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Millar auctions off ‘title role’ in Superior for charity

Wizard #228 (Secret Jam Cover)

Like he’s done previously with characters in Kick-Ass and Nemesis, writer Mark Millar is once again auctioning off the opportunity to name one of his characters. This time around Millar is offering the naming rights to the young boy who transforms into Superior, star of the upcoming comic of the same name by Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu.

The auction will once again benefit a special needs unit in a school where his brother, Dr. Bobby Millar, has been raising money for a new mini-bus.

“It’s amazing how much the Nemesis one made compared to the Kick-Ass one,” MIllar said on his forums. “We made about sixteen hundred bucks on the Dave Lizewski name (which went towards the school itself), but a whopping $17,000 (£10,000) for Nemesis and the first steps towards their mini-bus a few months back. This plus some private donations means they now have £10,000 left to get what they want: Not too shabby considering they only started raising this dough after Easter this year.”

“Stephen King did this a while back and it’s great. A reader gets their name in a book, I get a real name for a realistic wee character and some special needs kids get something they were needing. Perfect.”

You can place your bid on eBay.



Has he considered offering up anything else as a fundraiser? Like, say, a promise to go away and give us all a break from reading about Mark Millar this and Mark Millar that day after day? I know I would find at least a few bucks to spend on that.

(Apologies if this is seen as a snarky post, but… hey. It’s for charity so my intentions are good.)

Mark Millar, that cad! How dare he bring attention to a charity fundraiser or anything else he’s taking part in!

@Wraith – Grade A dick much? Millars one of the top comic writers at the moment who is doing alot of stuff, of course theres gonna be news about him, maybe you shouldnt visit a website dedicated to news on comics, creators and various connected media if you dont enjoy the exposure someone who is doing a lot of work is getting. Millar is doing something genuinely nice, he is taking advantage of a medium he has been successful in to benefit those less fortunate. Sure you can not like his work, you can not like the fact he is so movie minded nowadays, but bashing his charity ideas? Pretty poor man.

And like many other people say in this kind of situation, its not like you were tricked in to reading this post, pretty sodding obvious from the link title it was about Millar, so why not jus gloss over it? I manage to with stuff I dont give a crap about, why dont you try it?

what I like about Millar is that as a writer, he’s not pandering to his critics or his fans; he’s just having fun writing what he writes. True, some of the characters & storylines can seem very familiar after a while, but that’s not to say he hasn’t come up with some truly great ideas within his work. And to see that he’s trying to do some good out of his own success is something marvellous, in my opinion.

This should be a regular feature at houses like Marvel and DC – if a new character is being created, auction their name or a costume idea or something to go towards a charity of the writer/artist’s choice.

oh and Wraith – there’s a time and a place. To come into a thread specifically about Mark Millar, and then complain about too much Mark Millar news, seems somewhat hypocrital. Don’t like it? Don’t read it, dude.

The only problem I have with this is it seems that Millar is now working on something like five books at once. Which seems dumb to me considering how slowly his stuff seems to come out. I’ll be waiting for the collected edition like I do with all his stuff.

Shazam! oops it pretty obvious its a total rip off lol

@jason1kent – It is an obvious takeoff of Captain Marvel, except Millar’s version might tear the heads off of bad guys and use language that would make a sailor blush.

As a joke, I’m going to try to get the character named “Dick Assman”!

No, wait a minute, Mark Millar would totally name his character that anyway! In that case … I’m going to totally go the other direction and give him a very whitebread name. Like “Joe Smith.”

@El Santo: “Matt Anderson” doesn’t exactly stand out.

(Though “Blake Morrow” is a perfect name for a superhero comic.)

Obviously a very worthy cause, but with the the little kid identity of the main character having MS, I was kind of hoping that the money raised would go toward the National MS Society or some other organization helping to improve treatment and a cure for people with multiple sclerosis.

Regardless, I think it’s wonderful that he does this every time.

“The only problem I have with this is it seems that Millar is now working on something like five books at once. Which seems dumb to me considering how slowly his stuff seems to come out. I’ll be waiting for the collected edition like I do with all his stuff.”

Have you looked at what artists he works with? It’s pretty clearly all art delays.

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