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First look at Green Goblin, other designs from Spider-Man musical

Green Goblin design from "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"

It’s taking ABC a long time to upload video of Reeve Carney lip-syncing performing the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark anthem “The Boy Falls From the Sky” from the closing minutes of Good Morning America. But the website has posted the interview with director Julie Taymor and U2’s Bono and the Edge that features a first look at the costume designs for Green Goblin and a new villain, Swiss Miss — she’s made of Swiss Army knives, Taymor says — and the “pop-up” sets for a New York cityscape and the Brooklyn Bridge. They’re really, um, something.

With its estimated budget of $52 million, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is expected to be the most expensive musical in Broadway history. Previews are set to begin on Nov. 14 at the Foxwoods Theatre in Manhattan, following by an opening on Dec. 21.

You can check out the screencaps after the break. I’ll post video of Carney’s performance when a decent version becomes available.

Swiss Miss design from "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"

Design for the new villain Swiss Miss, from "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"

Designs for Green Goblin and Swiss Miss, from "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"

Design for pop-up set from "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"

Brooklyn Bridge set from "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"



umm… wow

Is Spidey supposed to stop Green Goblin from stealing Christmas?

Green Goblin looks like those costumed Club Kids they used to have on Sally Jessy and Joan Rivers in the 80s/90s.

Green Goblin is a Party Monster!

Wait — so is Swiss Miss played by Rupaul? I wondered what he/she has been doing lately.

Horrid. Spider-Man should not be a musical. He’s going to sing and dance and fight crime and pine over a girl and lament over his life… how lame. And geez, those costumes make me shudder.

Good frickin’ grief.

And I thought the movie costume for Green Goblin was a stretch.

There’s no way this whole debacle isn’t an elaborate fraud based on The Producers.

Those look incredibly terrible.

Wow…this is worse than I imagined. This is going to be suck-tacular!

Swiss Miss would be cooler if she had hot cocoa powers.

“Swiss Miss would be cooler if she had hot cocoa powers.”

Hot cocoa can make anything better.


I take back every bad thing I said about Green Goblin’s movie costume

We’re being punk’d, right?

@Will: “There’s no way this whole debacle isn’t an elaborate fraud based on The Producers.”

lol. You may be on to something.

This is a joke right? I mean, this is a joke. . . right?

The song was quite good. Very U2-ey.

I think comics fans don’t know enough about Julie Taymor’s work, which is why everyone’s SO surprised at those costumes.

What I wouldn’t give for video footage of the people in that theater as those costumes were shown on the bog screen.

I’ve given up on predicting what’s going to succeed or fail. All I know is that for the amount of money spent on this show so far, it’s got to be a MASSIVE hit, far more than just comics fans seeing it can provide. So it’s surely an uphill battle.

I think I will see this twice! With mushrooms and without.


Sooooooo the title “Turn off the Dark” is now the least ridiculous part of this production….. Seriously though, how do you snub 40+ years of Spider-man villainy to come with a new swiss army knife antagonist!?!?!?! This is going to fail massively.

Okay, who let Joel Schumacher near this?

Anyone seen “Lion King on Broadway” in New York by the same director? I have. All the costumes and characters look like this. It’s something that works on stage that works best there and nowhere else.

That said, I’m not thrilled with the Goblin costume. They could have gone in a better direction.


And I thought the trailer for Uwe Boll’s holocaust movie was the worst thing I’d have to witness this week. Live and learn.

I’ve got tickets for the opening preview.

This thing is the easiest target in the world, but I actually think it’s gonna be great.

And I think the Goblin looks pretty rad.

When I first heard about this I thought it was a joke. Then I saw this article and thought, “It’s real?” But now I’m back to thinking it must be some kind of elaborate prank. If it’s not, this may be one of the stupidest things ever created by humankind.

(For reference, I’m a 44-year-old female writer, some of which includes comics, and life-long Marvel fan, some of which includes Spider-Man.)

I’m with Will. Everybody sing!


O. M. G. I hope Marvel doesn’t release a “universe” based on the musical or even an adaptation of it.

Based on Julie Taymor’s body of work– heck, based on Titus alone– I’m inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt. Frankly, with all of this nay-saying based on such sparse information, I’m having flashbacks to 1989. “Mr. Mom as Batman? Directed by the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure guy?” It’s impossible to predict what they’re going to do, of course, but I’ve liked more U2 than I’ve hated, Spider-Man’s a cool character who has thrived in a variety of media, and Julie Taymor is awfully good. So I suspect this is going to be pretty wild (and I mean that in a good way).

Julie Taymor, you know better than that. Minus 50 gay street cred points.

Usually within the comments of an article like this you see some [not-so-]friendly debates between the nay-sayers and the praise-givers. I rarely see an article where 100% of the comments are negative, and this is at 98% – pretty close. One has to wonder if anyone behind the musical’s production will see this trend and think to themselves “hm”.

@Bradley Spiderman HAS thrived in a variety of media, which is why everyone is so concerned about this musical being a massive failure. And this Julie Taymor lady might have a decent reputation and no doubt she’s creative and very particular about the details (I actually kind of like the Swiss Miss, although I’m predicting a legal battle over the name), but that goblin outfit is atrocious and I don’t think it’s only the comic fans that feel this way. Heck, I’ve never read the comics. But that costume looks like he’s doing a bad Michael Jackson thriller dance. I just can’t take him seriously.

“I just can’t take him seriously.”

As opposed to, ya know, Superman or Spider-Man or whatever.

God, what the hell do you guys know? Those costumes are incredibly faithful to the villains you’d find in Power Rangers!

Wait, this is a Spider-Man musical?


(And yes, I remember that the Power Rangers joke was used back when the costume was revealed for the Spider-Man movie. Seems kinda silly to be harping on that now, huh? Really, really silly.)

You’d think after the Superman musical in the 60’s they would have thought better.
And why do “costume designers” think they can do better than the original Green Goblin costume?
It’s worked fine for 40 plus years!

This makes Batman & Robin a masterpiece

Gentlemen (no offense to the ladies, but it’s inevitably men who do this): We do not use “gay” as an epithet here. This is because we are not seven-year-olds. Just a word to the unwise–take that nonsense someplace else.

They couldn’t at least have provided a photo of the Green Goblin costume that wasn’t of it being propped-up on a coat rack? It looks like he’s wasted on a bar stool, leaning-over in an attempt to be smooth and ask for your number, only he’s shitfaced and can barely stay vertical. Also, the costume itself looks like The Grinch mated with that weird green onion alien in GANTZ, whose offspring went shopping for high heels. Yikes.

It appears that 90’s Image Comics took a radioactive crap upon Ru Paul, and Swiss Miss is the resulting mutated abomination. What a terrible design/name/whathaveyou.

I’m certain Spider-Man’s legacy as a character appreciates this massive waste of time and money done with his name attached, and DC’s thanking the stars Marvel tried this first (since the big comic movie boom). I hate to see comic-related anything fail, but in this case, it’s deserved.

The costume designs don’t bother me. This is a Broadway musical. The artistic sensibilties are different.

What IS an issue is that it cost $52 million to make and it doesn’t a star draw attached to it .

If you told me that Dan Radcliff or somebody llke that was playing Peter Parker, I could see this working for them.

As it is, this looks like its going to be Broadway’s answer to Heaven’s Gate.

@Ron: As for the Superman musical, it’s been produced recently in Dallas with a totally rewritten, camp-free book by playwright/tv-writer/comics-writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and it got rock-solid reviews.

I thought this would be kinda cool. I love comics, I like Musicals. This…..does not inspire hope. AT ALL

@Sean: can we use “fey” or “foppish”? Hopefully, that’s sexual-preference neutral. I admit, it’s hard trying to come up with a word to describe the wrongness of the outfits without either sounded offensive or anachronistic.

because comic books and theatre are the exact same medium and what works for one would OF COURSE work for the other…right?

fanboys are always gonna bitch and moan. but from a theatre perspective, i think this could be pretty cool. just wish i could get to New York to see it live!

I actually like the concept behind Swiss Miss.

This is going to be a spectacular flop.

I honestly think this will be awesome. Then again my entertainment preferences are stuff that’s f***ing insane, so I guess I’m a tad biased.

I am flying from ATL to the Foxwoods in December just to see this exciting production. Can’t wait. Looks GREAT to me.

“What? They made a musical out of T.S. Eliot’s “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”? It’s a book of poetry! About cats! It will never succeed!”

“What? A musical based on Michener’s “Tales of the South Pacific”?”

…Taming of the Shrew?
…Anna and the King of Siam?
…Don Quixote?
…Eva Peron?
…Les Misérables?
…Phantom of the Opera?
…The Lion King?
…Kiss of the Spider Woman?
…Sunset Boulevard?
…Thoroughly Modern Millie?
…Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
…Billy Elliot?

For you non-theatre geeks, every single property mentioned above won the Tony Award for Best Musical. Like the Academy Award, Tony wins generate immediate box office. (Many of these were subsequently filmed as movie musicals, generating even more profits.)

WIll SM:TOTD make back the money invested? Maybe not on Broadway. But if the spectacle is compelling (see: Lion King, Cirque du Soleil), if the music is decent (Andrew Lloyd Weber usually only has one memorable song per musical), then it will make money eventually. It is conceivable that it will play well on Broadway, if only to the tourists longing to see something they can’t see at home, but which is familiar and safe enough to justify spending $100 a ticket. Otherwise, the touring company will make money, and it could be installed in Las Vegas, with a lot of other Broadway productions. (Or at Orlando, or Anaheim, or the Disney Magic.)

If the producers follow Disney’s example, the investment will be recouped rather quickly. There’s the original cast recording sales (U2 fans, theater-goers, comics fans). There’s the merchandise to be sold during intermission. There’s the book of the musical, featuring the full book and lyrics, including behind-the-scenes photographs, to be sold. There’s the sheet music.

And if it doesn’t make back its investment…? Who cares?

I will see it. I will probably enjoy it.

I started out excited (way back when) at the show’s prospects, which turned to horro when I saw these accompanying pictures. But by the time I read through Torsten’s comment (and all the ones preceeding it) I have come back around to excited. Everything Torsten has said is true. Everyone involved with this production is top notch; I find it hard to believe that they all have deluded themselves into putting on a $52 million train wreck of a show. I will remain optimistic and hopeful.

I’m fine with the idea of the musical. Julie Taymor’s upcoming Tempest with Helen Mirren looks amazing.

but.. What the hell is up with these costumes?! They look like something out of Cirque du Soleil or Kabuki theater, not superhero costumes. Totally off putting and ridiculous.

And of all of Spider-man villians to feature, they had to pull one out of their butt and call her Swiss Miss? And of course that’s one they showcase before we even see Spider-man himself?! What total bunk! They’re off their rockers and totally lost in their own world. No wonder they’re flushing money down the toilet.

To all of the naysayers on this board: this is one of those projects where “gonna suck” and “oh, Lord” are completely unnecessary. Two words: JULIE TAYMOR.

I was fortunate to see just about everything that she has directed/conceived during the time I lived in New York, and everything that she did gave me great hope for theatre, which to me had been in a slow state of decay since the 1970’s. Everyone said “The Lion King” would be a collosal failure, that she was too downtown for Broadway, too Brooklyn Academy of Music if you will. “Lion King” is one of the biggest successes in Broadway history.

From a theatrical perspective, this has the potential to be incredible simply because JULIE TAYMOR IS A VISIONARY in every sense of the word. I have total faith in her. I agree, it will be a uphill climb to recoup the investment with this economy. But Broadway has not been hurting re: tourist dollars, especially in regards to musicals. Give Julie a shot, here, she will come through.

And re: the Superman musical in Dallas: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s book had a lot to do with why it was a success. The other reason is director Kevin Moriarty, who is a friend of mine. Kevin is up there with Julie (no wonder he was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s first choice to direct the last “Jesus Christ, Superstar” national tour), and I seriously hope we see their combined take on the Man of Steel on B’way in the near future.

Lance Roger Axt
The AudioComics Company

To AudioComics: two words for you — George Lucas.

When he started out, he also was a visionary in every sense of the word, one who took on seeming failures (like Star Wars) and turned them into gold.

But at some point, even visionaries run into their Howard the Duck.

A) Never take the name of Howard the Duck in vain.

B) Anybody else think somebody was reading Zot when they came up with the design for Swiss Miss?

Maybe Mephisto will make me forget that I saw those costumes…

…Hey… A guy can hope…

Julie Taymor also made ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. Which was completely insipid.

TORSTEN: I love musicals. I grew up in musicals. I write musicals. Most of the shows you cited are NOT ridiculous choices for musicals. Except for CATS, which I also hate.

The point is – Spider-Man (and superheroes) already require one BIG suspension of disbelief. Or as some writing theorists call it, one bit of ‘magic’ that you are allowed to assume that makes this world different from the one we know. BUT, once you ask your audience to accept superpowers AND bursting out into song – part your audiences’ brains will naturally start to bristle and have a harder time investing in your story, because at this point its edging towards absurdist.

PLUS – fight scenes are to action/superhero stories what songs are to musicals. They stop the narrative in one sense and shift to a heightened emotional moment. So whether they sing while they fight, or stop fighting in order to sing, or alternate between a scene/fight/song structure – your elements either end up at cross purposes with each other or diluting the time you actually have for things like character development.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope this is amazing and changes the way people think about and create musicals.

I just have no reason to believe that’s actually the case. Either way, I can’t wait to see it.

It’s not like they could ruin Spider-man anymore than the comics have, but that does look awful.

My problem with musicals is the music is generally mediocre and overblown. And U2 doesn’t impress me either. I loathe U2 and their neutered preening, self aggrandizing and ultimately soulles wuss rock.

“It’s not like they could ruin Spider-man anymore than the comics have, but that does look awful.”

Yeah, Spider-Man got married in the comics, WTF? Spider-Man does NOT GET MARRIED. He KNOWS BETTER than to bring some ill prepared bimbo into his life to become a walking target for bad guys.


Is the Green Goblin costume a reject from the Cirque du Soleil ?

Whomever designed these costumes never read an issue of Spidey…ever.

Well the costumes in the comics are so plain and low key, especially Electro’s. They would need to spice them up a little tiny bit to make them stand out a little.



Stand out like a turd in a paddling pool.

Those costumes are definately left over from Michael Jacksons THE WIZ!!
As for “swiss miss” Hey Fritz langs Metropolis is calling he want his costume back!

Is that Grace Jones in the Swiss Miss costume?


“Insipid” in relation to Across The Universe is a vast understatement. It’s honestly one of the worst high-profile films ever made, and that’s not a statement I make lightly.

Swiss Miss sounds like something DeFalco would have introduced in the ’90s. Bet he’s kicking himself for not thinking of it first.

i have to shake my head and laugh at the “complaints” that the costumes look like Cirque du Soleil/Kabuki/Lady Gaga/etc. what? you mean costumes for a theatre production look like…COSTUMES FOR A THEATRE PRODUCTION???

silly, silly fanboys…at first i wanted this just to be good so i could enjoy it as a fan of Spidey, Taymor and U2 and didn’t care much about box office. now i want it to be the biggest success of all time, just to shut each and every one of you up. ;)


Someone sneezed on Green Goblin and didn’t use a tissue.

And why does Miss Swiss Miss have thunderbolts coming out of her ass?

Maybe its a sign, this is going to stink. And not an SBD either cause it’s a musical.

PS, What’s up with Green Goblin’s hair?

Is THAT what’s been hiding under his hat all these years?.

Swiss Miss looks like Grace Jones.

Grace Jones from VAMP!

People are complaining the character designs here are too flamboyant and camp but so are about 90% of the Spider-Man villains anyway. Yes, these costumes are a godawful eyesore. So are a vast, vast majority of comic book villains, Spider-Man’s rogues in particular. This is just terrible enough to work!

And although it’s guaranteed to suck, who among us won’t enjoy watching it go down? Like a really awful MST3K movie, this is going to be so bad, it’ll be funny.

@ Jordan T.

No no, no one is complaining about the fact that these are for a theatre production or that they look from “Cirque du Soleil/Kabuki/Lady Gaga/etc”

The’re complaining because there shit.

In ten years this is going to be weird Spider-man trivia, much like the Japanese Spider-man series from the 70s.

Spider-Man musical? Wasn’t that Spider-Man 3?

♪ Springtime for Hitler and Germaneeee. WInter for Poland and France… ♫

@ D Pearce: No one’s complaining about the flamboyantness or the campiness here. Hell, we know that supervilliains easily fall under those descriptions.

What we’re complaining about is the awfulness. I think most of us know that “campy” does not always equal “awful.” However, it does in the case of these designs.

So, if I get this right… we’re not allowed to say that these costumes are awful because it’s Julie Taymor’s play?

I’m aware that you can’t judge a costume until you’ve seen the thing actually move or in context, and these could be fine… or they might be a trainwreck. Its just a reminder of the sort of “improvements” we’ve seen come out of movie studios, etc… over the years that wind up as a footnote joke once everyone sobers up and moves on.

Adapting Lion King by using an existing musical and integrating someone else’s puppetry into a kind of nifty kid’s play is different from starting from scratch.

I have no doubt the Broadway audience will be interested for at least a while, and the tourists will be able to sell Spider-Man to their families a lot more easily than a revival of “Annie Get Your Gun”. But I don’t feel required to look at the costume design and think its well done, and I certainly don’t feel compelled to compliment a latter-career U2 b-side and feel this is going to be a smash.

Relax….This is pure Broadway.Everything is over the top.It has to be.If they can make a show about cats(“I hate Cats”,says my Westie Fergus),they can make a Spidey musical.Taymar has the cred to do anything.Now fanboys wont give a lick,but super-heroes on Broadway were made for each other.Tights and saving the girl…MONEY!!

I am not against the idea of Spider-Man: The Musical, but these costume designs are just horrific looking.

So I take it Aunt May is the Green Goblin in this production

I honestly don’t care about the fantastic costume work someone does. I can appreciate the need for outlandish costumes for Broadway but honestly, turning everything into a musical is not necessary. I thought I wanted to swallow my own tongue when Army of Darkness was made into a musical. Now Spiderman? Seriously? This is just about the most humorous, disgusting, idiotic thing I have heard this week. Hey can someone make Silence of the Lambs into a musical next because I REALLY need to hear Hannibal Lecter sing about eating someone’s liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

but anything CAN be turned into a musical…it’s all in the execution. Wicked is amazing. Legally Blonde, not so much. the pedigree and talent of the people on board this production gives me faith it could be good. if it’s not, i’ll say so…ONCE I’VE SEEN AND HEARD IT! now, i’m not crazy about the TWO costume designs we’re looking at there, but i don’t hate them either. and when i look at it, i think, “hmm…yeah, that’s pretty much what a Julie Taymor style Green Goblin would look like.” the set designs look incredible though and the song’s pretty damn good. so i can’t wait!

All of the internalized homophobia in this thread is simply laughable. Aren’t you the same people who look at drawings of men in tight spandex all day?

I think Across the Universe was not bad especially for being a musical. I’m not sure if I’d ever watch it again. But the one time I saw it wasn’t bad. I’m not thrilled with those Spider-man musical costumes. I wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be Green Goblin or not. And I’ve never heard of Swiss Miss, that character. I must have missed that issue in the comics. They do look more like something from Cirque du Soleil.

the villain’s name is swiss miss?! swiss miss?! who the hell approved this crap? i liked it better when this was cancelled.

If Julie Taymor’s involved, chances are exceptionally good that this will be fantastically brilliant, as were Titus, Lion King AND Across the Universe. She is a bona fide creative genius.

This looks monumentally horrible.

All these comments should be read again once the show debuts.

I can see the Goblin costume being lit dramatically with stage light, even appearing scary with the proper sound mix fx and choreography. I mean how cool is it that Cirque is involved in the wirework? I can also see the Swiss Miss character being a tertiary character that isn’t even a major player of the play, but could be visually intense again with proper lighting and mood.

So far, the cheesy Broadway style parody songs isn’t what U2 delivered, the kid playing Parker can sing as far as a shoddy youtube clip shot from a tv set audio can offer, and there’s glimpses at the end of that clip that hints a very noirish surreal New York landscape that looks very alive.

Broadway is to be seen live and in context of its surroundings, so unfortunately many of these fanboys will just have to take the word of those who go to SEE and EXPERIENCE the show LIVE.

Taymor is a visionary and the costume designer associated with this show is a legend, she worked with the likes of Miles Davis, Tarsem and created the best thing about Coppola’s Dracula , the costume for Dracula himself.

Anyone who has ever seen a costume lit in harsh light and out of context will say they always look awful. Even if this was the Romita Green Goblin costume, it would look VERY cheesy in the manner in which it was revealed.

girls shouldn’t direct spider-man

This is a run-away shit-train with no brakes and a the bridge up ahead has been blown up. I have never been a fan of U2 and I thought Spider-Man 2 was a chick-flick that happened to have a superhero in it. Wasn’t Spider-Man 3 basically a musical? There were more than enough dance numbers in it. This play was a bad idea from the start and when I heard it was having issues I was hoping it would never happen.

I understand that musicals are different than movies. I go to a few Broadway shows a year. I live in Manhattan, within walking distance to the theater this is playing in. However, I might not go if I get free tickets. If I do go, alcohol will have to be involved.

Here, for a very amusing take, please check out this webcomic by Joel Watson:

“With Great Power Ballads…”

My God this is awful who paid for this crap seriously that…green goblin costume is gut wrechingly horrible its awful if any1 thought movie goblin was bad you’d be wrong

this is worst than i thought-i thought that will dafoe looked like norman-al they needed to do was paint hi green-they failed the goblin twice as bad this time-he looks like a radioactive lionfish that glows in the dark-stan the man should’ve supervised some of these extensions on comics-and not just shat out more bill bixby hulk-like crap for the webheads

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