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Six Flags Great Adventure to open Green Lantern roller-coaster

Green Lantern

Six Flags Great Adventure announced this morning it will debut a 15-story Green Lantern roller-coaster in spring 2011, just ahead of the Warner Bros. movie.

The Jackson, New Jersey, theme park describes the stand-up coaster as 154-feet tall with “over three quarters of a mile of twisting green steel,” and capable of reaching speeds of 63 miles per hour.

“Unlike traditional seated coasters,” the press release states,” Green Lantern is designed to allow passengers to stand erect throughout the entire course of the ride that delivers an experience unlike any other. The two minute and thirty second thrill begins with a pulse-quickening 45-degree vertical drop before rocketing riders through five inversions — including a 121-foot-tall loop, a 103-foot dive loop and a 72-foot inclined loop, climaxing in twisted double corkscrews.”

Six Flags Great Adventure is also home to such DC Comics-based thrill rides as Batman the Ride, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Bizarro and The Dark Knight Coaster.



I wonder what ride is coming down to make room for it. Is that other Batman coaster still there (Chiller? Sub-Zero?)

Been so long since I’ve been to Great Adventure; the lines are horrific

@Vinnie: No, the roller coaster based on the Batman and Robin movie is no longer a part of the park. Also, the Dark Knight coaster is possibly the worst ride ever built. There’s a reason the ride is indoors, and that’s to keep people from seeing how shitty and uninspired it is.

I’m glad it looks like they’re actually building a new coaster with this Green Lantern ride. I got suckered into visiting the park for the debut of the “new Bizarro coaster,” which turned out to be the decade-old Medusa ride with a new purple coat of paint. Sigh, only in New Jersey.

The Six Flags between Milwaukee and Chicago (Great America) still have Batman: The Ride, which has been there since Batman Returns came out, so it’s almost 20 years old now. Still a pretty decent ride, although the surroundings could use some updating. They need to upgrade it to match the Nolan movies look and feel.

Then again, I imagine that’s what The Dark Knight coaster was for. Cass is right, that ride SUCKS. It’s a like a much, much smaller version of Disney’s Space Mountain or Rock & Roller Coaster, that travels at about half speed and has no interesting twists, turns or drops. Do not waste time standing in line for that one.

Superman: The Ride is a good one, since it sort of gives you the feel of actually flying (albeit with a massive harness around you). That area also needs upgrading though. Most of the signage, showing the Superman cast of characters, is all worn and dingy looking, and all of the info is from old continuity that’s been retconned probably several times.

I like the idea of GL ride, but it just looks like green roller coaster to me. Anyhing cool and cosmic about it to set it apart and make it more having something to actually do with GL? A giant indoor ride, something more like Space Mountain but with modern SFX could be awesome. Six Flags won’t do all that though. I go there once a year because it’s close by, but they’re a poor man’s Disney. A very poor man’s Disney.

a friend of mine works there she said there taking out scream machine for it which is about time cause that rides been there about as long as the park and gvie u wicked whiplash

Sorry… I meant Superman: Ulitmate Flight, not “Superman: The Ride” earlier.

Anyhow, the GL ride sounds cool, even though I’m not sure what any of it has to do with GL. Aside from the color, that is.

Well usually there is a story line that will go along with the theming of the coaster.

And I didn’t read if someone answered the first question, but the Great American Scream Machine has been scrapped.

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