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Quote of the day | Rob Liefeld, screenwriter

“Nea[r]ly completing screenplay about Image Comics and the 90’s. Can’t wait to cast this baby! My Image screenplay is nice to everyone. Looks at the craziness of 90’s comics boom. I was inspired by BLOW. The movie, not the powder. I’m not sure of the cast, what do you guys think? Who would be the Image 7?”

Image co-founder Rob Liefeld is apparently planning to do for ’90s comics what Boogie Nights did for ’70s porn. Who would you cast in this thing? “CGI” is an acceptable answer.

(hat tip: Ben Morse)



Jesse Plemons as Liefeld is a no-brainer.

Michael Cera MUST do this as a follow up to Scott Pilgrim.

Mahtt Dahmon

Christin Bale as Todd MacFarlane

They need to do a jump to the future so they can squeeze in a cameo of Zach Galafanakis as Kirkman

Jesse Plemons as Liefeld, Peter Facinelli as MacFarlane, Jay O. Sanders as Larsen, Eric Balfour as Silvestri, Dan Hedaya as Jim Valentino and Daniel Dae Kim as Lee

Lots of exclamation points in that screenplay.

Exclamations and no feet.

Nice to everyone? Oh boy. Why even bother if it’s going to be fiction?

That said, Plemmons as Liefeld is perfect, and Bale as McFarlane is spot on. Hedaya as Valentino is also good.

Rob Cordry (The Daily Show, W.) as Larsen.

RDJ (Iron Man, Chaplin, The Soloist) as Silvestri.

Ken Leung (Keeping the Faith, Lost) as Jim Lee.

David Zayas (Oz, Dexter) as Portacio.

A Liefeld movie.


I’d always assumed that Liefeld was inspired by blow. The powder, not the movie.

I don’t think they produce screenplays that are written in crayon.

Sir Manley Johnson

September 16, 2010 at 7:04 pm

It should be a 30 second cartoon.

Wait,.. Atlas comics are being resurrected, and they’re gonna make a movie out of this?!? Holy Shit! Here come The Four Horsemen!….

Yeah this will totally get made.

It should be animated. In traditional 2-D style. Based on Liefeld’s pencil stylings.

All this time and Liefeld still hasn’t figured out no one cares about his writing. Or anything else about him.

Do you think he wrote his screenplay like he wrote his comics — one line of dialogue per page?

What’s up with people trashing Liefield? His work sells because enough people like it. His thoughts get printed and blogged about because he is relevant to many. How about we answer the question at hand or go on abbot our merry ways?

A modest suggestion in keepng with the BLOW analog: Paul Reubens gets a cameo as an art supply dealer.

Except for the nice to everybody part, man, there is nothing about a roman-a-clef about comics in the 90’s that I wouldn’t want to see. Come on: the part where they hire Alan Moore because none of them can write– that should TOTALLY be in a movie. That should BE a movie just all on its own– it’s Get Him to the Greek meets Mr. Boogedy!

Not sure why people are scoffing at this. This has incredible potential. I would love to see Liefeld’s script.

Mysterious Stranger

September 20, 2010 at 10:21 am

Every shot in the film will be of the actors from the ankle up.

If I laugh any more I’m going to die

If it’s a movie based on Liefeld, the cast must be from Chernobyl……to match the incorrect anatomy from the comic books….

I know it’s hard to believe, but I did think of this on my own a while back. The TCJ feature about Image was an effing fascinating read, and after The Social Network, I thought this could make a really great film. To hear that Liefeld wrote it is pretty disappointing though. Nothing against him, but I don’t want to see a “nice”portrayal of this. I want to see Liefeld being a douche, McFarlane being a dick, Jim Lee regretting being a part of the direct market crash, etc. The second I win the lottery I’ll write, cast and film this myself.

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