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Matt Fraction wins first-ever PEN USA Literary Award for Graphic Literature

Matt Fraction and friend

Matt Fraction and friend

That’s the Award-Winning Iron Man to you, pal: Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, Casanova and Thor scribe Matt Fraction has won the 2010 PEN USA Literary Award for Graphic Literature. The award, given for the very first time this year, is part of a slate awarded annually by the California-based PEN Center USA, the West Coast branch of the prestigious writers’ organization and free-speech advocacy group International PEN. Fraction received the award, according to PEN USA’s press release, “for his outstanding body of work.”

The PEN USA Literary Awards also cover fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, research nonfiction, children’s/young adult literature, journalism, translation, drama, screenplay and teleplay, as well as granting The University of California Press Exceptional First Book Award. Each winner receives a prize of $1,000.

To give you some idea of the company Fraction’s keeping, past winners include Woody Allen, Rudolfo Anaya, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ray Bradbury, T.C. Boyle, Sandra Cisneros, George Clooney, Cameron Crowe, Ariel & Will Durant, Carrie Fisher, Betty Friedan, Matt Groening, Vaclav Havel, Charlie Kaufman, Barbara Kingsolver, Maxine Hong Kingston, Ursula K. Le Guin, Dan Savage, Neil Simon, Oliver Stone, Michael Tolkin, Gus Van Sant, Gore Vidal, Alice Walker, Billy Wilder, and Steven Zaillian.

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Congratulations to Matt Fraction! And that’s a great picture.

Yes, I’ve got a feeling this will become my go-to Fraction photo a la that picture of C.B. Cebulski with Paris Hilton. Now I just need a shot of Tom Brevoort, like, standing amid a herd of llamas or something, and I’ll be all set.

Congrats to Fraction. Anyone who hasn’t read “Casanova” and wants to read a head-spinner (in the best way) should get busy. What a comic!

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