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Does this JMS Wonder Woman cover look familiar to you?

It probably should: Wonder Woman #606’s variant-cover homage to Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” by Alex Garner is also just a bit similar to artist (and Marvel Editor in Chief) Joe Quesada’s promotional image for the J. Michael Straczynski Spider-Opus The Other. Why, that kind of playful tweak of the competition is almost…Marvelesque, isn’t it? I for one am hoping that this means that Leather-Jacket Wonder Woman will shoot spikes out of her arms and eat a dude’s face.

(via Marc-Oliver Frisch)



Nice to see there’s *something* familiar about this issue, since I no longer recognize the title character of the book.

I once saw that same image in an obvious rip-off of the Spider-man cover…
it was signed by some hack named DaVinci.
I think he was trying to push a lame character called “The Vitruvian Man”.

But all of them are obvious rip-offs of THIS:


And didn’t JMS do some similar story to his walk around Superman story over at TOP COW?

Well, there *was* a lot of walking in his excellent mini-series MIDNIGHT NATION, but otherwise it was about as similar to what we’ve seen of “Grounded” so far as SCOTT PILGRIM is to ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.

Seems fitting seeing he is taking the premise of OMD (using Time-Traveling instead of Magic) and throwing the continuity out of the window.

Yeah, good point. I wonder who he’s going to blame this on after the readership rejects it? Not Joe Q this time…

You know a creator is bankrupt when they’re blatently ripping off their own failed retreads.

There is something that both covers share. They’re really very dull.

Addendum: you want to see a striking cover? Go look at Hope Larson’s cover for MERCURY, just two entries up on this here blog. These two are boring, relying on a pre-existing audience or all their frisson.

That Mercury cover really is a knockout. I think I did a post on it here when it was first unveiled, just to say “look at this awesome cover.”

When I saw Ms. Larson at Stumptown, she had a copy where the gloss hit was offset and it looked even better. I shoulda bought that one, now that I think about it.

Yeah, that Mercury cover is stunning.

Of these two Vitruvian knockoffs, I prefer the WW. It’s at least a clever touch to incorporate the lasso in the drawing like that.

The best Da Vinci Homage I saw was this version of the Hulk. Check out the link to see what I mean.


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