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From the bin: Andrew Robinson’s Jonah Hex

Unused Jonah Hex cover by Andrew Robinson

Here is an illustration by Andrew Robinson done as an inventory cover for DC’s Jonah Hex series. I’d love to hold this in my grubby hands, or get a whole issue of Jonah Hex by Palmiotti, Gray and Robinson, for that matter. What do you say, DC?

If you’re attending New York Comic Con, make sure you stop by the Essential Sequential booth to meet Robinson. He’ll have several of his self-published books like Androx, the Dusty Star Sketchbook, Andrew Robinson Goes To Zanyzonkerville and Ten Paintings.  He’ll also be doing inked sketches and watercolor pieces for con-goers. And Saturday is his birthday, so make sure you tell him I said “happy birthday!”



We would have andrew do an issue in a heartbeat…all he has to tell us is he is interested and has the time. Simple as that. really.

I’d get that as a poster.

That looks like Jonah Hex as played by (vintage 1994) Bruce Campbell. — Now THAT’S a movie I would have gone to see.

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