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Quote of the day | Larson’s Mercury takes the Direct Market’s temperature

“It’s utter BS that MERCURY is in its third printing, and yet unavailable through the direct market.”

Cartoonist Hope Larson on her young adult graphic novel Mercury, which is apparently a hit everywhere but the one system of stores that’s supposed to specialize in selling graphic novels.



Unfortunately, this isn’t a fluke. I can think of more than a few time working a comic shop and not even being able to order from Diamond certain graphic novels that were at that second sitting on the shelves in most major book stores.

That doesn’t mean it’s not available for comic shops to order, though, does it? I’m pretty sure I bought my copy at the comic store, the Beguiling, in Toronto.

Given the pricing on S&S books via Diamond, a store would have to be fairly goofy to buy MERCURY via Diamond versus nearly any other source.

We’ve been selling the book since the day of release, and I’d not even try to buy a copy via Diamond unless the “bookstore” sources were out…

(B&T west shows the “30 day demand” on Mercury as 2 copies… and, unless their algorithm is broke, that would be all from me… a DM store)


The Direct Market is unlikely to risk stocking a book by an author most customers are not familiar with. A book which is non-returnable. It’s a bit like small press comic books. You order for pull lists, and that’s it. Of course, I use books like this to judge just how good a comics shop is.

Three printings in six months is pretty good in any market!

WorldCat shows 672 libraries have copies (some might have multiple copies) which is an amazing number! Once “A Wrinkle In Time” hits, Ms. Larson will be a superstar!

But you’re a special snowflake, Brian, everyone knows that!

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