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Marvel teases the return of Giant-Man in Avengers Academy

From Avengers Academy #7, by Ed McGuinness

Marvel has released two covers for December’s Avengers Academy #7 that tease the return of Giant-Man, which I presume means that Henry Pym, the man of a half-dozen identities, is giving up his current moniker — the Wasp, a slightly creepy tribute to his dead wife — in favor of his more classic costumed persona.

Pym, who debuted as Ant-Man in September 1962’s Tales to Astonish #35, first adopted the Giant-Man identity more than a year later, in Tales to Astonish #49. Over the decades, he has appeared most frequently as Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, and last returned to the Giant-Man guise in (I think) February 1998’s The Avengers (Vol. 3) #1.

See both covers, by Ed McGuinness and Mike McKone, after the break.

Avengers Academy #7, by Ed McGuinness

Avengers Academy #7, by Mike McKone

Pencils and Cover by MIKE MCKONE
Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
Tron Variant by TBD
Rated A …$2.99




So after 2 years Hank Pym will be Yellowjacket again.

The question is…is it really Hank?

The Ant-Man & the Wasp mini-series, which rumor and solicits hint will revive Janet, doesn’t finish til January, and it would be very annoying, though not without precedent, for Marvel to blow their Avengers load this early again.

The costume is reminiscent of Steve Roger’s current look; re: the circle with lines leading away. GIven that the Thunderbolts arc is about showing the kids the “bad” future, I think they’ll call in Steve in disguise to get a feel for the kids, as well as show them the “good” future.

Short of those dorky antennae, I actually like the new look for Giant-Man though.

Wait, Hank Pym was The Wasp after Janet Van Dyne’s death?

Okay, I’m not going to be able to scrub that out of my head until happy hour.

I don’t know if it’s Pym or not. I could be someone like Atlas, brought in and “rebranded” to help the kids with the whole “avoiding villainy” thing.

I love this series anyway. Giant-Man is the tastiest icing on the cake. Thank you Christos Gage and Mike McKone!!!

I doubt it’s Pym

Goodness, I don’t like the new livery. The 1998 look was great.

The second cover – I want the first – is an interesting homage to Avengers #63, mind:

Of course he will, because no matter how much the companies say that the TV shows and Movies don’t affect the books, they want everything to line up when the AVENGERS show starts, and will want Pym as Giant man. WASP was a great change for him, but it would take a writer with balls and intelligence to keep it and make it work.

why’s it creepy that he took the Wasp name? i thought it was a progressive tribute and a fun idea.

I just got it.It’s Pym and they are making him Giant Man, because of the animated series.

I agree with whoever thought Eric Josten being “rebranded” would be a great idea.

Knowing Marvel… could be just another student/recruit joining the Academy, deciding to take on the “Giant Man” persona……

Of course, I could be wrong, you know……

“why’s it creepy that he took the Wasp name? i thought it was a progressive tribute and a fun idea.”


“Why’s it creepy that he put on his dead wife’s pantyhose and asked his pals to call Jan? I thought it was a progressive tribute and a fun idea.”

On the other hand, it’s just Vindicator in reverse. So is it a man taking on a woman’s identity that’s the problem, here? Is “Wasp” an inherently feminine idea? Swarm is made of bees, my God, and he’s a big spiracley man-mash.

“Guardian” and “Vindicator” are definitely gender-neutral names, like “Captain America” and “Razorback.” But when Heather “Hev” Hudson did it (and suddenly became hot, if you recall), it did seem perfectly reasonable, even heroic.

So why would this be any different? Because he slapped her, and men who slap women (and vice-versa) don’t get to “appropriate” anything about them?

( I mean, I still think it’s creepy and wrong, sure. But I’m questioning why, which is something…?)

I will say this: I loathe this aspect of Big Two superhero comics – the notion that names and identities are transferrable between characters. It doesn’t work the other way, does it? IHank Pym doesn’t quit biochemistry/cybernetics for the exciting world of fashion design and debutantng, does he? Jaime Reyes didn’t quit school to become a 1940’s policeman. Rhodey “Jim” Rhodes-Boyson did, on the other hand, end up running Stark Enternational, but by that point, he was pretty much a different character, wasn’t he?

I do like that first cover, though. Peep-o!


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