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Delays in Grant Morrison’s work?

Grant Morrison

Is Grant Morrison overworked?

That’s the question going through my mind with the recent news that Batman: The Return of Bruce #5 was confirmed as being postponed for two months. Originally scheduled for Aug. 5, the DC Comics website now has it coming out on Oct. 6. Blogger David Uzumeri brought this to my attention with a Twitter poster on Friday, and the realization of the delay dovetailed in with two other pieces of stray information from weeks ago.

The first was the news of a sudden artistic change-up to Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4 from Cameron Stewart to Georges Jeanty; originally solicited for July 21, the book only came out one week late, but the artwork looks a tad rushed. Stewart wrote on his blog that “conditions were such that I felt that my work would be drastically compromised and subpar should I stay on board, and so I felt that it was best that I walked away.” It has proven to be amicable, with pages already filtering out online of a future collaboration with Stewart, Morrison and DC on the 16th issue of Batman & Robin.

The second is from the blog of Sean Murphy, artist of the Morrison-penned Joe the Barbarian. According to his post, he’s waiting on the script for the final two issues of the series.  Joe the Barbarian #7 was originally scheduled for release on July 21, while DC’s website now has a release of Sept. 15.

Checking with the solicitations for the past three months, Morrison is working on four series: Batman, Batman & Robin, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and Joe The Barbarian. He’s also been announced to work on two miniseries, Batman: The Return and Multiversity, a new series titled Batman Inc., as well as a prose book titled Supergods: Our World in the Age of the Superhero.

Delays are to be expected on comics at some point, but these news tidbits add up to a possible trend. What do you think?



regarding joe barbabrian i have a feeling the vast majority are trade waiting anyway.
I worry more about Robert Kirkman and Jason Aaron to be honest.

Return of Bruce Wayne is definitely due to Ryan Sook.

I’m surprised you didn’t catch Batman and Robin 14, which was originally to be released early July, and is now due out late September.

While in-part, I think it is due to the fact that he is working on far too many books in too small of a time span, I also think it is down to the artists he uses.

I’ve read more than a few interviews with Morrison and he says he writes every day and he sometimes writes for 12 hours or more a day. Fair play to him for trying to get that much done, and he always comes across like he enjoys writing so much, but that many hours a day can’t be healthy.

Mind you, I also read that in an interview that he plays Red Dead Redemption and Batman: Arkham Asylum on Xbox 360, so who knows. Nobody could write 60-84 hours a week and still find time for their Xbox, surely?

Matt, is that conjecture or fact? Ryan Sook was my first guess too, and that the other books (Batman 702, B&R14-15) got pushed back to fill in the gap while we wait for it to come out.

At this rate, they shoulda stuck with Stewart on ROBW4 and just put it out a month late. It wouldn’t have affected the rest of the schedule much.

Sigh, yeah, they should have, Mister U.

I hate looking at that book.

Also, if Ryan Sook is the bottleneck, I’m gonna find whoever commissioned that bigass Brightest Day poster that probably caused this delay and … I’m going to … engineer it so they’re stuck in an elevator with a 450-pound unwashed person for three hours.

(I’m trying to replace Die In A Fire and all that other shit with more mundane, everyday punishments for bad comics and bad ideas.)

Too much Batman on the brain, probably. ;-)

He’s probably working on a movie or TV show… when talent gets a shot at the big leagues, comic deadlines are the first thing to go out the window.

Yeah, it would be my assumption it is the Artists, Morrison doesn’t skimp. But it’s possible he’s gone through some rewrites and such. At least with Return. My question is on Thursday Batman 703 is supposed to be pretty much celebrating Bruce’s return, so are they going to delay that? Or just play that everyone knew he was returning anyway and roll with it?

But that’s just an assumption, people can get sick, and even the best writers get hit with writers block, or just a work overload.

How’s Geoff Johns holding up, schedule-wise? It has to be a concern when two guys basically drive your entire line, one of whom just got a major desk-job promotion.

Overworked? Overrated? Get Morrison off of Batman, which I feel he has helped to ruin the past few years, and on to Superman, a character that he truly understands and has done wonderful things with. It would have the added bonus of getting JMS far, far away from Superman too.


September 6, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Return of Bruce Wayne is definitely due to Ryan Sook.

Anything to back that up with?

Because Morrison’s books always get delayed, and he’s got several books running late right now.

It can’t all be the artists fault.

To the guy who said it was Ryan Sook’s fault, did you miss the whole Wednesday comics thing? Granted they had a lot of lead time, but if he can do that, he can do a normal sized comic that he’s been scheduled to do for… what, 5 months now?

maniacmatt, to be fair, Sook hasn’t completed a full single issue of a regular ol’ comic since X-Factor #1 back in frigging 2005. He didn’t finish Final Crisis: Resist, and he didn’t finish Atom & Hawkman. Wednesday Comics was gorgeous, yeah, but the guy still hasn’t been able to put out a 22-page comic in literally years.

I’d like to know what’s causing the delays in Morrison’s 18 Days script book that was supposed to come out in July, and there hasn’t been any updates as to why it hasn’t been released or when it will be released. I did see an advanced review that was published recently, so that’s encouraging. Obviously it’s not the same as things he’s currently writing right now, as he is said to have written this script years ago, but still…

As for the Batman and Joe the Barbarian stuff, yeah Morrison has a lot on his plate right now. He’s working on a feature film, a TV mini series, loads of Batman comics, Multiversity, Joe the Barbarian, a prose book, and who knows what else he’s got in store for us? I wouldn’t say he’s overworked in that regard. Young attorneys working as prosecutors and public defenders are probably overworked. Morrison, is lucky to be as talented as he is, and as in demand as he is, and I bet he’s loving every minute of every piece of work he takes on.

Personally I don’t care when the comics get here, so long as when they get here they’re worth the wait. And for me, with Morrison and with the artists he tends to work with, I’m never let down in that regard.

The good news is that we’ve seen inked pages from Batman Inc., so we know he shouldn’t be too far behind at this point, if indeed he has anything left to finish on the other Bat books.

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