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Marvel to move to new, 60,000-square-foot offices in October

The Sports Illustrated Building -- Marvel's new home

While many await an announcement expected later today about the possible relocation of DC Comics to Los Angeles, the New York Observer reports that Marvel Entertainment is moving — from 417 Fifth Ave. to 135 W. 50th St.

The publisher will lease 60,000 square feet for nine years in the Sports Illustrated Building, allowing it to consolidate its offices onto one floor. Marvel is expected to take occupancy on Oct. 1.



May want to fix the title of the article. My closet is bigger than that. :)

Nathan, have you thought about renting out your closet? I need a bigger apartment.

For me, Marvel’s address will always be 387 Park Avenue South. I must have written that address 100s of times during the 1990s in mailing an endless stream of letters to one comic or other.

And of course, in addition to pretty much falling out of that habit anyway by the time they made the previous move, nowadays I can’t imagine anyone writes letters to Marvel by post, anyway.

(Do any Marvel books even have letter columns any more?)

i know FF still has a letter column, but thats about the only Marvel book i currently read so…

Spidey has a lettercol too, thanks to the estimable Messrs Wacker and Brennan.

That header made me laugh – talk about downsizing.

Maybe the offices really are 6′ x 10′ and it’s a Pym Pocket.

I have Robot 6 in my RSS feed, so I’ve been looking at this typo all morning, and it’s beginning to burn my retinas. I feel that the headline was posted by HP Lovecraft in a specific intention to drive me out of my mind.

Robot 6, please fix this, or I may kill again.

Oh, and good for Marvel.

Sports Illustrated is owned by Time Inc, owned by WB who also owns DC Comics.

So, DC is moving to the west coast (maybe) and Marvel is going to be renting space in DC’s daddy”s house.

Jocks and Comic Geeks under one roof! could be trouble.

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