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Hipster superheroes fight crime, tweet and enjoy a Pabst

Bat Hipster by H. Caldwell Tanner

by H. Caldwell Tanner

H. Caldwell Tanner, Caroline Martin and Michael Christatos imagine several superheroes as hipsters, from an Aquaman who relocated to Portland and a Pabst-drinking Iron Man to a Wonder Woman who drives an Invisible Subaru Outback and a Hulk who shops at American Apparel.



Y’know what would make that better? Alpha Flight or Wolverine as Canadian indie musicians.

I like the Spider-man, using the prancing Michael Cera pose

I dont get the ww one at all. A subaru? Is she supposed to be a lesbian?

If she was a hipstress, she’d have on vintage cowboy boots, a bike and a lomo camera.

Ryan, I’m glad other people also got the Prancing Cera joke.

Folks who enjoyed this link: You can follow the continuing adventures of Hipster Iron Man monthly in Invincible Iron Man by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca.

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