“Stefan Wenger
September 15, 2010 at 12:12 am

Salustrade – not all of us Black Panther fans wish he were back in his own title. The BP series has been crap for years. This is a strange turn of events for Daredevil fans, but for Black Panther it’s great!”

What part of my post indicated that I was speaking for all T’Challa/Black Panther fans?

I was responding to a previous poster who was implying that Black Panther fans (“all 12 of them”) should be rejoicing at the news of T’Challa becoming the “Man with no Fear.” (albeit temporarily)

And as for the BP series being “crap for years” according to you, are you including Christopher Priest’s run and Jason Aaron’s Secret Invasion crossover in that assertion too?

For me, it’s about fucking up a title that I will have collected for the entire 512 issues. Does this have ANYTHING to do with Daredevil any more? I really don’t care to follow BP’s adventures in Hell’s Kitchen, but if this should somehow lead back into the future of Daredevil’s numbering, I’ll keep my Zombie ways had at least buy the issues just to have a complete set.
It’s one thing to screw with the titles of the endless number of X titles, but it’s sad when a character with a single title is dragged behind the bus line this.

Jason Aaron KILLED that BP 3 parter he did.

Maybe we’ll get some Kasper Kole action as a part of this….

God, Anyone would think from all this noise that T’challa was actually going to call himself daredevil! Nobody minds when a new super team sets up in someone’s backyard, why all the grief over BP going here?

And really, Nova? Gambit? Shang-chi? These would have OK with you but somehow Panther is going too far? Please…

For those that are feigning ignorance in relevance to the topic, or read the headline but intentionally misunderstood it for something else….


That is directed toward David (the same guy that doesn’t really understand that Black Panther has more to do with Daredevil than the location he’s working in) and everyone else that ‘thinks’ T’Challa will actually become Daredevil.

People really need to get their minds right. It’s as if people become intentionally and unreasonably slow when they don’t get what they want. Why? Does anybody read anymore?

September 15, 2010 at 11:14 am

“Six issues and gone.”

Of course, Captain Obvious. The fact that this change is temporary was the original plan from the start. Did it take you that long to notice? LOL.

Huh. A Black Panther book I might actually read. What are the odds?

This is a very interesting idea. First, taking DD off the board for a while is good. Second, a throwback take on the Panther, operating on his own in the city, without the trappings of money and power. This strikes me as an attempt to rebuild the character from the ground up, in much the same way they stripped Stark of his fortune and prestige and brought him to square one.

Like I said, interesting.

As for why he’d do it . . . maybe because Matt Murdock is his friend?

I wonder if he’s going to go back to the Luke Charles secret ID?

September 15, 2010 at 7:16 pm

“As for why he’d do it . . . maybe because Matt Murdock is his friend?”

Very. Good. Point. :P

12 issues..then Matt comes back in the next issue – “Giant Double sized Anniversary Issue!!” 525…


@D.O., Catch22 and the host of others that do this.
It is truly annoying to be told I haven’t been reading a character/ don’t know a character or don’t know comics in general because I have been following the character for 5 years instead of 25 years. My question is do you know the character’s recent incarnations? To my knowledge Black Panther hasn’t been in the Daredevil books at all since I have been reading and I have read everything from when Bendis was writing on up. They haven’t called, wrote or emailed. Not even a text from T’challa when Matt was going to prison or when the world found out he was Daredevil. Meanwhile in the Panther books. T’Challa is powered by dark magic and is no longer the avatar of the Panther god. (At least as far Doomwar which is the last thing I read with him in it.) Again while T’challa was losing his country and getting his ass kicked, guess who didn’t show up, old Hornhead. So from a character stand point it doesn’t make sense for Black Panther to come help him out. Especially when Matt has a host of established support characters that help him out all the time. We are proud you have read more comics than us. But when you do stuff like this it makes new readers not even want to get involved with the discussion.

“Again while T’challa was losing his country and getting his ass kicked, guess who didn’t show up, old Hornhead. So from a character stand point it doesn’t make sense for Black Panther to come help him out.”

That’s true, as long as one assumes that T’Challa is a selfish, grudge-holding bastard who thinks his problems are the only ones in the world and treats friendships as quid pro quo deals.


What’s annoying is when people come out of left field and make unsupported claims about a character that they know nothing about. That was mainly what I was addressing in my very first post. All I did was go on and correct several people. If new readers don’t want to get involved in the discussion, that’s fine. But, if they are smart, they’ll read what I said, and not say such meaningless things like all the others have.

Black Panther has appeared in six of Daredevil’s books within volume one (#52, #69, #92, #99, #245, and Annual #4). Yes, they are old, and no, T’Challa hasn’t recently interacted with Daredevil and vice versa. They have both had their own issues to deal with, as you’ve already addressed. But, the fact remains. Out of all the other choices, Black Panther was obviously the best choice, because he’s been more closely associated with Daredevil than the rest of them. Just because they haven’t interacted with each other while they were going through the things you mentioned doesn’t diminish that.

Had I not said anything in relevance to any of things I cleared up, people would have still been coming in here, saying a bunch of ignorant, unsupported nonsense about Black Panther. But, I also have a feeling that what I said wouldn’t really change anything.

You may think that it doesn’t make sense for Black Panther to come and help keep Hell’s Kitchen in check while Daredevil is gone, and that’s perfectly fine. But, having him take his place is better than having the any of the other characters mentioned in the promotion take Matt’s place, especially when they aren’t even that closely associated with him. If you are convinced that other characters besides the ones in question would be better, then I’d agree, depending on the characters. I would actually prefer someone like Echo replace him. She’s already shown to be as agile as he is, she’s an amazing fighter, and she has the same photographic reflex ability that Taskmaster has. If I had to choose, it would be her. I wouldn’t mind having a female Daredevil.

Damn you and your cool logic. I actually agree with pretty much everything you said. Honestly I am more upset with the fact that they didn’t pull from within the book. DD has some of the best supporting characters in any book. I would of rather seen 6 issues of Cage and Ironfist patrolling. Or Shang-Chi being featured in a major book would be awesome. Echo is a good choice too.
I do have a problem with the Black Panther. Mainly because, as I tried to explain earlier, I see the two characters so far away from each other that it makes this look like a sells ploy and another attempt for Marvel to make Black Panther work. For some reason, while great series like Atlas and S.W.O.R.D. get shelved, marvel pushes the Black Panther on us over and over. I think that, like someone said earlier, the Black Panter isn’t the A-lister Marvel thinks he is.



I think that pulling from the book would have been more interesting. There’s many supporting characters from Daredevil’s own series that would have made things better. I’m only choosing to settle for Black Panther because he’s my favorite superhero and because the others don’t fit. But, at the same time, this temporary change could set up the story for an interesting climax when Daredevil gets back.

As far as Black Panther being pushed as often as he does, I’m willing to admit that T’Challa doesn’t do well with a lot of fans. All three of his most recent volumes (starting from Priest’s run of volume two up until the end of Maberry’s run of volume four) sold over 20,000 copies an issue, on average. Not a good number to be proud of. He’s not an A-lister by any means, but I think Marvel is trying to keep their street-level characters in the spotlight. Black Panther included.

Disappointed? Yes. Three great recent runs on a book followed by an average one at best that gets capped off with a few tardy issues to the stands and a pretty lame event..

Surprised? No.

Black Panther can’t even sell his own book long enough to keep it in print. Guess DD’s sales numbers were just too high and his history too well known. This is not a criticism of the character, only the editorial people who approved this. One less book to buy.

Sorry if someone else said this first, but…

This is the best idea since Green Lantern became the Spectre.

Which is to say, not a good idea at all.

i think this is ridiculous!

how can marvel strip daredevil of his title?! everyone who reads comic books knows thats he is indisputably the man without fear.
im not trying to throw cheap shots at Black panther, but him and daredevil are two totally seperate entities and should be left that way!

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