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Morrison opens fire on My Chemical Romance in new video

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison

My Chemical Romance, the band fronted by Umbrella Academy writer Gerard Way, has posted a video teaser for their new album on their website. The clip features fast cars, loud music, pirate radio, gun play and a silver-faced Grant Morrison as, apparently, the villain.

Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys comes out later this year. Watch the full clip after the jump.




That teaser has everything musically I want from a MCR album. I’m in.

I can’t quite decipher what I just saw, but then again Grant Morrison was involved so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.

Excellent — who directed?

It reminds me of Powerman 5000.

Is it just me, or does that video owe a smidge to Jet Set Radio Future?

So much Umbrella Academy in this vid it’s untrue.

oh, thank God…from the headline, i thought Morrison and Way’d had some kind of falling out. now i see Morrison just wants to kill him in a post apocalyptic landscape. whew! close one…

For a band more known by Hot Topic and goth emo kids, looks like they are shedding their black and guyliner for something a clown threw up while OD’ing on mescaline. (Not exactly a bad thing)

Morrison just got a lot less cool.

I love Way’s creativity and enthusiasm. I still think the music is awful. More comics please. From both him and Morrison.

Not a big fan of either but that was fun

MCR really isn’t all that great. But nothing could make Morrison less cool, he’s GOD DAMN MORRISON!

MCR use to be catchy, if an awful undead coverband of Queen. The new direction is actually kinda interesting. And the visuel style is about a million times more exciting. Everything becomes better when it’s associated with Grant Morrison.

The make terrible, terrible music….

Haters gonna hate.

This is exactly the type of direction and vision the band needed, really. i found myself growing tired of the whole blackparade persona, but THIS? this is something new altogether.

Laser Neo-Western Punk is what i’ll be calling it for the time being.

lol so this is the jacking around g mo does instead of finishing joe the barbarian, 6, no, 8 issue mini

what a guy. yr not getting any more of my money

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