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Quote of the day II | A WildStorm hits Kurt Busiek

Astro City: The Silver Agent #1 by Alex Ross“Hoping for the best for friends at Wildstorm, and the business side of DC…All I know about this, I’ve learned from Twitter. I assume I’ll find out more when the guys at Wildstorm have dealt with whatever eruptions this is causing for them.

“To all who’ve been asking: They haven’t said anything yet about creator-owned Wildstorm books. Presumably they want to talk to us first. And right now, they’re busy absorbing what this means for them. So I doubt I’ll know anything for a day or two.”

Astro City writer Kurt Busiek, whose guess as to how the move of much of DC’s business end to Burbank and the closure of WildStorm will impact his colleagues — not to mention on his long-running creator-owned title, heretofore published through that imprint — is apparently as good as ours.



I’ve since talked to a couple of people at Wildstorm, and as expected, they’re dealing with rather big-picture stuff at the moment. I’m sure those of us on the creator-owned side of things will know more in a few days.


What a bummer! Wildstorm has produced some really great comic book moments over the years. I hope everyone involved lands on their feet.

I would assume that creator-owned Wildstorm books would go to Vertigo, now that they’re lining it up to be all creator-owned, no?

I think the prospect of seeing a DC logo on Astro City is too good for anyone to pass up. (And I mean that strictly in a publishing sense.)

No doubt Kurt has nothing to worry about and he’ll get the answers and assurances he’s looking for soon enough.

First volume was Image proper, wasn’t it? I can go dig my copies out of the closet…

And Vertigo seems like an ill fit for Astro City. Off somehow. Seeing a Vertigo logo on a book connotes certain things not usually in Astro City, not that I’d mind some Brent Anderson drawn nudity or anything Vertigo connotes Mature Readers, Astro City is not really Mature Readers.

Again, all for nudity and Mature Readers, just don’t see Astro City fitting on the stands next to Scalped, DMZ and Northlanders, would be out of place. None of those books are bad, they’re just very different from Astro City. AC’s tone wouldn’t fit with Vertigo.

Like a strawberry on a cheeseburger or something.

Is Wildstorm currently publishing any creator owned stuff besides Astro City? Astro City happens to be the only ongoing, creator owned Wildstorm series I’m familiar with, at any rate.

“Just when I try thought I was in…they pull me back out” ~ sort of a Bizarro Steve Van Zandt from Sopranos (imitating Al Pacino from “Scarface”)

Well, if Alan Moore hadn’t already left ABC comics, there’s no doubt he’d be long gone now.

Seriously. Just as KDB is finally getting back to doing Astro City as a regular series after years of minis and specials, DC goes and restructures…which while I hope it gets some good properties on TV and the big screen, I feel a bit of the “if it ain’t broke…” feeling.

First volume was Image proper indeed; Homage if I recall…but it was still part of the Jim Lee shepherded Wildstorm side of things, which moved over to DC when Jim did. I agree that AC wouldn’t seem right at Vertigo or DC proper for that matter, but ultimately a banner is just a banner. Bendis’ “Powers” started off at Image but moved over to Marvel’s Icon when they “offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse” that benefits the creator. Even though DC wants to have less banners to deal with, it’d be nice if they created an “Icon” type thing for the creator-owned products to those that have been productive and faithful to the company, and with “Power Company”, “Trinity”, “Secret Identity” and various runs on JLA, Superman and so forth KDB is nothing if not that. He certainly deserves reward for all the product he’s rewarded to us fans, both at DC, Marvel and (my favorite) Astro City. Even if they can’t work something out, Image is always still there to pick up creator owned work…or maybe Marvel could even make him an offer at “Icon”. It’d be quite a coup and could even bump sales. Rather than going to v2 issue #23 (which would be my preference, but I care little about the number), he could start a brand new volume 3 #1 and maybe even pick up a few readers.

Wherever Astro City ends up, my loyalty has always been to books that are good no matter who publishes them, and I’ll happily follow Kurt (…and bring marshmellows :-) ).

I just hope this restructuring doesn’t delay the regular Astro City series much. I’ve already waited years for KDB to be energized enough to focus a good chunk of his effort into his superior creator-owned work (…though he knows I’ll wait just a little longer if I have to, dammit).

Stay golden, Kurt.

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