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DC Entertainment moving to L.A.; DC Comics staying in NYC; WildStorm and Zuda shutting down

Ending a year of industry speculation and acute employee anxiety, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson announced today that the company’s multimedia business operations — including feature films, television, digital media, video games and consumer products — and its administrative wing will be relocating to Burbank, California, home of parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment. DC Comics, DC Entertainment’s publishing division, will remain in New York City.

Meanwhile, in a separate post on DC’s Source blog, DC Comics Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee announced the company will cease to publish comics under the WildStorm banner as of December. The imprint’s WildStorm Universe titles will end (though its characters are promised to return), its licensed and kids’ titles will instead be released as part of DC proper, and its editorial team will be restructured and folded into the Burbank-based DC Comics Digital wing. Finally, the struggling Zuda imprint, which already saw its foundational website shuttered in July, will cease to exist after this week, its future titles to be released under the DC banner.

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Any word on DC Direct?

Not (no pun intended) directly, no. But that sure sounds like something that falls under the DC Entertainment rubric above (“consumer products,” for example) rather than publishing.

sad to see wildstorm go but this way the characters will make the dc universe a bigger one and proably more connected to the regular comic universe. as for dc direct proably means moving to california also.

Really sorry to see Wildstorm go. I’ve been following them since the Image years and to see them shut down like this is very sad. All the best to Wildstorm staff today.

Not to sound like a prick, but I think a whole lotta reasons WildStorm is getting the ax can be squarely dropped at Jim Lee’s feet. Stick to pencils Lee, and please, meet your damned deadlines like all the other pros out there. Stop being such a prima donna already.

Man, I am so bummed to hear that WIldstorm is shutting down. It really was a great superhero universe, and you don’t get to many of those on a larger scale these days (other than Marvel and DC, of course). Sleeper is probably in my Top 10 of all time. Bummer and best of luck to those that find themselves without jobs.

moving to california still wont help em with terrible comic book movies

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