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Scott Pilgrim in Space!

Scott Pilgrim vs. Space by John Kantz

Scott Pilgrim vs. Space by John Kantz

Alas, it’s not an announcement of a seventh volume for Bryan Lee O’Malley’s seminal series, nor a sequel to Edgar Wright’s genuinely excellent movie adaptation. But it is a pretty sweet pin-up of Scott Pilgrim, Gideon Graves, and an intimidating (even more than usual!) Ramona Flowers by John Kantz, art assistant on the series’ sixth and final volume, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour. Let’s just hope Wallace Wells remembers to put on pants when gallivanting around the vacuum of deep space.

(via Bryan Lee O’Malley)



wow, that is pretty awesome, and actually much better than Bryan Lee O’Malley’s artwork!
I hope Bryan does find someway to keep this series going, even if its in the form of a spinoff/prequel.

John Kantz is a comic book monster.
He did a great series called legends of darkwood,
he also has some more comics here:

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