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Marvel Minimates cosplayers are maxi-impressive

"Boxed Avengers" photo by Nikejerk3

"Boxed Avengers" photo by Nikejerk3

I’m gonna make like Dr. Phil and get real in here for a second: I honestly think that these Marvel Minimates cosplayers are sporting the best comics-related costumes I have ever seen. Check out the entire photoset at Nikejerk3’s Flickr page and tell me if I’m wrong. Not that I’d listen if you did — I’ll be too busy staring at that Loki in slackjawed amazement.

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And there’s even video of the entire Minimates group randomly dancing…

You’re right; these are phenomenal.

I saw them at the DragonCon Parade. The paint jobs were amazing. A really great group.

those are awesome. What are they made of? anyone know? Cardboard, foamcore?

Made completely from packaging cardboard! Check this photo out….

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