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Joe Quesada marks a decade as Marvel’s puppet master

Joe Quesada, by Alex Maleev

The Mighty Marvel Podcast marks its 100th episode with an interview with Joe Quesada, who was named editor-in-chief of Marvel 10 years ago this week. Quesada, who in June was promoted to chief creative officer of Marvel Entertainment, reflects on his time overseeing the Marvel Knights imprint, his role in the creative of the Ultimate Universe and more.

To help commemorate the anniversary, Alex Maleev created an illustration depicting Quesada as puppet master — no, not that one — of the Marvel Universe. See the full image after the break, and read more about Quesada’s tenure at

Joe Quesada, by Alex Maleev



Spider-Man and Daredevil… Ironic!

I do believe he is the second longest running EiC Marvel has ever had. Longer than Shooter, DeFalco or Harras and there was a revolving door on the office in the 70s. Stan Lee held the title for decades, though, from the 40s to the early 70s.

Someone’s gonna have fun photoshopping that…

What’s ironic about it? Aren’t those the two characters on whom he has done the most work, including interior art and covers? Seems reasonable that they’d appear in the image.

While he has his critics and made choices I would not have, Marvel under JQ’s watch is what got me back into comics after more than a decade away. Thanks for that, sir.

Strange… It’s a tracing of a photo but doesn’t look like Quesada…

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