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Please put Ted Naifeh on a Batman (or Robin) comic already, DC

Ted Naifeh's Detective Comics cover design

We’ve spotlighted that Batman art of Ted Naifeh a couple of times already, but in the past couple of days the Courtney Crumrin creator has moved from character designs and sample pages to taking a stab at covers for Detective Comics and Batman: The Streets of Gotham. The results, needless to say, are lovely.

The final installment (I think) of Naifeh’s Teen Titans co-feature hits shelves today. After seeing his take on the Boy Wonder, I’d pay good money to see DC hire him next for a Robin series.

See Naifeh’s full Detective Comics cover after the break, and visit his website to see his gallery of work, including Courtney Crumrin, Polly and the Pirates, Death Junior and, yes, Batman.

Ted Naifeh's Detective Comics cover design


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hm. i’ve never read the teen titans co-feature and have had no previous encounters with his art. looks like a cross between yanick paquette and cameron stewart. at least that’s what i’m getting. i dig.

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