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Discover/drink the comic that is also a beer

Yeast Hoist #15 by Ron Regé Jr.

Yeast Hoist #15 by Ron Regé Jr.

Now this is the sort of format innovation I can get behind: Yeast Hoist #15, the latest in cartoonist/musician Ron Regé Jr.‘s long-running (mostly) self-published alternative-comics series, is part comic, part limited-edition bottle of beer.

The aptly named Yeast Hoist #15 includes a 16.9-ounce bottle of St. Sebastiaan Golden Ale from Belgium’s Brouwerij Sterkens. A screenprinted Regé illustration graces the bottle, which comes complete with a minicomic featuring Regé’s usual “inspired by mysticism and alchemy” cosmic comics shenanigans. I’ll drink to that!

Tipplers and/or comics connoisseurs may order the issue/bottle from Bierkraft — provided you’re 21 years old and can sign for the delivery, that is. If you don’t drink, don’t worry: Regé’s entire Yeast Hoist series is slated for publication on Jordan Crane’s webcomics portal What Things Do. Here are issues #1 and #2.



Now this is my kind of comic.

What a novel idea :) That’ll be added straight to my Christmas list!

Why does that bottle have a stopper AND a cap? Make your mind up people, one or the friggin’ other!

As the premier brewer in comics blogging (proof ), I must say it’s a complete swizz that they’ve put all that hard work into the packaging, and then just imported the beer from Belgium. Poor show!

The stopper is so you can retop it after you remove the cap — a lot of bottles of that design have that!

For beer with comic art designs, also check out Tara McPherson’s work on a couple of DogFish Head Brewery’s stuff (Fort and Chateau Jiahu). I always feel bad throwing out the bottle after I’m done on account of the label art!

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